Weekly Horoscope (25th July – 31st July 2021)

Weekly Horoscope (25th July – 31st July 2021)

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(21st March – 19th April )

Don’t take other people’s moods too seriously. Now is the time to get your hands dirty and get things done. A business idea may pique your interest, and a little investigation may lead you down an entirely new route of profit. A relocation to a new house or perhaps an office space is in the works, but first, decide how much you’ll bring with you. It’s been a terrific week for decluttering and letting go.


(20th April – 20th May )

You will have plenty if you have properly planted your seeds. All that is left for you to do now is maintain, manage, and nurture the situation. And knowing you, you’ll be able to do it quickly and easily. You may, however, begin to wonder whether this is all there is and desire some excitement. Take a step back and consider your options before moving forward. It’s always a good time when you’re among old pals.


(21st May – 20th June )

As you investigate and experiment with new technology or a new subject, your Learn Mode is enabled. Trends pique your interest, and a new direction emerges. Don’t get too carried away; you won’t be able to sleep. A new source of income is showing signs of success, and with a little more effort on your part, your goal could become a reality. Procrastination should be avoided at all costs, especially when it comes to exercising.


(21st June – 22nd July )

Institutions, organisations, and people in positions of power take centre stage. Prepare to wait your turn because things may be delayed at any time. Don’t dismiss your elders’ knowledge; a senior can provide important guidance. It’s possible that someone needs to be challenged with authority. Things with regards to health are finally getting back on track. Just make sure everything is in good working order to avoid another incident.

(23rd July – 22nd Aug)

Someone may not accept you into their circle no matter what you do or say. You can be shut out of a crucial meeting or find out that someone else has access to sensitive information that you don’t. Before you react, think about why you’re reacting the way you are. Don’t give up now that you’ve come so far and accomplished so much. A friend in need will provide you with the encouragement and inspiration you require. Good news comes from family.

(23rd Aug- 22nd Sept)

Any unexpected changes may be addressed if your strategies are in place. Stick to tried-and-true methods. Also, don’t listen to too many different viewpoints. You know the right way to do things, and the only way to get them done is to be focused and determined. Someone from your past may pay you a quick visit, possibly to settle some karmic debts. Allow them to come and go as they like.

(23rd Sept- 22nd Oct)

It’s important to remember that there is still beauty and goodness in the world. Don’t be discouraged or bitter because of their actions. Getting out of your comfort zone for a bit could be exactly what your soul requires. Reliving nostalgic memories with loved ones brings a new sense of peace. Reach out and make a connection.

(23rd Oct- 21st Nov)

Don’t get carried away by other people’s fantasies. You may be embarking on a new venture or territory, and it is urged that you proceed with caution. By thinking on your feet, you can avoid a tricky scenario. Keep your feet on the ground and your eyes on the facts at all times. So long as you focus on long-term gains, you can keep money under control. In terms of your health, you’re finally back on track to being a healthier version of yourself. Continue on.

(22nd Nov- 21st Dec)

A full calendar keeps you happy, and you’ll be in high demand socially and professionally this week. Prepare to multitask, which is something you’re used to, but also to set boundaries with individuals who take far more than they return. If you don’t rein in your desire to splurge, your expenses may spiral out of control. You finally forgive and set yourself free, putting an end to an old feud.

(22nd Dec- 19th Jan)

You’re not willing to put up with someone else’s antics any longer. You see right through it and take a clear stance against it. Even at work, your no-nonsense attitude will rub off on your coworkers, and despite the tension in the air, a lot may be accomplished this week. Financial issues around a property will be resolved with a patient and reasonable approach.

(20th Jan – 18th Feb)

Lady Luck smiles once more. You may be presented with an opportunity that appears to be too good to be true. Listen to your inner voice before you grab it. It’s possible that something isn’t as good as it appears. Consider all of your options and, if necessary, seek outside advice. You know change is coming, and now is the time to intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually prepare for it. You may be approached by an old flame, and if you’ve moved on, you may choose to ignore their advances.

(19th Feb – 20th March)

Why is it so quiet? It’s possible that you don’t want to socialise or interact with others. It’s possible that you’ll need some alone time to replenish your batteries. When all of the possibilities appear to be so appealing, you may find it difficult to make a decision. One piece of advice: listen to your heart rather than the mob. Love may be taking a back seat at the moment, but single Pisceans need not despair. Love is on its way, but don’t look for it just yet. Allow it to find you.