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Weekly Horoscope (15th May to 21th May 2022)

Weekly Horoscope (15th May to 21th May 2022)

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Our Weekly Horoscope is the most accurate weekly horoscope available online. The Accurate Weekly Horoscope has been written by experts with years of practical experience behind.

(Mar 21st-Apr 19th)

The tiny things, not the large things, are what cause stress. You may become irritated and restless as a result of little errors, blunders, and disappointments. It’s possible that your workload has increased, or that you’ve spent too much time redoing something. Take it as a patience test and you’ll breeze through it. You may need to calmly tell a family member to respect your boundaries if they become overly intrusive. Unexpected expenses may catch you off guard, but you’ll find solutions thanks to your great problem-solving skills. A pleasant word or an inspirational person might bring relief.


(20th April – 20th May )

As you find yourself comfortably managing many obligations, multitasking comes naturally to you. Just remember to set your boundaries before you become overwhelmed. Before anything is officially accepted, pending documentation may require a few more adjustments. Someone may be gossiping behind your back, so keep some things secret with friends or family. Finally, a long-awaited proposal shows signs of movement. Job seekers and students pursuing higher education are in luck. Alternative medicines have proven to be effective. Make time for yourself.


(21st May – 20th June )

Peace arrives after a temporary period of challenges and anxiety when you settle into a new way of thinking or routine. When you accept people for who they are rather than how you want them to be, letting go of expectations from others may be extremely freeing. Keep up the excellent work. Your purpose, direction, and courage will silence your naysayers. When it comes to documentation and contracts, be patient; it may take longer than necessary for someone to agree and sign. Your aesthetic sensibility is heightened, and art and beauty may bring you joy. Travel arrangements may already been made, and a change of scenery is exactly what your soul requires.


(21st June – 22nd July )

With so many options and possibilities, making a decision can be challenging. For an unbiased viewpoint, a trustworthy counsellor may be required. It’s time to decide what’s actually important and what’s a waste of time. Focusing on solutions yields great results, even if patience is required. This is a wonderful week to break bad habits because your resolve is strong and your desire to start over is strong. A nice discovery is made during an occasion with family or friends. Singles may find someone irresistibly appealing and spend more time connecting with a like-minded individual. Take advantage of this time.

(23rd July – 22nd Aug)

Let go of attempting to obtain someone’s approval who will never be appreciative. A few relationship truths emerge, and you may find yourself reconsidering your approach. Work will be hectic with an unexpected project or inquiry. Keep track of conversations and double-check the fine print in any documents to avoid costly blunders. Authority figures may create temporary annoyance, but isn’t it part of the journey? It’s time to separate, forgive, and move on to a better place within yourself. Yoga, meditation, and acts of volunteer service provide you inner serenity and help you realise who and what matters most in life.

(23rd Aug- 22nd Sept)

Take a deep breath and believe in yourself. It’s time to deal with anything you’ve been putting off for a while. Acceptance will achieve much more. When you realise someone has your best interests at heart, you may need to modify your mindset. Long-term plans are made, and you’ll double-check everything with your keen eye for detail. If you’re married, don’t forget about your partner, who may be feeling ignored lately. Older guys gain popularity, and you may recall some wise statements from a long time ago. Things are fine in terms of health as long as you de-stress on a regular basis.

(23rd Sept- 22nd Oct)

The importance of money is emphasised. A financial audit is in order. Are you conscious of your spending patterns? Unexpected expenses may necessitate budget revisions. Financial conversations and negotiations may take longer than you anticipated. When it comes to the future of your company, clear thinking and quick judgments may be essential. A skilled and ethical professional advisor or consultant can be found. Your love life may be on hold for the time being, but that doesn’t mean you’ve forgotten about them. Children, pets, and spending time in nature are all sources of joy. Continue to strengthen your immune system.

(23rd Oct- 21st Nov)

While assertiveness is good, don’t go overboard. It’s time to speak up, but it’s also time to be fair and consider the bigger picture. Public appearances, meetings, and presentations are favourably welcomed. Negotiations and legal concerns are more likely to lead to long-term success if you do what is right and honourable. Health issues might get tiring if you seek several opinions or become frustrated with the healing process. Don’t give up. Reminiscing with friends about simpler times gives great relief.

(22nd Nov- 21st Dec)

You can’t get anything out of your head and are adamant about getting your way. Keep an eye out for power struggles with a stubborn soul. You become interested in a new subject, project, or pastime, and you spend a lot of time reading and learning about it. Freedom problems may be the topic of discussion or controversy in intimate relationships. Your attention is working for you, but it may be too much for the other person. Take it easy on others. A physical attraction-based relationship progresses to the next level. Money matters bring you positive news, yet you’re still unhappy.

(22nd Dec- 19th Jan)

You’re getting closer to the rest your spirit has been craving. A persistent issue is beginning to fade. A heated situation has calmed down. You may be planning a vacation or even preparing for your trip, if you haven’t already. Make apologies in your own distinctive caring way if relationships have been taken for granted. You are the only one who can provide emotional security to a young soul. Sagittarians should expect some creative brainstorming and fresh ideas at work. If you’re artistically inclined, you might want to return to the arts to express yourself. Get the paintbrushes out and crank up the volume.

(20th Jan – 18th Feb)

Even though it doesn’t appear so at times, you’re on the correct track. Don’t trust what you’re thinking. Things will work out unexpectedly well if you trust. A new chapter is about to begin, and the more you let go of now, the easier it will be to deal with the upcoming changes. Long, heartfelt talks with loved ones will clear up any previous misconceptions. If you’re asked for a loan, use your mind rather than your heart. People are observing your professional advancement. Your clarity of thought and expertise of a product, service, or client convey authority. This week, there is no room for doubt. Believe in yourself and you will succeed.

(19th Feb – 20th March)

Honesty is the best policy, and it will save you a lot of grief afterwards. When you speak your mind, you will be appreciated for it. When egos and deadlines collide at work, things can get unpleasant, but with an objective and realistic approach, a lot can be accomplished. Keep an eye on your possessions. A get-together with old pals could be exactly what you need to laugh and reconnect. When you relieve pent-up stress through physical activity, you will feel better. Get back to exercising.