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Who Was Park Bo Ram: How She Dies at 30? Know Everything

Who Was Park Bo Ram: How She Dies at 30? Know Everything

Park Bo Ram was a gifted vocalist who departed this world far too soon, shocking the K-Pop community and admirers throughout the globe.

She was only 30 years old when she passed away, which caused shock and speculation in the entertainment sector.

Who Was Park Bo Ram?

A South Korean singer named Park Bo Ram shot to fame in 2010 after competing on the hit reality show Superstar K2. She won over audiences with her captivating stage presence and powerful voice, propelling her to the top eight and establishing her music career.

With the release of her 2014 debut single “Beautiful,” Park Bo Ram shot to fame thanks to her evocative singing and lyrics that everybody could relate to. She has a long list of hit singles and EPs under her belt, including Orange Moon and Celepretty. The combination of pop, ballads, and emotionally charged songs in her music struck a chord with many.

How Did Park Bo Ram Pass Away?

At a private party on April 11th, Park Bo Ram was discovered asleep in the restroom, and disaster ensued. Despite being taken to the hospital quickly, she was tragically declared dead at the age of 30.

After hearing the news of her unexpected death, the K-Pop business and her admirers were devastated and wanted to know why she had died.

The authorities are still trying to piece together what happened to kill Park Bo Ram. The absence of a verified cause of death has left many mysteries unsolved, even though her agency, Xanadu Entertainment, has asked the public not to speculate.

Fans and loved ones are grieving the loss of a brilliant talent while they wait for answers.


After winning the singing competition Super Star K2 in 2010, Park became famous at the tender age of 17, and she made her formal debut in 2014 with the single “Beautiful,” featuring rapper Zico.

The 2015 Korean drama “Reply 1988” used Park’s composition “Hyehwadong (or Sangmundong),” while the 2016 romantic drama “W.” had Park’s composition “Please Say Something, Even Though It Is a Lie.”

Park had been collaborating with several Korean artists on a new album in preparation for her tenth anniversary in the music industry when she tragically passed away. As part of a music cover project, her most recent single “I Miss You” was released on April 3.

Park Bo Ram Boyfriend

Park announced her relationship with actor and singer Seo In-guk on December 5, 2017. Their relationship began in 2015. It was reported on May 23, 2018, that the two singers had just split up. Their agency confirmed the news, saying, “Seo In Guk and Park Bo Ram broke up about a month ago.”