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You Will Never Find True Love – We Know the Reasons Why

You Will Never Find True Love – We Know the Reasons Why

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All people require love. Others define love as a romantic relationship, while some associate it with their friends and family.

Finding genuine love is not at all difficult. However, it all relies on what you want from love and what you anticipate from it. If all of your relationships finish the same way or if you have irrational expectations, there may be a problem with you or your partner.

Read on to find 14 Reasons why You will never find true love

14 Indisputable Signs You Will Never Find True Love

1. Your list of priorities doesn’t include love.

Your list of priorities is at the bottom, and love isn’t even on it. Your loved ones, family and friends, or even your career, are probably your top priorities right now.

This doesn’t diminish your value or suggest that you have a problem. Quite the opposite. Whether you’re in a relationship or not, you’re at a stage in your life where you want to develop and better yourself.

That does not imply that you won’t alter your direction in the future. It might take you on a romantic adventure. However, your current busy schedule does not allow for romantic connections.

2. You have unrealistic expectations

Although I am not an expert in relationships, I think that people frequently find themselves let down in life because they have inflated hopes. Undoubtedly, it is beneficial to live by some ideals because they boost our confidence.

But what if you have unreasonable expectations for a relationship? Have you ever given it any thought?

Another clear indication that you will never find love is having unrealistic expectations.

No relationship is perfect, and maintaining one takes a lot of work. You must be accepting of change, accept your partner’s differences, and be understanding if you wish to bond with someone.

However, you should stay away from it since love is not for you if you still cannot see yourself in it or do not believe you can bear the fact that no one is flawless.

3. You still have Open wounds

One of the potential causes of your inability to find true love is the past.

No matter how hard you try, zillions of bad first dates and previous relationships are impossible to forget.

Your next relationship will end in heartbreak, so you probably don’t want to trust anyone. You won’t ever find the right person as long as you adopt this mentality towards new loves.

When we are unhappy in a relationship, it is challenging to try anything new. Because of this, despite their best efforts, many people remain unmarried.

4. In adversity, you are your hero.

If you are accustomed to being unmarried and distrustful of everyone, you will never find love. Because no one understands us better than we do, we are all at times our heroes. But why do you hide your emotions from other people?

Perhaps there is someone ready to support you when times are bad so that you won’t have to go through it alone. Your new romance has the potential to save you.

5. You have a Strong Aversion to commitment

Simply put, long-term partnerships are not your cup of tea. One of the indicators that you will never discover true love is your fear of commitment.

It can be the outcome of a broken relationship, as I already mentioned, or it can be your subjective definition of love.

Any attempt to find real love will probably fail if you prefer one-night stands to committed relationships.

6. You intimidate potential partners

Potential partners might be turned off by your attitude. I’m not talking about how you look, but rather how you carry yourself, as sometimes actions speak louder than words. Being threatening to others is a warning sign.

This is a blatant indication that you will not discover “the one” unless you alter your perspective and banish any bad energy.

7. You are pursuing the incorrect person.

If you try to force anything in life, particularly in relationships, it is one indication that you will never discover true love.

That simply is not how things operate. If someone is not interested in you, you cannot compel them to love you.

On the other side, what are your odds of finding love again if someone takes advantage of your kind nature and dumps you? I would say 0 to 0 per cent.

Consider the possibility of a future relationship. Since the love of your life will elude you if you devote your entire life to pursuing the wrong person.

8. You are a picky person.

We all have idealised visions of the perfect romantic relationship. Dreams are one thing, but reality is something else entirely.

By being in a relationship with someone who doesn’t deserve you, you should never devalue yourself. But occasionally you have to compromise your standards.

You haven’t found love yet, and it might be because you’re too picky. They claim that a man gets pickier as he gets older. I wholeheartedly concur with that. This applies to many facets of life, not just romantic relationships.

So, if there is a place in your life for another person, try not to find fault with anyone.

9. You’re unsure of your goals

You’ve just gotten together, you’re dating this person, and you like to hang out together. Everything appears to be ideal.

The very following week, you grow tired of the relationship, don’t want to commit, and think it’s a pointless duty.

That, my dear, indicates that you are unaware of your desires.

You will never discover your soul mate since no one enjoys it when someone messes with their emotions, isn’t that right?

10. Nobody’s time is worth it.

Your desire to keep your leisure time to yourself suggests that you value it highly.

Time is a valuable resource, and I agree with you, but do you not want to share your life with someone?

If you said “no,” I can only say that love has rejected you and that this is just another surefire indication that you will never meet the person of your dreams.

11. Idealised norms of attractiveness

Many people take pride in their appearance. Physical characteristics, however, take a backseat to love.

Have you ever given up on a relationship because the person you were interested in didn’t have attractive eyes, strong legs, or dark, thick hair? The test of discovering your soul mate will surely fail in that case.

Inner beauty and personality are what count. You can never find true love, though, if you spend too much time looking through photographs of potential partners only to judge how attractive they are.

12. Your self-criticism is excessive.

You must first respect yourself and become your own best friend if you want to be in a meaningful relationship. Self-criticism gone too far has never produced anything fruitful.

You doubt yourself if you are continually second-guessing your words and deeds. But I’m sorry to say that if you have this mindset, no one will love you because if you condemn yourself, others will too. Be kind to yourself and let go of your fears.

Yes, this may be one of the obstacles keeping romantic love from knocking on your door.

14. Holding onto your insecurities too tightly

Insecurities and poor self-esteem are your worst adversaries. Even our intense desire to fall in love sometimes isn’t enough due to something called insecurity.

You can be reluctant to begin something new, despite your inner desire for it, because you may have previously been let down by love and this has led to trust issues.

It’s challenging to let go of the past and everything it has left behind, but if you want to understand what true love is, you must start improving yourself right away.

Author’s Note

Love is about striving to stay together, overcoming difficulties, and never letting go. You won’t discover love if you idealise relationships, have irrational expectations, pick the incorrect partner, or convince yourself that you’re not good enough.

However, some people are just destined to live alone. It’s okay if they never meet their ideal partner because they have trouble relating to others. You have a compelling reason to remain unmarried if you choose to do so. However, if you have chosen the route of love, you should reconsider the aforementioned indications and be ready to make alterations to your lifestyle.