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5 Signs A Virgo Woman Is Playing You- [Bonus] Is it possible to win her over?

5 Signs A Virgo Woman Is Playing You- [Bonus] Is it possible to win her over?

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It can be quite hard to know if a Virgo woman is not serious about your relationship because she is shy and quite unapproachable. If you want to know the signs when a Virgo woman is playing you, you have come to the right place.

When a Virgo woman is playing you, she will show a few subtle signs for you to observe.

Given the complexities and nuances of relationships, it may be challenging to establish if a Virgo woman is playing you intentionally or inadvertently.

In this essay, we will discuss the subtle signals that a Virgo woman is playing you :-

5 Signs a Virgo woman is playing you

She lacks interest

You may tell something is awry when a Virgo woman gives you the cold shoulder for no apparent reason. She may not be dismissive, but she will not be interested in anything you do. Her aura will appear cold and uncaring since she will speak to you less and disregard you if you ask for assistance. Moreover, the more you press a Virgo woman, the more upset she will become.

A Virgo woman will strive to preserve respect and keep her thoughts private. She will refrain from performing the usual things she would prefer to do for her loved ones and will assume a nasty tone to subtly drive you away. A Virgo woman is not intentionally unpleasant, but she does not mince words.

She is always busy

If she is not interested in pursuing a serious relationship with you, a Virgo woman will not even attempt to make time for you. Even if she is interested, she may struggle to make time for you because she always puts herself first. A Virgo woman will devise absurd tactics to limit her time with you.

A Virgo woman never seems to give you any thought or regard. She will avoid being in your presence, seeing you, and even hearing you speak. If it appears that a Virgo woman doesn’t make time for you, you may almost be confident that Virgo woman is playing you.

She is scathing

If, after a period of time with a Virgo woman, she continues to discover defects and imperfections in you, this is an indication that Virgo woman is playing you. She may say things that you find offensive in order to make a point that will stick with you. She is aware of your limits, but she will never intentionally cross them.

When a Virgo woman becomes critical by doing or saying things you don’t like, it’s clear Virgo woman is playing you. Her negative characteristics may include speaking angrily to insult you, acting coldly, and poking you without cause. Instead of delivering constructive criticism, she will use nasty and condescending language.

She is not communicative

If she develops a love interest in a person, a Virgo woman will almost instantly begin to think about their future together. If she is sincere about you, she will typically join in when you initiate a chat about your relationship. If she refuses to converse about it, you can be confident that Virgo woman is playing you

Moreover, if she want a meaningful relationship with you, she won’t wait for you to initiate the conversation. Therefore, you might assume that a Virgo woman is not romantically interested in you if she does not initiate chats about your future together.

She is untrustworthy

A Virgo woman will use manipulation to convince you to leave her alone. You will be compelled to leave her alone because she will make the atmosphere so toxic and oppressive. She has methods of communicating that she dislikes you and will do anything to avoid you.

When she is ready to end the relationship, she will force you to endure challenging circumstances so she may escape on her own. She uses this to make you believe that the decision to quit the relationship was yours, so you won’t feel guilty about attempting to remain with someone who loves you but cannot seem to comprehend her.

[BONUS] – Is it possible to win her over?

In case you are now sure that a Virgo woman is using you. You must be contemplating why is it so ?  Well, one of the reasons might be the emotional inadequacy she is getting from the relationship.

In case you are still interested to continue your relationship with a Virgo woman and expect her to love you back, then you should focus on these 4 aspects:-

1. Virgo woman wants everything flawless

Virgos place a premium on excellence. A Virgo woman has specific expectations for her life, and she will be dissatisfied if they are not met. Consequently, maintaining the happiness of a Virgo woman can be tough and irritating. The good news is that she does not rely on others to make her happy; rather, she pursues perfection via her own efforts.

Once committed, Virgos are passionately devoted and would go above and beyond. However, they should not be taken for granted. They do not appreciate being exploited or taken advantage of, and if they receive nothing in return, they will offer you a one-way ticket out of their lives. They simply do not believe in poor investments, regardless of their relationship status.

2. Virgo woman exhibit workaholism

As with the other Earth zodiac signs, Virgos are legendary workaholics. They have lofty goals and place a premium on their careers. Therefore, it is essential to offer a Virgo woman the space she requires to pursue her professional aspirations. Avoid interfering with a Virgo woman’s career, particularly in the early stages of dating, since she will feel stifled and overwhelmed.

Virgo women are emotionally restrained and circumspectVirgo women are sensitive, sympathetic beings who work hard to conceal it. In fact, they excel at suppressing their feelings and prefer to keep them concealed. They prefer to go gently and cautiously, neither opening up nor becoming involved too early. Before diving in, they must take a few steps back and appraise the situation due to their inherently cautious nature. Once in love, they are committed for life.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. When Virgo woman is done with you?

Virgos dislike ending relationships, thus she will attempt to encourage you to do so. She will not embrace you, kiss you, or say “I love you”; rather, she will attempt to push you to your breaking point. If She is not treating you with love and respect, She is likely attempting to exit the relationship.

2. What kind of man does a Virgo woman like?

The Virgo lady is seeking for someone to woo her, thus another Virgo, with their traditional ways, would make a wonderful mate. The other two Earth signs, Taurus and Capricorn, will also enjoy her pragmatic attitude on life.

3. Signs a virgo woman is losing interest?

A Virgo woman is practical. She is cautious about putting herself out there not because she is insecure or scared, but because she tries to be realistic when it comes to dating. If you act like you aren’t interested or play a lot of games, then she will simply move on.

4. What are Virgos most insecure about?

Virgos are always striving for perfection. So the thing that makes them feel most insecure is the fear of being criticized. Because of that, they might end up becoming their own biggest critic.