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Vastu Tips for Rental Homes: Getting rid of Vastu Dosha at Home

Vastu Tips for Rental Homes: Getting rid of Vastu Dosha at Home

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Living in a rented place has numerous benefits, but you can’t really change much. You have to always ask for approval from the flat owner. Well, if the house is built and furnished keeping the Vastu principles in their mind, then you will not face any difficulty. 

Most Indian couples like to check the Vastu of the home. Even if you are a tenant, you have to take care that the house is Vastu compliant otherwise it could cause issues in your life. 

You may or may not be a believer in astrology, but it is good to keep Vastu in mind when taking a place on rent. After all, better safe than sorry!

Here’s an elaborate article that talks about Vastu tips for rental homes. Follow these tips and lead a happy and stress-free life. Take a quick look! 

Unraveling Quick Vastu Tips for Rental Homes 

  • The main entrance’s direction is most important. The best entryway is North-East, followed by East and West. West and North-facing homes are as good. 
  • Avoid any home that faces south-east, south, or south-west. 
  • The kitchen should be facing south-west or south-east. 
  • The Master bedroom should be facing south-west. 
  • Toilets, kitchen, and shoe racks shouldn’t be facing northeast. 
  • Consider checking the shape of the house. It should be rectangular or square. 
  • Avoid any home that has a balcony in the southwest direction. 
  • In the case of a duplex home, you must avoid taking a house with staircases located in the northeast direction. 

A Quick Checklist Before You Take a Place on Rent 

People think that buying a home is complicated, but there are certain things to keep in mind when renting a place. Here are some points to check!

Check the history of the property 

If any bad incident has happened on the property, it is best to avoid taking the place on rent. Everyone wants to enjoy stable and good mental health, so they should get a home with a clean history. 

You must ask the owner about the previous tenants and why they are renting out the property. 

Good ventilation matters 

You would need to get a place that is not well-lit and ventilated. Proper flow of energies is vital. 

What’s the vibe like? 

When you go to a friend’s house or an office, you always check the vibe of the property. It could either be negative or positive. Step into the property and see how you feel. Do you get a negative vibe or a positive one? 

Where is it located? 

You do not want to rent a place where there is high traffic, a power plant, or a graveyard. A place near electric poles can be dangerous too. Try to find a calm residence with a positive environment. 

Bear in mind, the main door should not be blocked by an electric pole or a tree. There should be no heavy obstruction near the main door. 

Check the energy flow 

Never rent a house with an electric pole nearby. You need a place with a free flow of energy. If you want to remove any kind of negative energy, there are ways to purify the house. Performing a Yagya can help or do a Ganesh pooja

Placement of the door 

The doors should open inwards – this is how you attract positive energy. Inspect the property carefully – the doors should open inwards. Oil the hinges before you move into the house. 

Vaastu Tips for Placement of Objects in a Rented Home 

When you move into a place, you bring in lots of items with you. Would you like to check out some tips for the placement of objects in a rented place? If yes, read on! 

  • Puja room – North-East 
  • Heavy items – South or West 
  • Dressing table – North or East 
  • Master bedroom – West or South 
  • Cooktop – South-east 
  • Jewelry, ATM card, passport – South-west 

Signs You Need to Shift from the Rented Place 

Some rental homes are bad for you. How do you get to know? Well, if you have been seeing ghosts and furniture is moving on its own, then it is surely a sign that the house is cursed with ghosts. 

Besides this, there are other signs that are not good. Keeping the Vastu in mind, you should move from the house when you find: 

  • East and North directions are packed or closed. 
  • The northeast part of the place is not at an even height. 
  • West side is too open. 
  • A hole, water tank, or basement is in the West Zone. 
  • The South-west and northeast sides are broken or damaged. 

How do you attract positivity into your rental home? 

Sunlight and fresh air bring positivity into the home. Make sure you open the windows during the daytime. 

Mop the floor with salt water – it will help you cleanse the floor. You can also play calm music to create a tranquil ambiance. 

The backyard or garden should not look like a graveyard. Make sure you plant flowers, vegetables, and fruits. Water them every day and create a fun-filled and happy ambiance. 

  • Never place negative or confusing paintings in the home – it will attract negativity. 
  • A clutter-free home is positive, so make sure there are no cobwebs. Keep every corner clean and illuminated. 
  • The dining table should also have a bowl of fruits, nuts, or fresh flowers. This will help in creating a positive atmosphere. 

Concluding Thoughts 

We hope that this guide on Vastu tips for tenants will help you make a decision. You will be a lot wiser when you step out for home hunting. 

Do not be in a rush! Even if it is a rented place, make sure it is Vastu-compliant and has a positive vibe. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Vastu applicable for rented house?

Vastu in a rented property works for the space that the tenant has occupied. The direction of the home, often known as the ‘facing’ of the house, is the way you face upon leaving it. When renting a home, the Vastu direction of the main entrance is the most significant consideration.

2. Do we do Griha Pravesh in rented house?

Because it is an auspicious ritual, performing a Griha Pravesh puja for a rented residence is a good idea. Experts say that even in a rented residence, a griha pravesh ceremony can help fight off negative energy and bring in positivity for a calm and productive life.

3. How do pooja for new rented house?

When you move into your rental home, make sure that the house’s south-west direction is not left unoccupied. Have a Puja room: Every home should have a sacred place called a Puja room. This Puja room should ideally be located in your home’s north-east corner.

4. In which direction should a house face?

Because it is an auspicious ritual, performing a Griha Pravesh puja for a rented residence is a good idea. Experts say that even in a rented residence, a griha pravesh ceremony can help fight off negative energy and bring in positivity for a calm and productive life.