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Capricorn Woman: Decoding her Interesting Traits and exploring the Best Match for a Capricorn Woman

Capricorn Woman: Decoding her Interesting Traits and exploring the Best Match for a Capricorn Woman

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Every woman has a charm of her own. But some are born with a rare poise of elegance. If you find such a loner that stands out from the crowd, reserved in herself, the chances are pretty high that you’ve just seen the shadow of a Capricorn woman. A Capricorn woman might look sorted on the outside, but inside her is a brewing storm of so many emotions that you’ll be left mesmerized. If you want to really understand Capricorn woman traits, then we’re betting that you’ll find this guide very entertaining. Let’s dive headfirst and explore the personality of these charming ladies layer by layer.

Capricorn Ladies at a Glance

The Ruling Planet of the Capricorn zodiac sign is Saturn. It gives Capricorn women an air of secrecy and command.

  1. They give out the feeling of being reserved and shy.
  2. They love with all their heart and they hate with all their might.
  3. They’re strong yet tender.
  4. They’re driven, motivated, and focused.

That said, let’s now walk you through the many layers of the personality of Capricorn women in detail.

5 Capricorn Woman Traits that Define her Personality

Physical Features of a Capricorn Woman

The first thing that you’ll notice about a Capricorn woman is her feminine figure. These ladies don’t have to try very hard to keep in shape – they’re born with good looks. They’re greatly admired by the opposite sex. Some of the classic features that make these women all the more dreamy are:

  1. Glassy eyes.
  2. Slender and toned body.
  3. Flawless skin.

Basic Nature of a Capricorn Woman

When you meet her first you might not really like her. That’s because Capricorn ladies live in their own head until they can warm up to a person. You might feel they’re aloof. But that’s just a cover-up. Wondering what’s more to their basic nature? Well, we have the answers. Hold on tight.

  1. Approach Their Territory With Caution They won’t like you if you try to use them. If they don’t like you or if they feel threatened, they can be very mean.
  2. Do not Mistake their Tolerance for Dumbness They might not say much but always bear in mind that they’re watching every move of yours. They’re tolerant only when they feel you have the potential of being a true friend. If they feel you mean harm, they will turn their back on you and walk away without giving you an explanation.
  3. Don’t Try to clip their wings You just can’t contain them in a cage. They are born with a free spirit and the rage of Saturn. They won’t mind making your life hell if you try to make their life hell in any way.

Kindness and Compassion of a Capricorn Woman

These ladies are born with a heart of wax. A little fire of compassion will melt them and they’ll go above and beyond their way to support people in need. One of the best Capricorn woman traits is that these women wear their hearts on their sleeves.

  1. They’re courageous. They won’t mind protecting what they love.
  2. They’re emphatic. They can feel the pain that others are going through. That’s why they are gallant enough to protect even strangers in need.

Don’t ever be surprised if you find a Capricorn woman in the middle of an argument, trying to stick up for the weak. Helping the weak ones runs in her body like blood.

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Ambition and Career Goals of a Capricorn Woman

Make no mistake, they are wonderful homemakers and family-oriented. But you can’t take away their career from them. A Capricorn woman will never give away something she has worked hard for and that includes her career, her wealth, her status, and her name.

They are dignified women who do not count on others to support them financially. So, they build a wealthy wall of security around them. The bottom line is, they don’t sit and wait around for a man to secure them financially. They’re self-made women.

Relationships of a Capricorn Woman

Capricorns are charmers to the core, but you can’t play with their feelings and think it’s going to actually end well – One of the best Capricorn woman quotes that sum up these ladies in just a few words.

We don’t think we need to say a lot more about Capricorn women when it comes to relationships.

  1. You have to earn their trust. And it’s not very simple.
  2. You might be in their life for years as their lover, but it doesn’t mean they’re not observing you.
  3. They require loyalty. It’s the basic need that they have. If you’re not loyal to them, they will leave you without a second thought.

They speak less and listen more and that’s one of the strengths of a Capricorn woman. They might have many failed relationships with boyfriends, but they will rarely have an unsuccessful marriage.

  1. They don’t take important decisions like getting married on impulse.
  2. If you’re their family, they will love you and forgive you no matter what.
  3. They share a very close bond with their siblings.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How is a Capricorn woman in bed?

A Capricorn woman can be good in bed but with certain conditions. First, never make fun of them. Second, they’re bold, so let them experiment. And last, don’t be selfish in bed.

2. Which zodiac sign does a Capricorn woman desire the most?

A Capricorn woman is largely attracted to men that belong to the Taurus zodiac sign. Taurus men can handle the need for respect that’s a necessity for a Capricorn woman in bed and life in general.

3. What is a Capricorn woman attracted to the most in men?

A Capricorn woman is an Earth sign. She’s sexually very active. So, she needs a man who takes interest in her beyond just care. She needs a man who lusts for her.

4. What are Capricorn woman traits that define her?

Ambition and organization are the two personality traits of Capricorn women. They are career-oriented and they take a properly organized approach to solve a problem, every problem.

5. Can a Capricorn woman fall in love easily?

No. A Capricorn woman is very observant and she won’t let emotions take over critical decisions. She’s not someone who falls in and out of love again and again.