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7 Zodiac Signs whose First Relationship ends up in Break-up – Are You one of Them?

7 Zodiac Signs whose First Relationship ends up in Break-up – Are You one of Them?

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Some individuals are unwilling to make their first relationship succeed, citing fate or a cold-hearted personality. Even though the beginning of a relationship is quite special for everyone because it is filled with excitement, childlike emotions, and even butterflies in the stomach, for some, it gives rise to insecurities, brings out their stubbornness, and consequently causes their commitment to shatter into shards. From personality differences to the non-alienation of the stars, numerous factors can break the delicate thread of first love and leave both partners in tears.

According to astrology, 7 zodiac signs are awful at keeping their initial romantic relationship. Taking cosmic cues about such individuals can save both aggravation and an unhappy relationship. Here is a list of 7 zodiac signs who are unable of maintaining their initial romances and invariably end up in tears.


Sagittarians are free-spirited individuals who do not wish to become entangled in emotional clutter. And because of this, they are unwilling to provide emotional security to their partner, resulting in premature breakups. Moreover, persons born under the sign of Sagittarius are exceedingly self-centered due to their adventurous personalities and ambitions, which prevents them from sharing their sentiments and emotions with their spouse; hence, they soon sever ties with their first lover.


Taurus, like Virgo, is an earth sign, which makes them in their way stiff, strong, and stubborn. People with this zodiac sign always adhere to their perspective and do not even attempt to hear yours. Their refusal to adapt to or comprehend their partner’s perspective is what prevents them from forming an enduring friendship. Before swimming into the emotional seas or making a commitment with a person, it is prudent to examine their personality features. Using astrology as a guide can improve your relationship with your mate.


Even though Aquarians are unusual and rebellious, they begin to perceive problems of the heart via logical and reasonable thought, causing them to become distant. They can easily discard their spouse’s emotional baggage, and even when asked for guidance, their clever minds only allow them to provide rational responses that emotionally distance their partner.


As a water sign, Scorpions are governed by powerful and passionate feelings. They develop a strong attachment to a person very fast, which often leads to jealousy and insecurity. In addition, they will not express their emotions directly and will instead mock their spouse for their wrongdoing. They can become incredibly manipulative and cold-hearted and will go to any lengths to make you pay for the pain you bring them, causing their first relationships to suffer and causing them to cry.


People born under the Virgo zodiac sign are strong-minded, diligent, and practical. Due to these factors, people are frequently preoccupied with jobs and responsibilities and unable to devote time to their significant other. In addition, they prefer to be emotionally controlled and are hesitant to display their sentimental side with their partner, which diminishes the affection in their relationship with time. In addition, they are overly concerned with arranging things and identifying the smallest errors, which irritates their spouse and makes them cold-hearted.


This fire sign is all about impetuous love and falls quickly in love with their crush. When they are in love, they tend to become rather ardent and outspoken, and they advance rapidly in their relationship. Therefore, beyond the first three months of their relationship, they are frequently unable to avoid disagreements, and their inability to be open and honest with their partners leads to breakups.


The crab is another zodiac sign that is prone to excessive flirting. They want their partner’s undivided attention, and if they do not receive it, they become possessive. As a result, their relationship is harmonious during the honeymoon phase, but their partners become agitated as time passes. They are irritated by Cancers who are complete control freaks and demand their spouse to court them throughout the week. Consequently, these connections soon disintegrate.