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Constructing a House? Know These Basic Principles of Vastu Shastra for Best Results

Constructing a House? Know These Basic Principles of Vastu Shastra for Best Results

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Everyone desires a dream home, complete with a lovely garden at the entrance, a large inviting entrance, big rooms, a dining room, and a well-equipped kitchen! Isn’t that right? And in order to make our fantasies a reality, we spend a lot of money looking for the perfect property. And what if you have your home built with poor Vastu? All of your hopes for a happy and fulfilled life will be dashed. You will be tormented by complaints and poor health. As a result, before laying the foundation for a new house, it is best to consult with a Vastu expert.

Here are the basic principles of Vastu Shastra for house construction:-

• The presence of roadways on the northern or eastern side of the house improves the health and progress of the people. Residents of a house with a road on three sides endure stress and challenges linked with tension.

• When digging the foundation, start in the east and work your way north, then west, and lastly southwest.

• Plot at the end of the road is inauspicious for its occupants.

• The main door should be located in the home’s east, northern, and north-eastern corners. A house with the main entrance on the southwest side has less peace and a more tense atmosphere.

• People who live in a house with a large main door are more likely to be involved in shady events and will also suffer from health problems.

• There should be no doors in the southwest corners or on the southwest side of the home. The doors should be oriented north or east. Doors should be opened from the inside rather than the outside. When the door opens from the inside, it indicates the arrival of great forces and positive energy. The good energy, on the other hand, would be hurt by the door opening outside; in fact, it would be driven away.

• Because they produce a peaceful mood, the walls of the home should be painted in quiet, pleasant colours. The vivid yellow, red, or orange tones of the walls are not conducive for residents.

• All water-related supplies or appliances should be kept in the northeast corner of the house. This leads to prosperity.

• A well or tube well should never be installed in the southeast corner of the house. A well or tube well in the centre of the house brings good fortune.

• The presence of Tulsi, Banana, Champa, Ashoka, and Aawla plants outside the home makes the people happy.