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Best Girlfriend Zodiac Sign Ranked in order | Also Know the Most Toxic zodiac sign of the List

Best Girlfriend Zodiac Sign Ranked in order | Also Know the Most Toxic zodiac sign of the List

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We all seek a life companion at some point in our lives. It will take some time for us to figure out who would be a good friend for you.

Nowadays, finding a soul mate is difficult. However, if you have a basic understanding of a person’s personality features, you can ensure that everything goes smoothly in the dating game.

A person’s zodiac sign does not totally define them. It does, however, give you a strong and subtle suggestion about a person.

In this article, we would be covering the best girlfriend zodiac sign by ranking girlfriends from best to most toxic zodiac sign. So let’s dive in

Best Girlfriend zodiac signRank 1:  Sagittarius:  

As a girlfriend, Sagittarius may be their own worst adversary and harshest critic, but they will never put you down as they do to themselves. They encourage others and assist you in realizing your best potential. They are selfless and always put others before themselves. This frequently leads to them ignoring their own feelings and needs, which can lead to interpersonal problems. They place a high value on trust, and if you earn their trust, you can count on their devotion indefinitely. They love passionately and will give you their entire heart if you find yourself in the centre of their affection. Sagittarius is fiercely guarded, yet once you’ve through their defences, you’ll have a piece of their heart for life. All these traits keep them at position 1 on the list for the best girlfriend zodiac sign.

Best Girlfriend zodiac sign: Rank 2: Pisces

They appear to be really bashful at first. They’ll try to push you away at first, but you’ll find it fascinating. You’ll notice that the finest people are a touch cautious after they let you in. They are the sign you can trust the most out of all the others. They will be your number one support system and will always be in your corner as a girlfriend. Pisces are excellent people readers, and they’ll pay great attention to your body language. They have a way of getting to know people not just by what they say, but also by what they don’t say. They pick up on vibes and can tell when you’re off, even if you’re amazing at faking it. They’ll notice and will do anything they can to help you. Pisces is the most sensitive of all the zodiac signs, which means they’ll never come across as nasty or intending to harm you. If they make a mistake, they will be the first to apologize and put things right. They don’t quarrel much in their relationships since they don’t believe in fighting.  All these traits keep them at position 2 on the list for the best girlfriend zodiac sign.

Best Girlfriend zodiac sign: Rank 3: Capricorn

They are perfectionists by nature. As a result, when it comes to relationships, they will always try their hardest and give everything they have. In a relationship, Capricorns will always be the dominating sign. They will always protect you and have your back against anybody and anything if they have to in a relationship. The individuals they care about are the ones who matter the most to them. Capricorns are a little more difficult to read since they are skilled at masking their emotions. Their strength is wonderful, but they will occasionally need someone to rely on. They have a fiercely guarded heart, so consider yourself quite lucky if you can win it over. All these traits keep them at position 3 on the list for the best girlfriend zodiac sign.


Best Girlfriend zodiac sign:  Rank 4: Libra

Libras are the most compassionate of all the zodiac signs. They strive to avoid confrontation in their relationships, yet delaying talking about difficulties just makes them worse when they do arise. They try to be optimistic and happy all of the time, but when someone hurts them, they feel it intensely. They are the giver in a relationship, yet they never prioritize their own needs. As a result, they will never ask you for anything they desire. One of the most common signals, they’ll always be social in a relationship, including you in everything. It’s up to you to make sure their limelight doesn’t make you feel inferior. Libras’ relationships terminate due to envy that they don’t understand because their charismatic character comes naturally to them. As their companion, you must keep them on a tight leash and avoid being envious. Their shortcomings include a short fuse that flares up only occasionally, but when it does, it’s unpleasant and they say things they later regret. All these traits keep them at position 4 on the list for the best girlfriend zodiac sign.

Best Girlfriend zodiac sign:  Rank 5: Gemini

Geminis have two distinct personalities. They are half of the time amusing and outgoing. The other half of the time, they’re gloomy and pessimistic. They constantly try to hide the side of them that they don’t like in a relationship, but you’ll have to learn to accept and appreciate it even if they can’t. With that said, they will accept every aspect of your personality. While Geminis are in the top five, it is because of their loyalty and the faith they place in others. However, if you cross them, they will cut you off without hesitation. Second chances are few and far between for them. They are done with someone once they see their true colours. They are passionate in their love and even more so in their grief. When they are down, though, they will never show you. All these traits keep them at position 5 on the list for the best girlfriend zodiac sign.

Best Girlfriend zodiac sign:  Rank 6: Aquarius

Number 6 on the list. They aren’t the best girlfriends of all time, but they aren’t the worst either. They’re frequently the strangest of all the signs. Strangeness, on the other hand, isn’t always a bad thing. They avoid partnerships because they require their independence, but if you can persuade one to commit to you, you will have a lifetime of loyalty. One of their better characteristics is that they see your shortcomings as something to admire. They, on the other hand, regard their own as something to despise. The most difficult aspect of dating an Aquarius is teaching them to love themselves. They may love you with all of their hearts, but they will never be able to pour that love into themselves. You’ll notice their insecurities early on, but if you can love them as they learn to love themselves, you’ll have a solid relationship. They overthink more than any other sign, so you’ll have to listen to the scenarios they concoct, which can be aggravating as a dater. Patience is the key to their success. All these traits keep them at position 6 on the list for the best girlfriend zodiac sign.

Best Girlfriend zodiac sign:  Rank 7: Leo

Leos are hopeless romantics who have unrealistic expectations at times. They’ll go to any length for the person they love, yet they’re drawn to people who don’t meet them halfway. Giving everything they have to someone who doesn’t have them frustrated and is what leads to the most disagreements in Leo partnerships. While having high aspirations is a good thing. They become injured because of unrealistic expectations. They have a nagging habit of picking the wrong people and gravitating towards a particular type, and no matter how much they are wounded, they refuse to change. When it comes to love, they never listen to their friends’ counsel and continue to circle in circles. It’s not that they’re awful girlfriends; it’s just that they pick the wrong people who won’t commit. All these traits keep them at position 7on the list for the best girlfriend zodiac sign.

Best Girlfriend zodiac sign:  Rank 8: Cancer

While Cancers have a golden heart, putting it on their sleeves as much as they do has only resulted in their being damaged. They’re not awful girlfriends; in fact, if they didn’t push people away so much, they’d be one of the greatest. Relationships are difficult for them since they don’t trust anyone but themselves. They both want to love and fear to love, and they frequently get in the way of what could be a healthy relationship. They frequently second-guess themselves and have difficulty making judgments. Even if they seem as if they don’t care and come across as harsh, the truth is that they do. All these traits keep them at position 8 on the list for the best girlfriend zodiac sign.

Best Girlfriend zodiac sign:  Rank 9: Taurus

Taurus is the most difficult sign to date out of all the zodiac signs. They don’t want to be a part of it. And it’s not because they enjoy leading people on or stringing them along. They simply live their own lives and are content with them. They break hearts the most of any sign. They do everything at their own pace; if you put pressure on them, they will flee; they have a cold heart; once a relationship has ended, it is always their call; you will never get a second opportunity. They don’t believe in games or going around in circles with other individuals. Why should they play games if they are the ones who make the rules? They are extremely independent, so consider yourself a rare breed if you can get their heart. All these traits keep them at position 9 on the list for the best girlfriend zodiac sign.

Best Girlfriend zodiac sign:  Rank 10: Aries  

Aries is a sign that jumps right into things in a relationship. For someone they’re dating, that can be a little daunting. They enjoy taking command of any and all circumstances, which can be difficult for many men at times. Their strong personality may have drawn someone to them, but it can also be a turnoff if it is overbearing. They require someone who is diametrically opposed to them. In a partnership, Aries would always be the dominant one making the decisions, so you’d have to be alright with that. They have a harsh appearance and a nasty temper, but once you get to know them, you’ll notice how sensitive they are. They have a chilly demeanour and a caustic tongue. So, not only will you lose in a fight, but they will almost certainly say something hurtful. All these traits keep them at position 10 on the list for the best girlfriend zodiac sign.

Best Girlfriend zodiac sign:  Rank 11: Virgo  

The Virgo is the most critical of all the zodiac signs. This makes relationships difficult since they never believe they are good enough for the person they like. They are severely insecure and envious, resulting in many broken partnerships. They are perfectionists, so when they fail at something, they will break down and blame themselves. It’s difficult to witness someone you care about self-destructing in that way. More than that, it’s exhausting to try to persuade a Virgo lady to view herself through your eyes when she responds with negativity to everything you say. Not only are they critical of themselves, but they will occasionally lash out at you and pick you apart. It’s difficult to be with someone who doesn’t love themselves but also makes you feel as if they don’t love you. All these traits keep them at the second last position on the list for the best girlfriend zodiac sign.

Best Girlfriend zodiac sign:  Rank 12: Scorpion :

They are arguably the most toxic zodiac sign. The Scorpio woman is the most terrifying of all the zodiac signs. They’re a bunch of jerks who run shit and have complete control over any and all relationships they’re a part of. They come across as cruel and cold. They’re also brutally honest, so if you want to be in a relationship with them, you’ll need thick skin since they’ll tell you everything straight out. They aren’t cruel. They are forthright and do not hide anything. When it comes to crossing them, they are vicious. If you make one mistake, you’re dead to them. They have high expectations for their relationships, which can make a partner feel like they’re walking on eggshells at times. They are sometimes referred to as the storm of the zodiacs because there is no way to forecast them. You can either be on their side and stay safe, or you can be entirely destroyed if you go in their way.  All these traits keep them as the most toxic zodiac sign.