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6 Zodiac Signs That Hate PDA – Are You One of Them?

6 Zodiac Signs That Hate PDA – Are You One of Them?

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Some people are more at ease than others with showing affection in public. But, those who don’t like PDAs find it repulsive. Inside the room, your boyfriend might show you all the love in the world, but the moment he leaves, he might behave cold and distant.

While opinions on PDA may differ depending on the sign, the following 6 zodiac signs are adamantly opposed to it.


Leo, one of the most arrogant signs of all, dislikes public displays of affection since they care so much about how others see them. They constantly strive to be the finest versions of themselves, thus they never want to put their reputation in danger by engaging in any PDA relationships in public.


Taurus enjoys showing affection, but they never do so in public. They worry far too much about how they come across in public. They tremble at the prospect of PDA and are silent and reserved with everyone else. They won’t ever consent to it.


Virgo is stiff and unable to relax in front of others. They can’t afford to be open in front of people to be romantic and engage in PDA because that would go against their shy nature.


Capricorns follow strong ethical and moral principles. They find it quite awkward to flaunt their romance in public. They prefer to keep their romance private.


Aquarius hate flaunting their connection and are both quite shy. They would rather keep their romance a secret. They find it embarrassing to show their lover affection in front of others, thus they can’t do it.


In public, a Libra in love is quiet and kind. When it comes to holding hands and snuggling in public, they can have specific guidelines. They favor having their own private space. This doesn’t imply that they have no regard for you. They have a hard time expressing their feelings, which makes them awkward in romantic settings.