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Who is Henry Rollins’s Wife: Know His Age, Career & Dating Life

Who is Henry Rollins’s Wife: Know His Age, Career & Dating Life

Henry Collins, who was born on February 13, 1961, in Washington DC, became a member of the punk band Black Flag when he was a teenager. Upon departing the band in 1986, he established his Rollins Band, which went on multiple tours in 1987, 2003, and 2006, and achieved some success as a spoken word performer. After appearing in several films and TV drama series, the musician expanded his reputation to include acting. His television show, Henry Rollins, aired from 2006 to 2007. Many listeners and readers enjoy the works of this multi-talented musician.

No one on this planet is as obviously non-gay as Henry Rollins, therefore he was upset that homosexual magazines interviewed him so often, assuming he must be gay. Rumor has it that the ex-Black Flag leader has never had children because he refused to have an extramarital affair.

Who is Henry Rollins’s Wife?

Henry considers himself an introvert who doesn’t want to settle down with a wife or have a family. The former punk icon isn’t anti-social; he simply enjoys being alone and finds solitude to be a comfortable environment. He forms genuine connections with others when he chooses to interact with them, but he prefers to stroll alone most of the time.

Sources later uncovered what they referred to be Henry Rollins’ “past relationships,” despite his frequent claims of being a hermit. There were rumors that the famous artist was romantically involved with Lydia Lunch, a co-star he met while filming Kiss Napoleon Goodbye in 1990. When the two became quite close during filming and shared some very sensual scenes, the allegations became even more widespread. But the media said their romance was all in their heads as they were never photographed together.

Who is Henry Rollins?

The Rollins Band, which Henry Rollins co-founded, is one of the most famous rock bands of all time and was named one of VH1’s 100 Greatest Artists of Hard Rock. However, he is more than that! Rollins defies easy classification due to his immense talent and complex character. Because he’s a radio show host, singer, and songwriter in addition to being a journalist and actor. Among his many passions is advocating for political and social causes including LGBT rights and World Hunger Relief.


After leaving college, he worked multiple minimum-wage jobs to make ends meet, but it was still difficult for him. Around this time, he became involved in the local music scene and became well-known as a roadie for many bands. When he began performing, he took the stage name Henry Rollins.

He became a member of the punk band State of Alert in 1980, after they had changed their name from The Extorts. He was not just the band’s primary lyricist but also their lead singer. At the tender age of 19, Henry was starting to relish the limelight that was shining on him.

He went to a lot of Black Flag gigs because he was such a fan. Henry was more than happy to take up the opportunity to replace the band’s vocalist Dez Cadena, who was interested in switching to guitar. In 1981, he signed up with them.

Along with his own fan following, he performed at other gigs with the band. After The Black Flag broke up in 1986, Rollins became a solo artist. In 1987, he released the hardcore punk album “Hot Animal Machine” with guitarist Chris Haskett. The same year saw the publication of “Big Ugly Mouth,” the album that followed.

Along with Sim Cain, Andrew Weiss, and Haskett, he established the Rollins Band in 1987. Andrew performed bass and Sim drummed. Theo Van Rock, who was listed as both a band member and live sound engineer, was involved with the group. Their first studio album, 1987’s Life Time, and first extended play, 1987’s Do It, were both released that year.

Although Rollins made his cinematic debut in the 1980s, it wasn’t until the 1990s that he had opportunities to star in films such as “The Chase” (1994), “Heat” (1995), and “Lost Highway” (1997).

‘Harmony in My Head,’ a weekly radio show, was launched by him in May 2004. On the show, he showcased a wide range of musical styles, including jazz, classical, heavy metal, punk, blues rock, and hard rock.

He began hosting “The Henry Rollins Show,” a weekly chat show that airs on television and involves musical performances and interviews with celebrities, in April 2006. Two seasons later, in September 2007, the show came to a close.


The 1994 audiobook adaptation of his autobiography, “Get in the Van,” garnered him a Grammy for Best Spoken Word Album.