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Know these 4 Unlucky Zodiac Signs Who Always Found One Sided Love

Know these 4 Unlucky Zodiac Signs Who Always Found One Sided Love

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While falling in love with someone who values us is something we all enjoy, however, there are other kinds of love that can be equally passionate without the other person feeling the same way.

This “Unrequited love” is one of those major heartburns suffered by many in this world.

Here is the list of those 4 unlucky zodiac signs, who have more often found one-sided love in their life:-


Leos freely like flirting and wear their hearts on their sleeves. However, this strategy results in them frequently falling for the terrible guy or lady who prefers a one-night stand to a long-term relationship. A Leo has a tendency to have one-sided emotions. This tends to undermine Leo’s sense of value because they are constantly looking for praise and admiration from their peers.


It’s possible for some indications to have an abnormal tendency to become emotionally attached to emotionally unavailable persons because they repeat certain patterns in their dating life. Because Pisces chooses people who are currently incapable of emotional attachment, their feelings of love aren’t usually reciprocated.


Some people enjoy reaching for the stars and wishing to fulfil all of their goals. Gemini approaches love in this way because they frequently envy people who are already attached. This person might be a married person, someone who is dating someone else, or even someone who is lamenting the death of a lover. Due to this, Gemini tends to get unrequited, one-sided love.


Cancers frequently fall in love as children and like being the “walking wounded” because of their heartbreaks. In addition, because the wounds from unrequited love never really heal, this zodiac sign can take the longest to move on.