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5 Zodiac Signs Who are Always a Bit of a Child at Heart

5 Zodiac Signs Who are Always a Bit of a Child at Heart

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It has been claimed that a child’s heart is the most innocent and untainted place in all of creation. People lose the qualities that made them such empathetic beings namely, their childlike wonder and naivety — as they get older. However, certain zodiac signs can preserve this trait throughout their entire lifetimes. From Aries to Cancer, there are five signs of the zodiac that will always have a bit of a kid at heart.

Here is the list of 5 Zodiac Signs Who Never let go of their Childlike Tendencies


You might be surprised to see Aries on this list, given their sometimes-unfair reputation for aggression. Despite becoming a hothead when provoked, this fire sign always keeps a childlike curiosity and innocence.


Taureans have a strong sense of fairness and take pleasure in the simple things in life, and they tend to be deeply religious individuals. Most Taureans believe in karma and do their best to help strangers as they go about their lives, but when they’re irritated they can act like spoilt children.


Gemini imagines a utopia in which everyone gets along and there is no such thing as hunger or poverty. This is unusual because most people’s ideas tend to be clouded when it comes to dealing with other people. They continue to act like children no matter how old they get.


As an air sign, Aquarius is predisposed to placing the blame for misfortunes on oneself. They see themselves as victims and are quick to place the blame on anyone but themselves. Their pleasant demeanour makes them seem as naive as children, but they eventually show their true age when they entice others into an argument.


The worst thing a Pisces may think is to dwell on the wrongs done to them by others. They are wonderfully generous people who take solace in thinking back on their happy formative years.