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Know the Symptoms of Negative Energies at Home – [BONUS] 16 Ways to Eliminate Negative Energies at Home

Know the Symptoms of Negative Energies at Home – [BONUS] 16 Ways to Eliminate Negative Energies at Home

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In case you have been searching for “Symptoms of negative energies at home”, then you are in the right place

The world is filled with both positive and bad energies. It is not that someone deliberately emits negative energy, but rather it is due to the complexity of our chakras. However, we should not allow ourselves to become the recipient and transmitter of negative emotions. Negative ideas such as envy, critiquing others, quarrelsomeness, gluttony, and laziness should be avoided.

Symptoms of  Negative Energies at Home

Listed below are Symptoms of  Negative Energies at Home:-

  1. A family member’s chronic health condition, may not respond to treatment. There are occasions when we are unable to locate a cure for a family member’s illness.
  2. Work or promising chances that continuously stall or are stolen away at the penultimate stage of fruition. Success appears distant and planned outcomes do not materialise.
  3. Constantly feeling lethargic and lacking motivation or concentration despite the plenty of opportunities.
  4. Repetitive negative thoughts or suicidal tendencies.
  5. The behavior of family members that is erratic, illogical, or unpredictable in response to simple/straight stimulation.
  6. Repeated arguments amongst family members or co-workers.
  7. Unprecedented and irrational occurrences in the home.

Causes of Negative Energy at Home

The ability to detect negative energies at home is one of the most valuable abilities you can have since it enables you to comprehend and prevent problems.

Here are a few reasons behind Negative Energy at Home:-

1. Insufficient Light

Lack of light is one of the most common causes of negative energies at home. If your home is dim and gloomy, it might be difficult to shake the impression that something is amiss. Consider installing more light fixtures or drawing back the curtains to let in more natural light.

2. Messy/Unorganized Space

Another common source of negative energy at home is a disorganized or cluttered place. If your home is disorganized and untidy, it can be challenging to relax and feel at peace. Messy or filthy areas will drive you to constantly consider how to clean them, which can be stressful. When organizing your home, you may also wish to take Vastu into account.

3. Negative Odour

Clutter and untidiness can result in a musty or stale odour, which invites negative energy into your home. A home with positive energy has a pleasant, natural aroma. No one likes to be surrounded by stagnant energy and live in a location with an unpleasant odour, so take bad odours as obvious indications that you need to cleanse your area immediately.

4. Old Furniture

If your home is filled with outdated, old furniture, it may be time for an upgrade. Frequently, old furniture, especially antiques and second-hand items, retains negative energy from the past. These things might disrupt your home’s energy and generate an imbalance. Hence, before introducing such items into your room, you should conduct cleansing rituals to rid them of negative energy.

5. Broken/Malfunction Items

Your home’s energy could be altered and negatively affected by broken or malfunctioning items. Perhaps you’re holding on to anything you can’t find the time to fix; if so, it may be time to get rid of the old fridge in the kitchen and any other damaged appliances or furnishings that are producing negative energy in your area.

16 Ways to eliminate Negative Energy at Home

  1. Maintain a spotless entrance to your home. This tip not only helps to keep negative energy at bay but also helps to make a positive first impression on your guests. You can also put little plants on your home’s door to make it appear more inviting.

  2. Both the interior and exterior of your home must be neat and clean. Therefore, you must ensure that the entry to your home is routinely cleaned. For cleaning door knobs and windows, a solution of water, lemon juice, salt, and white vinegar should be used. Then, sprinkle sea salt at every entry and cover it with a doormat to prevent negative energy from entering the building.  When mopping the floor, a pinch of sea salt should be added to the water (except on Thursdays). This remedy assists in eliminating negative energy from the home or workplace.

  3. Salt Remedy: To ward off evil eyes, take a pinch of salt in your hand and move it three times over the affected person’s head (can be done for 2-3 days at a stretch). The salt should be then removed from the home. The salt remedy may also be used for your business, and this remedy can also be employed to enhance sales: wrap some salt in a red cloth and hang it in the store or office. This will safeguard the stores and enterprises from harm. This will progressively generate revenues for both the office and the home, helping to eliminate poverty.

  4. Negative energy in bathrooms and toilets can also be eliminated with a simple Vastu step – according to Vastu, both glass and salt are Rahu influences. Therefore, a glass containing salt should be kept in the house’s toilet and bathroom. This cure helps to eliminate such Vastu flaws.

  5. If the relationship between a husband and wife is strained or if there is a fight or mental disturbance, placing a piece of rock salt in one corner of the bed might be beneficial. After a few months, it will eliminate negative energy and replace this piece.

  6. The burning of Agarbatti (incense sticks) and Dhoop helps increase the positive energy. Twice a day, the agarbattis and dhoops should be placed in every nook and cranny of the home. This will eliminate the bad energy and encourage a healthy, energetic lifestyle.

  7. Negative energies at home can be eliminated by burning “sage or smudge sticks” and spreading the smoke in an anti-clockwise direction in every area of the building.

  8. Crystals such as amethysts, black tourmaline, and many more can also be utilized to eliminate negative energies at home.

  9. Colours have always influenced the energies in a home, and Vastu shastra implies that certain colours are more effective at attracting beneficial energies. Each orientation of the property is controlled by specific colors. Nonetheless, anti-colors generate negative energy. Blue in the northwest, north, and northeast. Green in the East, orange in the Southeast, red in the South, and red plus yellow in the Southwest. In the West, the optimal colors are dark blue.

  10. The use of auspicious noises, such as bells, conches, and cymbals, should be encouraged. These aid in eliminating negative energies at home.

  11. Mantra recitation by oneself or through electronic devices is a highly effective technique of neutralizing negative energies at home.

  12. Applying Yantra and Mantra under the supervision of specialists is an additional effective method for removing negative energies at home.

  13. The placement of religious objects, such as pyramid yantras, idols, or images of gods, attracts positive energy.

  14. Religious and auspicious symbols, such as elephants, can be positioned in strategic areas to boost and amplify the entry and flourishing of positive energies on the premises.

  15. Angel meditation, reiki, and other neo-spiritual practices can also be used to remove negative energies at home.

  16. Negative energies can develop rapidly if there are images representing sibling rivalry or any paintings depicting melancholy or despair. Without your knowledge, artifacts such as the Taj Mahal and sculptures with terrible dispositions can increase negativity. Similarly, shattered glasses and mirrors also increase the negative energies at home.