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Zodiac Signs Who Try to Be Defensive Even When They Are at Fault

Zodiac Signs Who Try to Be Defensive Even When They Are at Fault

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Some people have exceptionally fragile egos and have a hard time accepting responsibility for their actions. They value their self-image and may experience anxiety when it is challenged by an admission of guilt. Sometimes people worry that admitting they have weaknesses would make them look weak or inept. When people start to feel responsible for their actions, they typically develop defensive justifications in which they try to place the responsibility on someone else.

Here is the list of 4 Zodiac Signs Who Try to Be Defensive Even When They Are at Fault


Being true to their bull nature, Taureans will never give in to the pressure of others’ opinions or acknowledge their own flaws. People with a high demand for authority in their life decisions may struggle to admit when they are wrong for fear of losing control or power. Since they are so sure of their own good behavior, they could come up with defensive attitudes and deeds to prove they will stop at nothing to keep from taking responsibility.


The egos of Leos are so delicate that they can never accept error. They take being told they did something wrong very personally and will resort to a variety of strategies to clear their name. They fear taking responsibility for their acts and coming out as vulnerable to others, which goes against their rather arrogant nature.


It never occurs to a Scorpio that they might be wrong. They have powerful personalities and are deeply committed to their work. Therefore, it is quite difficult to change a Scorpion’s mind. So they devise an infinite number of excuses to absolve themselves of responsibility for their conduct.


Aquarians have a wide range of responses when corrected. They listen patiently when pointed out their errors, but they are quick to bring out the faults of others. For them, conflict is a source of irritation and deep unease. This leads them to shift blame away from themselves and onto others whenever possible.

Editor’s Note

Defensiveness can be detrimental to relationships and can also impede learning and development. Making an attempt to be open and honest about mistakes and, where appropriate, taking responsibility for them, is essential. This can help people open up to one another and develop stronger bonds.