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Where is Kimberly Cargill Now: What Happened To Her?

Where is Kimberly Cargill Now: What Happened To Her?

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Cherry Diane Walker’s body was discovered on a road in Smith County, Texas, in June 2010. She’d been missing for a few days prior. The shocking news prompted officials to search for the suspect, who was eventually identified as Kimberly Cargill. ‘Evil Lives Here: Master Manipulator’ on Investigation Discovery dives into the reasons why Kimberly murdered Cherry. So, if you’re curious about what transpired in this case and where she is now, here’s what we know!

Who is Kimberly Cargill?

Kimberly Diane Cargill, 45, a mother of four sons, was accused of significant abuse by her children and ex-husbands. She worked as a licensed vocational nurse at ETMC in Athens while living in Whitehouse, Texas. Cargill was the subject of a Child Protective Services investigation while her 4-year-old son, Luke, was in the care of Cherry Walker, a 39-year-old babysitter with a developmental disability.

Cargill allegedly went anxious and offered to hide Walker, fearing the impact on a custody hearing. Walker’s burned body was discovered on a country road on June 19, 2010. The Smith County District Attorney emphasized Cargill’s two-decade history of bringing harm to family members.

Despite her troubled personal life, she continued to work as a licensed vocational nurse, displaying borderline personality disorder symptoms as well as anti-social and narcissistic tendencies, according to sources.

Where is Kimberly Cargill Now?

Others who knew Kimberly said that she was a hothead who frequently yelled at her children. Her oldest son, David, testified that Mom was aggressive and choked him once while he was in second grade. April, Kimberly’s sister, described her as manipulative. Kimberly was convicted guilty of capital murder in May 2012 and condemned to death the following month. According to prison records, she is still on death row at the Mountain View Unit in Gatesville, Texas. In 2017, the US Supreme Court denied her appeal.

Kimberly Cargill was Arrested for What Reason?

Kimberly Cargill was arrested after she was accused of killing Cherry Walker, her child’s caretaker, in June 2010. She was initially imprisoned on allegations of child abuse but was eventually convicted of capital homicide in May 2012. Cargill assured that Walker had a seizure in her car, prompting her to drive home rather than attend a bar.

Despite attempting CPR and suggesting to drive to the clinic, she cruised for 40 minutes before lighting Walker’s body ablaze on a rural roadway to destroy of DNA evidence. Cargill concocted a false story about Walker going out to eat with another person. Cherry’s assets were discovered at Cargill’s home, and calls from prison revealed attempts to remove evidence from her Whitehouse home. These efforts eventually led to her arrest on serious charges of capital homicide.

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