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Weekly Horoscope (3rd July to 9th July 2022)

Weekly Horoscope (3rd July to 9th July 2022)

Our Weekly Horoscope is the most accurate weekly horoscope available online. The Accurate Weekly Horoscope has been written by experts with years of practical experience behind.

(Mar 21st-Apr 19th)

Patience and even more patience may be demanded of you in the coming days. The Universe puts you to the test to see how long you can wait and how much you can bear. Don’t be concerned. Simply engage in another activity while you wait for answers or deal with delays. This is an excellent week to concentrate on your fitness or get back on track with your diet. Relationships may put you to the test as you realise that individuals only change when they want to and that you cannot control anyone. Money matters show promise in the long run, but you must wait for now. Injuries and illnesses exhibit signs of recovery and relief.


(20th April – 20th May )

Consider how far you’ve come and how much you’ve accomplished. You have the world at your disposal, and you may find yourself travelling abroad. Or working with clients and projects from all over the world. A good phase begins by showcasing your skills, and the cards encourage you to think outside the box in order to achieve forthcoming chores. Also, keep an eye on worldwide trends. In terms of relationships, a wedding announcement is uplifting. And if you were casually seeing someone, things could quickly become serious. Just keep in mind to lighten your load a little, especially if you have a habit of solving everyone else’s problems. It’s time to spread your wings and fly a little.


(21st May – 20th June )

Healing is guaranteed if you take it slowly. Stop doing more than is humanly possible, set limitations, and take frequent rests. A lot may have happened in your life recently, and it’s time to relax and recharge. Work situations may become a little tense as a foolish mistake detracts from the team effort. If no answers are forthcoming or if someone refuses to participate, give up and try again. Real estate, building, and remodelling are all showing positive results. Greater harmony results from a flexible approach towards personal matters.


(21st June – 22nd July )

Father figures will emerge in the coming days. You may also come into contact with those in positions of influence. This is not the week to back down; instead, be far more outspoken than usual. Take a stand and say the truth. Your candour earns you respect. If you want to grow in your career, you could be on your way to a promotion in the coming months. A lingering ache or minor ailment may need a trip to the doctor, and if you’re up for it, this week might mark the beginning of a new chapter of positive improvements in your life. But first, you must take charge and accept greater responsibility for your own activities.

(23rd July – 22nd Aug)

Keep an eye on your finances and your proclivity to overspend. Something could end up being more expensive, or a minor error could prove pricey. Discussions about travel, timetables, marketing, and events may consume additional time, leaving answers hanging or being postponed to a later date. Someone’s unexpected departure could cause uncertainty and a flurry of conversations. Your best times will be spent simply hanging around and joking with old friends. With a balanced attitude to everything, peace and harmony return.

(23rd Aug- 22nd Sept)

If your life lacks zing and flare at the present, the Universe may be urging you to reflect on what’s missing within you. It’s time to figure out what you’re passionate about and what makes your heart sing, and to pursue one of your old ambitions. You are no longer naive and eager to satisfy others. Whatever decisions you make now will have long-term consequences, so utilise your time wisely. It’s time to go on an adventure, but it all starts with a shift of perspective.

(23rd Sept- 22nd Oct)

Reduce your losses and leave a situation that is draining you. You may find yourself losing interest in someone or something you were previously passionate about. When a relationship begins to falter, one of you withdraws. Students may switch subjects. And job searchers branch out into new fields or even explore starting their own businesses. A portion of you is no longer content with the status quo, and your soul is preparing for a new chapter. New sources of income emerge, and businesses may diversify. What can you do differently this time?

(23rd Oct- 21st Nov)

Work matters will calm down for a while before picking up again with increased vigour, so enjoy the peace and quiet while it lasts. Use the opportunity to reflect, enjoy moments of quiet, and catch up on some much-needed me-time. Someone’s rude remark or insensitive behaviour may cause temporary discomfort, but a mature approach should address the situation. Surprises could take the form of praise, a present, or a token of appreciation. Businesses could enter a prosperous phase if they are well-organized and willing to take a few minor chances here and there.

(22nd Nov- 21st Dec)

A lot may be accomplished when you are confident in yourself. Even minor crises can be avoided if you believe in your talents. A week full of unexpected twists and turns, as well as proof of your capacity to overcome any situation. People may seek your advice or assistance. However, how many of them truly take your advice? Or do you continually coming back to the same issue? Be careful of get-rich-quick schemes or offers that appear too good to be true. A forceful person may require direct treatment. Health-related issues are improving.

(22nd Dec- 19th Jan)

In this period, stop delaying and don’t take anything or anyone for granted. Your body could be telling you something that you are ignoring. Alternatively, a loved one may have something to say about your behaviour or attitude that needs to change. If you want things to get done, it’s time to let go of old grudges and move on with a cooperative attitude. In your professional life, a pattern emerges. Examine what needs to be altered and make the necessary changes. Putting thoughts together or following through on a choice provides relief and fulfilment. Things will fall into place gradually.

(20th Jan – 18th Feb)

The more specific your objectives, the faster you will progress. Conversations with guides, mentors, and consultants put you on the right track. Aquarians achieve advances in industry, real estate, and information technology by correcting flaws and reworking techniques. A new technique provides new life and relief. Conversations with loved ones strengthen relationships when you realise you may have assumed something that was never true in the first place. A pleasant surprise is provided by an unexpected caller. Just keep your health in mind. Don’t go overboard.

(19th Feb – 20th March)

Warm warm feelings as you connect with a special someone or just share your affections to those you care about. Your thoughts may be elsewhere, but your social life should keep you occupied with meetups and communications. A lucky break or a favourable shift elevates your spirits and keeps you pumped up in the coming weeks, so be open to unexpected events and a nice surprise. A party or even a brief journey to another location takes the sting out of life. One piece of advice: appreciate it while it lasts and don’t become complacent.