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5 Zodiac Signs that Make Worst Enemies

5 Zodiac Signs that Make Worst Enemies

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Some people are born to love, some are born to lead, and some are born to make others laugh. But, what if we tell you that some people are born to create troubles in other people’s lives? Well, these are the kinds of zodiac signs that make the worst enemies. You too must have crossed paths with such aggressive and dominating people, but you might not have known better to keep out of their bad books. If you’re now the smart one and want to know which zodiac sign makes the worst enemies, then this guide has all the answers.

  1. Taurus

Fierce, feisty, and strong, a Taurus born person is someone you do not want to challenge – even if they’re your friends. This zodiac sign comes with the rage and destructive power of a bull. Some of the reasons that the Taurus zodiac sign makes the worst enemies are as follows.

  1. Some people at least accept that they don’t like you. A Taurus won’t. These are the worst kind of enemies since they strike from the dark. They’ll grab on to every chance to bring misery to you and the worst thing is that you won’t even know it was them.
  2. Taurus zodiac sign does not vent out all the anger at once. They will keep it in their hearts. They will even greet you with a smile. And the minute you’ll think that things are getting better, they’ll erupt like a volcano and you won’t even know why.
  1. Scorpio

Scorpios are pretty revengeful. If you made fun of them 10 years ago, they’ll still bear it in their hearts and find out every opportunity to vent out their anger at you.

The bottom line is that a Scorpio never forgets. If you’ve done a favour to them, they’ll take it to their graves and if you’ve ever, even unintentionally, hurt them, they’ll take the animosity to their graves too.

The reasons that the Scorpio zodiac sign makes the worst enemies are as follows.

  1. They don’t forgive. So, no matter how much you apologize, if they hate you, they’ll continue hating you.
  2. A Scorpio will snatch every opportunity that’s coming your way to hurt you emotionally.
  3. They’ll try to get your friends to dislike you. And trust us, they’re very manipulative. The smooth talkers that they are, might actually sway people away from you.
  1. Cancer

Cancer borns are quite entertaining. But they’re not fun to be with or be around if they dislike you. They’re the kinds you won’t know what to do with.

Remember, a cancer zodiac sign makes the worst enemies for reasons that are really concerning.

  1. First, if you confront them, they might even apologize, but the minute you turn your back on them, they’ll start bitching about you.
  2. Second, they’ll try to tarnish your image in front of your friends and even colleagues.
  3. Last, they are unpredictable and that’s the kind you don’t want to be around.

So, if you do know that you’ve upset cancer, watch out for your back.

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  1. Leo

They are mighty courageous so they don’t really mind channelising their entire energy towards destroying their enemies. If you’re that enemy, a lot is about to come in your way. The one reason that the Leo zodiac sign makes the worst enemies is its headstrong nature. If they have a perception of you, it won’t ever change.

Some things that you should know about Leos are as follows.

  1. If they’re in a battle of words with you, they will not care about your feelings. The extent to which they can take a fight might shock the life out of you. So, avoid getting in direct confrontation with Leo.
  2. They are very cruel. Of course, they won’t harm you physically, but the kind of drama that they’ll bring into your life will leave you drained.
  3. The biggest problem with Leos is that they don’t care what good you did to them in the past. In short, they carry a grudge closer to their heart than kindness.
  1. Sagittarius

They look harmless on the face, but the kind of damage they can do to your reputation is unthinkable. Besides, it’s just too stressful to be around them if they’ve got a dislike for you.

Here’s why a Sagittarius zodiac sign makes the worst enemies.

  1. They’ll pick on you constantly until the time you explode. And when you will, they will just turn around and walk away as nothing happened. In short, they like to play with the emotions of their enemies.
  2. Their main purpose is to leave you deprived of happiness. So, they’ll bitch about you and spread rumours.
  3. They’re an emotional mess themselves. This is why it’s not possible for them to relate to the kind of mess they leave you in. And to be honest, they don’t really care. They’ll be more than happy to see you crying and alone.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which zodiac sign is the most revengeful?

Scorpio is the most revengeful zodiac sign and they do not believe in making peace with their enemies, ever.

2. Which zodiac signs are backstabbers?

Leo and Sagittarius are the two zodiac signs that are most likely to backstab a friend if they feel hurt in any way.

3. Which zodiac sign fights the most?

Cancer zodiac sign fights the most. They can be very cruel and rude when they’re angry.

4. What signs do cancer hate?

Aries, Capricorn, and Aquarius are the born enemies of cancer. They don’t match on energy level and their ideas don’t match either.

5. Which zodiac sign is manipulative?

The Scorpio zodiac sign is so manipulative that they can turn your friends into your foes.

6. Which zodiac sign holds a grudge?

The Leo zodiac sign makes the worst enemies since Leo holds a lot of grudge in heart. Staying out of their radar is, thus, the best thing to do.

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