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Aquarius Woman: Know the Aquarius Woman Traits and her Conflicting Personalities

Aquarius Woman: Know the Aquarius Woman Traits and her Conflicting Personalities

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Aquarians can be the most clear-headed people who will ever meet. But how weird would it be if we say that Aquarius women contradict this theory?

Even if it’s just too much to believe, it’s the truth. Aquarius women do not behave the exact same way as Aquarius born men do.

Hence, this guide that’ll help you figure out a bit about the personality of these women that’ll make you fall in love with them despite some imperfections.


  1. Aquarius Women can Be Unpredictable

This one thing that makes them different is also the one thing that can make people run to the mountains. Aquarius ladies, hands down, are the puzzles that astrology adores the most.

The things that keep them driven can drive them crazy the very next minute. So, if you’re not an adventure lover, you might not like the company of these women. But here’s the catch:

  • You might not like them but you’ll notice them.
  • Once you notice them you’ll find an uncapped desire to explore a bit more about them.
  • Once you start exploring them, the dimensions of their personality will keep you hooked.

And even before you know, you’ll already be in love with them.


  1. Aquarius Women Know No Bounds

These ladies are the deities you’ll worship once you realize how goofy they can be. In fact, they can be anything but boring.

  • They are dollops of energy that’ll leave you in splits.
  • They are magnets that attract positive people.
  • They are so imaginative that they have a million stories waiting to be told.

Want to touch the realms of the unknown? Well, then, befriending Aquarius women might just do the trick for you.


  1. Aquarius Women Have the Heart of a Lion

Meet one and you’ll know what exactly we are talking about.

Yes, they are unpredictable. Yes, they’re impulsive. But, the one thing that Aquarius women are not are cowards.

  • If you’re their friend, they’ll defend you until they win or die in the act of protecting you.
  • They have a strong opinion whenever it comes to the welfare of others. And you can’t overhear what they have to say.


  1. Aquarius Women Will See Right Through Your Soul

Emotional? Yes. Emotional fools? No. They’ll give you tons of liberties but the second you backstab them, they’ll just know. And they are the kind of people you do not want to cheat on because they aren’t very nice when angered.


  1. Aquarius Women are Seductive

Quite the temptresses, Aquarius women aren’t to be played with. The most desired yet the most uncommon, they stir passion like no one else can.

  • They have the most beautiful eyes that’ll leave you gasping for words.
  • They’re exceptional lovers.
  • They’re ice-breakers.
  • They will always know how to rekindle the romance.


  1. They’re Jubilant as Long as They Do Not Feel Insulted

Do Aquarius Women have a big ego? Not really. But, here’s the thing – they are very touchy and can be easily offended. This is why you should be mindful of their feelings. If insulted, Aquarius women might forget, but they’ll never forgive.

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  1. Aquarius Women are Great Thinkers

Ever wondered why so many creatives are Aquarians? Now you know why – creativity runs in their blood. Give them an idea and you’ll see the realms they can open. These women have a futuristic vision that always gives them an edge.


  1. Aquarius Women have the Soul of a Rebel

You can’t contain their energy in a box. You can’t cap their opinions.

What’s more?

  • You cannot write them off.
  • They can’t be forced to do something they don’t want to do.
  • If they have been assigned a task, they’ll do it only as long as it keeps them interested.

Do not expect to tame the fire in these women since they are free souls – they come as they want, they stay if they want, they go when they want, they do what they like. Though, from a certain point of view, this makes Aquarius women a lot less trustworthy than they actually are.

In all earnestly, approach them with caution and be with them only if you’re someone who can give them enough space. That’s the only way you’ll be able to experience what it feels like to be loved and adored by an Aquarian.


  • Aquarius women are extremely intuitive.
  • They can be generous beyond words.
  • They have a faltering ego. They can’t stay mad at you if they love you.
  • They do not handle insults very well.
  • They can be too blunt at times.
  • At times, they seem to be too detached.
  • They are, in every way, passionate and loyal lovers but if they feel they’re being pushed against their will, they will leave and never look back.
  • It’s hard for them to let go of people but when they do, there’s no way that they’ll ever take you back in their life.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What makes Aquarius women so attractive?

Apart from their eyes and feminine body language, they are also very kind.

2. Who is the ideal match for Aquarius women?

The fire signs Sagittarius can match the energy of Aquarius women. They also enjoy the company of Gemini and Libra.

3. Are Aquarius women flirtatious?

They aren’t obvious but they are pros at accidental flirting. It makes them more desirable.

4. Are Aquarius women dumb?

They aren’t obvious but they are pros at accidental flirting. It makes them more desirable.

5. Why do Aquarius women ignore people?

They’re constantly looking forward to the next conversation or the next adventure. If they find you boring, they will ignore you.