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5 Zodiac Signs That are Destined to Have the most Painful Breakups

5 Zodiac Signs That are Destined to Have the most Painful Breakups

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If you’re the type of person who finds it impossible to function for weeks after a breakup, even though all of your ex-partners seem to have no trouble moving on, astrology may be to blame. This suggests that your zodiac sign may influence how you react to a breakup, whether or not you realize it.

Here is the list of 5 Zodiac Signs That are Destined to Have the Toughest Breakups


Scorpios always feel deceived after a breakup, regardless of who initiated it. Scorpios have control concerns that force them to occasionally obsess over their broken relationships, regardless of how excellent the relationship was. When a dynamic ceases to work, Scorpios are quick to recognize it.


Leos are typically the first to rebound because they want to get over their ex-partners more quickly, but they are rarely vindictive. Individuals frequently have instant regrets, whether it is the decision to begin a new relationship or the decision to quit an existing one.


If they don’t feel like they have the freedom to explore, they will start to wander. Sagittarians are notorious for their “no bullshit” attitude, so when they break up, the terms are always crystal clear. Being nomads at heart makes it easy for them to cut ties with someone and move on. Despite its potentially harsh tone, the fire was never meant to be contained.


Aries Most people have a competitive and aggressive nature. They’re all rivals in the sport of breakup. Since Aries would rather initiate a breakup than be the one to initiate one, they will likely do so if tensions have been rising in the relationship.


If you and your ex were both Taureans, the breakup would be amicable yet stubborn. There is no room for discussion when a decision has been made. In addition, a scorned Taurus is like a firestorm in a teacup. A Taurus’s partner’s infidelity can force them to break up for angry reasons because of how important loyalty is to them.