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Vishweshwara Vrat 2023 Date, Time, Vrat Katha & Importance

Vishweshwara Vrat 2023 Date, Time, Vrat Katha & Importance

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Lord Shiva is worshiped at the Lord Vishweshwara temple in Karnataka, also known as the Yelluru Shri Vishweshwara temple. This temple is also known as the Shri Vishweswara Temple of Mahathobhara Yelluru. Lord Shiva is also known as Vishwanath, which is why the 12th Jyotirling in Kashi, known as the Kashi Vishweshwara temple, is named after Lord Vishweshwara.

Vishweshwar Vrat Date 2023 

Saturday, 25 November 2023

Vishweshwar Vrat Katha

Let me tell you a well-known legend about Vishweshwar Vrat. According to this legend, the Kuthar Dynasty was ruled by Kunda. King Kunda once invited Rishi Bhargav to his palace, but Rishi Bhargav declined, explaining that there was neither a temple nor any holy rivers in his dominion where he could worship on the third day of Bhishm Panchang preceding Kartik Purnima.

Upon learning this reason for Rishi Bhargav’s rejection of his invitation, King Kunda departed his kingdom and traveled to the banks of the Ganges to amuse and receive the blessings of Lord Shiva. There, King Kunda conducted every Yagya. Lord Shiva became pleased as a result of these Yagyas and instructed King Kunda to request any boon. Following this, King Kunda requested Lord Shiva’s presence in his dominion as a blessing.

Lord Shiva was so pleased with the rituals conducted by King Kunda that he graciously consented to remain in his kingdom. However, while Lord Shiva rested on a tuber tree, he observed a tribal woman seeking for her lost son in the forest. This woman approached the Tuber tree and struck it with a sword while searching for her son, but the tree began to hemorrhage instead.

She mistook the blood coming from the tree for the blood of her son, so she began to mourn and yelled her son’s name, “Yelu,” loudly upon noticing the blood. Lord Shiva then appeared in front of her in the guise of a Linga. This sword’s Linga can still be seen at the Yeluru Vishweshwar Temple. Since then, this auspicious day has been commemorated. It is widely believed that the Yeluru Shri Vishweshwar temple in Karnataka was constructed on the site where Lord Shiva manifested as a Linga.

Significance of Vishweshwar Vrat

Vishweshwar Vrat’s greatness is unique in its own manner. This fast is dedicated to Lord Shiva; therefore, it is widely believed that one who observes this fast in accordance with all of its rituals receives Lord Shiva’s favors. In Karnataka, there is a well-known temple named Vishweshwar Temple that is dedicated to this manifestation of Lord Shiva.

In addition, the Mahathobara Yeluru Shri Vishweshwar Temple is also known as the Yeluru Vishweshwar Temple. One who fasts on this day dedicated to Lord Shiva receives all of his blessings and is granted lifelong happiness and prosperity. Rudrabhishek should be completed by anyone who desires to realize all of his or her dreams.