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Bhakoot Dosha- What does it mean in Marriage |  Are there any Remedies for Bhakoot Dosha Cancellation?

Bhakoot Dosha- What does it mean in Marriage | Are there any Remedies for Bhakoot Dosha Cancellation?

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Talking in terms of astrology, Bhakoot is known as the moon sign. It isn’t a dosha in itself. Bhakoot is actually one of 8 categories (ashta koota) in guna milan (there are a total of 36 gunas).

It is given 7 points in total and it represents the Lagna. One of the things about bhakoot koota is that it sets the benchmark of emotional connection between the couple. When the kundalis of the bride and groom form inauspicious combinations (6-8, 9-5, 12-2), it is then that the couple is known to be suffering from bhakoot dosha.

The next obvious question that might have even hit you by now is, what are these inauspicious combinations and how are they even formed? If yes, then we have the answers – here’s how the calculations are made.

  1. There are a total of 12 zodiac signs.
  2. Every zodiac has its own moon sign.
  3. Your moon sign is the one that you had at the time of your birth.
  4. For example – If Aries is your zodiac, then your bhakoot is also Aries.

Now, just to simplify things, count the place of the moon sign from Leo to Aries (not Aries to Leo). Leo will be termed as number 5 here since it is the ruler of the 5th House. So, if you start counting from Leo to Aries you will find that Aries is 9 places away from Leo. Hence, the combination is 9-5. That’s how the position of moon sign in the kundali of a boy to the kundali of a girl (and vice versa) is calculated.

Astrologers use this very technique for bhakoot Milan. Whenever the combination comes out to be either of the 3 unlucky combinations we have mentioned (6-8, 9-5, and 12-2), the bride and groom have bhakoot dosha.

We are hoping that, by far, you have understood the moon sign calculations. Assuming that you have, we would now like to tell you what are the results of a marriage between a couple that has bhakoot dosha.  Kindly note we would be covering remedies for Bhakoot Dosha Cancellation at the end.

What Happens if Two People With Bhakoot Dosha are Married?

There is a reason that kundali matching is given so much importance in Hindu marriages. It is a way to read the future of the marriage – whether it will be successful or not. One of the doshas that are a danger to the sanctity of a wedding is bhakoot dosha and here’s how it eats up a marriage.

The Couple will Face Financial Troubles

Whilst all bhakoot dosha couples face money problems, the financial instability is particularly very disturbing for the 12-2 combination.

  1. These couples gradually lose all their money and property collections.
  2. They end up getting huge loans and debts.
  3. They suffer from huge losses in business.

And the worst thing about bhakoot dosha is that it takes place very slowly. So, by the time the results start appearing, quite a significant bit of damage is already done.

The Couple will Never See Eye to Eye

It’s normal for couples to fight once in a while. Arguments are normal too. But the problems start when it gets impossible to be in the presence of your partner without arguing. This is exactly what happens to bhakoot dosha couples (especially, the 6-8 combination). The results of such frequent arguments aren’t pleasant either.

  1. It gets difficult to understand each other.
  2. Miscommunication leads to a complete halt in communication.
  3. There’s a detachment that can also lead to extramarital affairs.

What’s the result – either violence or aggression or depression or divorce.

The Couple Might not be Able to Bear Children

As harsh as it is, bhakoot dosha affects the progeny. It is either the man that cannot bear children or the woman can’t conceive. But surprisingly, many times it’s found that such couples, individually, have no problem with their reproductive healths. Such couples either end up losing the hope of ever having a child or they end up blaming each other for the misfortune.

The worst is yet not over – if bhakoot dosha is accompanied by any other serious dosha like mangal dosha or rahu mahadasha, one of the partners can also die.

Scary, isn’t it? Indeed, it is. But there are remedies to reduce the effects of bhakoot dosha. Even if it will continue to show its effects for a while, the bhakoot dosha remedies that we have listed below will make things much smoother with time.

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List of Bhakoot Dosha Remedies 

Havan and Pooja that Can Help

Ask any astrologer and they will tell you that bhakoot dosha cannot be completely removed. But the good thing about some remedies is that they make the dosha so weak that it stops affecting the peace of the married life altogether. Here’s what you should do.

  1. Chant maha mrityunjaya jaap and soon after that perform a shanti pooja in the house. Holding this puja every month will reduce the effect of bhakoot dosha to a large extent.
  2.  Worship Lakshmi Ganesha every day so that the two can bless you with peace and prosperity.

Gemstones Help Too

There are a total of 9 precious gemstones that are known as navratnas. These gemstones, according to astrology, are very strong and they can remedy a lot of problems related to anger and aggression in marriages. So, wearing one that’s most suitable for your zodiac sign can really help in reducing the Ill-effects of bhakoot dosha.

Astrological Advice is a Must

Remember, bhakoot dosha causes specific kinds of problems between couples and such specifics can only be understood when the birth charts are read. Which is why there’s nobody better than an astrologer who can actually offer long-term suggestions to maintain peace in your marriage forever.

So, if we have to answer the question whether or not bhakoot dosha can be removed in one single sentence, then, we’d say that it cannot be canceled or completely removed, but it can be reduced significantly.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Bhakoot Dosha?

Bhakoot means moon sign. It is one of the ashtakootas in Kundli Milan. When the kundli of the bride and groom have unlucky combinations of 6-8, 9-5, or 12-2, the natives are known to have Bhakoot Dosha.

2. What are the effects of Bhakoot Dosha?

It can lead to divorce. Also, the couples with Bhakoot Dosha face problems in having children. Financial troubles is another effect.

3. What are the most effective Bhakoot Dosha remedies?

Perform a shanti pooja at home every month. Chant maha mrityunjaya jaap at the end of the puja. You can also worship Lakshmi Ganesha.

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