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Wish Cow In Vastu Shastra: Benefits of Wish Cow According to Feng Shui

Wish Cow In Vastu Shastra: Benefits of Wish Cow According to Feng Shui

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In India and Nepal, cows are revered as holy animals, and people hold a special place in their hearts for cow worship. The wish-fulfilling cow is a symbol of luck in Feng Shui as well.

Very few faiths genuinely understand the importance of the cow. Buddhism actually holds that if we treat a cow with kindness and refrain from eating the animal’s meat, it has the ability to make our dreams come true. Therefore, to increase luck, this Wish Granting Cow can be displayed at an office. For best results, it can be positioned in a sitting position on the bed of coins anyplace on the desk. Because the southeast sector of the home is the general one that is linked to wealth, it can be positioned there. To stimulate riches luck, a cow painting can even be hung in the southeast corner of the room.

You can place the cow lying on a bed of coins and ingots anyplace on your desk at an office to increase luck. You can put the Wish Granting Cow on exhibit in the South East corner of your property. Given that South East is the general sector, which is linked to riches, this might be quite lucky.

The cow is revered as a holy animal and bears special meaning in the hearts of people in China, India, and Nepal. The Wish Cow, which is kept on the office desk, is thought to increase luck and goal achievement. It can be exhibited at home on the southeast corner of the house, which is symbolic of prosperity. Even a painting of a cow can be hung here for good luck with money. The Wish Granting Cow is reputed to deliver good news and provide assistance during trying times. However, only those who don’t eat beef should utilise this Wish-Granting Cow Symbol. The Wish-granting Cow is a good gift in addition to being a symbol of luck and prosperity.

The Wish Cow in Feng Shui represents the fulfilment of wishes, good fortune for households, and lucky ancestors. The Feng Shui Wish Cow, which is frequently observed resting on a bed of cash or ingots, represents the future prosperity of all generations. This Feng Shui Wish Cow also represents fertility, a good harvest, rewards for labour, and the provision of the world’s most nourishing milk. In addition to serving as a symbol, the Feng Shui Wish Cow is also said to bring luck in the areas of business, exams, investments, and the stock market.