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Akshay Kumar Horoscope Analysis | Janma Kundali, Zodiac Sign

Akshay Kumar Horoscope Analysis | Janma Kundali, Zodiac Sign

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Akshay Kumar Horoscope

Horoscope Chart 

Akshay Kumar Horoscope

Planetary Combinations

Akshay Kumar’s ascendant is Scorpio. Mars, the Lord of Scorpio, is seen in his horoscope. A strong Mars in the kundli is considered lucky. Clearly adding significantly to Akshay’s personality by infusing him with vitality, which no one can deny in the case of Mr. Khiladi. Rochak Yoga is a Panch Mahapurush Yoga created by Mars’s placement.

The placement of Mars in its own sign in Scorpio Ascendant is the centrepiece of his Kundli. Mars’ position as the planet’s commander in chief makes him interested in physical pursuits, as evidenced by the fact that he has received training in martial arts. The Sun in its own sign in the eleventh house is also auspicious.

In addition, Akshay Kumar’s birth chart contains a plethora of other favourable pairings. Exalted Jupiter, which bestows wisdom to the native, is one of Jupiter’s best locations, being in the sign of Cancer. The local is blessed with a good name, fame, and respect because the sun is in his own sign, Leo.

Exalted Mercury in its own sign, Virgo, makes a person an expert in a variety of fields. The self-made guy has risen to the top alone through the perseverance of his hard work and mastery of various aspects of life.

He worked as a chef and waiter after studying martial arts in Bangkok. As the planet Mercury is associated with communication, Akshay Kumar is a powerful orator.

Astrological Highlights

When we talk about the changes in his life, we may notice a lot of things and explore a lot of different combinations. Similarly, Saturn (representing profession) is trine to Mars and Jupiter, implying that these planets had/have complete power over his vocation.

Saturn + Mars represents his martial arts instruction and the fact that he had to overcome obstacles early in his career. Jupiter blessed him with knowledge in all of his endeavours, even before he entered the film industry.

Rahu’s position in Aries, which represents the camera, media, and film industry, makes him alluring to the industry. He ended up with a career in the same field as the main cause.

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