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4 Zodiac Signs Who Crave External Validation

4 Zodiac Signs Who Crave External Validation

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While some individuals may not be overly concerned with how others perceive them, others may be preoccupied with seeking the approval of those around them to validate their ideas, judgements, and actions. They may assume that if others validate them, they would experience less criticism and rejection. Some zodiac signs may struggle with self-doubt and a desire to be accepted by a group. While seeking approval is a fundamental human need, as social creatures who live on connection and acceptance, it is not the only motivational force. Nonetheless, it could make these persons feel more confident and secure in their decisions and choices.  Check out these four zodiac signs who crave external validation.


Libras are commonly viewed as being co-dependent, therefore when it comes to making autonomous judgements, they typically seek the approval of others. They want others to feel satisfied and at peace, not irritated by their undesirable behaviour. So, they are committed to achieving the group’s objectives. People may act in such a way to feel responsible for everyone else’s expectations and to avoid bringing disappointment.


Pisceans are essentially people-pleasers. Even if it means sacrificing their happiness, they cannot resist giving in to the demands of others. They frequently make independent decisions based on the group’s consensus to ensure that everyone feels on the same page. They want others to enjoy their company and never criticise them for their choices. But, you should not attempt to appease others by concealing your joy. Ensure that others perceive the real you and that you are not emotionally pretending for the sake of it.


Taureans never wish to cause harm to others, so when making decisions, they always take everyone’s perspective into account. If people see that they have decided without the approval of others, they are prone to feel insecure. Despite their stubbornness, they frequently sacrifice their desires and goals for those they care about and love.


Emotional by nature, Cancerians tend to follow their emotions rather than their thoughts. Their decisions are exclusively motivated by emotion; hence, they require approval from everyone around them, especially their family. They frequently lack confidence in their decision-making abilities and rely on others to inform them whether they are heading in the right route. They must realise that, to make their friends and lovers happy and to feel good about their own decisions, they cannot pretend to appreciate everything that others do.

Editor’s Note

It is essential to remember that seeking approval from others is a natural and healthy human behaviour. Yet, it is crucial to recognise when it becomes harmful or destructive to our health. It is equally crucial to have a healthy sense of self-worth and self-esteem so that we can feel secure and confident in our own decisions and activities without being unduly reliant on external validation.