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What Is Vabbing at the Gym? A Detailed Insight

What Is Vabbing at the Gym? A Detailed Insight

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Lately, a term called “Vabbing” has become a rage. Apart from becoming a new internet sensation, it has also raised many eyebrows.  Vabbing at the gym has almost become a trend. 

In case you are as shocked as we are, don’t worry we are not alone

“Vabbing” refers to the practice of applying a few drops of one’s hymen fluid to pulse sites on the body, such as the wrists and neck, as a form of perfume intended to attract future lovers.

This has been popularized by a TikTok user @jewlieah, who has recently promoted the habit with a video in which she claims to have vabbed before a gym workout, garnering the desired attention as a result. (The video had over 6 Million views !) In the following video, she recounts that a man approached her during lunges after she vaped and invited her out.

So What exactly is vabbing?

Women produce approximately half to one teaspoon of hymen fluid. Typically, this discharge is clear, somewhat hazy, or whitish.

Vabbing involves dabbing a little amount of hymen fluid into numerous pulse points, similar to applying perfume.  Women swipe or completely put a finger into their hymen and then apply the secretions to their wrists, behind the ear, etc.  

What’s Science behind it

According to the notion, hymen secretions may carry pheromones that attract future romantic partners.

A pheromone is a chemical that an animal secretes that alters the behaviour of another animal.  Animals can employ these substances to identify their territory, signal danger, and stimulate sexual excitement.

Does it work?

The Jury is still out!

There are no controlled studies that contradict the effectiveness of vabbing. It is unknown whether vabbing helps attract a relationship.   

Some experts are suspicious of suggestions that vabbing causes potential romantic partners to approach you, especially in the gym. They believe that in theory, vabbing relies on the sense of smell and it highly unlikely that hymen fluids would be noticed, much less have any effect, in a gym that is saturated with odours of all kinds.

Could it be Androstadienone?

The androstadienone found in male axillary [underarm] perspiration boosts women’s mood and concentration. While vabbing may not be the cause of gym romances, the better mood and focus of the women, produced by the androstadienone in the men’s sweat, might be the reason behind increased woman confidence and thereby men’s attraction towards the woman.

Is vabbing safe?

Many experts warn against vabbing, as it entails the spread of bacteria from the hymen to other parts of the body. Even healthy hymen fluid consists largely of cells and germs. Experts advise women to avoid the trend if they are experiencing abnormal hymen discharge or if they suspect they have a sexually transmitted disease.  

However, if one practises good hygiene and does not have an infection, vabbing is usually safe.

How to safely do Vabbing ?

Before placing a finger into your h, it is essential to properly wash your hands and fingernails for at least 20 seconds. After using the cotton swab to the desired location, rewash your hands. This will limit the spread of hazardous microorganisms to your hymen and other surfaces.

● Washing your hands both before and after

● Not allowing areas you’ve ‘vabbed’ to touch anything or anyone

● Wiping down gym equipment before and after use

● Refraining from vabbing if you’re on your period or have an STI

● Make sure you get checked by a professional if you think you sense an unusual or bad odour

The Bottom Line

Although vabbing is certainly safe to try if you don’t have an illness and you wash your hands before touching your hymen, there is no scientific evidence that it will help you attract possible partners at the gym or elsewhere.