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A Complete Guide on Capricorn Ascendant, Capricorn Rising | Know Everything About a Capricorn Ascendant, Capricorn Rising Traits

A Complete Guide on Capricorn Ascendant, Capricorn Rising | Know Everything About a Capricorn Ascendant, Capricorn Rising Traits

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There is a major difference between the Capricorn ascendant and Capricorn zodiac. If you ask about their zodiac sign, they may respond, ‘Capricorn.’ However, their zodiac sign is Capricorn because they were born on or between 21st December to 20th January. It’s not necessarily their zodiac sign.

If you’re interested in exploring the traits of Capricorn ascendants and understand the difference between Capricorn ascendant sign and the Capricorn zodiac sign, keep reading this guide. We’ve gathered all the information regarding Capricorn ascendant traits and a lot more. 

Capricorn Rising Meaning: What it means to be a Capricorn Ascendant?

It’s natural to get confused between the zodiac sign and the ascendant sign, but let’s get this straight: A Capricorn ascendant, or any ascendant sign in general, means that the Capricorn zodiac was rising on the eastern horizon while you took birth. 

Precisely, Capricorn was in your 1st house at the time of your birth. Capricorn ascendants are also called Capricorn risings.

An ascendant sign is an essential sign in a person’s birth chart. Based on your ascendant sign, you can find out personality traits and how others look at you or perceive you. 

Now that you are aware of what a Capricorn ascendant means, let’s take you through the garden of 5 Capricorn ascendant traits. 

5 Capricorn Ascendant Traits You Should Know 

Capricorn ascendant sign is ruled by Saturn. There are many traits that this planet bestows the natives with. 

Capricorn Ascendant Physical Appearance – Are Capricorn Ascendants Attractive? 

Capricorn ascendant physical appearance is well-put-together and tidy. They have a bony and slim body structure. Their gait has some easiness and their height may be short or average. The chiseled features of Capricorn ascendants make them look attractive. 

The natives of this particular ascendant sign have bushy brows and bigger teeth. They’re not exactly concerned about the way they look. Practicality runs in their veins. 

They look like scientists or scholars. Even if they are not a scientist or a scholar for real, they would give this vibe that nobody’s more intelligent than them. 

A capricorn ascendant woman is usually short with a large head. These ladies have a smaller body frame. Their glassy eyes look quite serious and focused.

A Capricorn ascendant man: Men who are Capricorn ascendants have a hairy chest. Expect them to have bigger teeth as compared to others. They may have bushy eyebrows and medium/average height. Just as the ladies, focused and serious eyes are their USP too.   

The best examples of the kind of tidiness we’re talking about can be understood by having a look at some famous Capricorn ascendant celebrities. 

Capricorn ascendant celebrities, female: Maggie Smith, Ava Gardner, Diane Keaton, Zooey Deschanel, Monica Bellucci, and Naomi Campbell. 

Capricorn ascendant celebrities, male: Jim Carrey and Kit Harington.

Capricorn ascendant Indian celebrities include the one and only Salman Khan. He started as an attractive lean young man. As years passed by, he worked out and built a hefty body. If you look closely, Salman Khan has serious and focused eyes. 

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Capricorn Rising Personality Characteristics 

Capricorn ascendant personality is attractive for many men and women. No wonder, Capricorn ascendants get a lot of attention from the opposite sex. 

  1. They’re Ambitious: You will get bowled over by the ambitious attitude and caring nature of Capricorn ascendants. These people are greater thinkers. So, they may have planned everything beforehand. A Capricorn ascendant does not want to live an ordinary life. These people want to be significant and bring a change in the world. For a Capricorn ascendant, duty is everything. So, if you’re dating a Capricorn ascendant, please, be mentally prepared because they might choose career over love. 
  2. They’re Loyal: A native of this particular ascendant sign does not believe in being dishonest or disloyal. Capricorn ascendants have the ability to chase and achieve their dreams. Since they are born leaders, you will see them working extremely hard and being loyal to the firm they are working for. Keeping their word is one of the most admirable traits of Capricorn ascendants. 
  3. They’re Responsible: Capricorn ascendants are very practical. Yet, they have a caring side too. Do not think of them as people who have a casual approach to life. They are already planning about their retirement and building a stable future. 
  4. They have a Good Sense of Humour: Capricorn ascendants have a very good sense of humor. They are witty too. Making others laugh happens to be their forte. 
  5. They’re Shrewd, Secretive, and Bad Listeners: As for the negative traits, Capricorn ascendants can be very shrewd and secretive. They do not like to listen to other people. If they ever come to you and say they want to communicate, be ready to have a war of words. 
  6. They’re Materialistic: Material pleasures attract Capricorn ascendants. Hence, they work very hard to earn power, status, and position. Self-esteem is everything for these people. 

Capricorn Rising Love Life: Who is a Capricorn Rising Attracted to? 

Capricorn risings are loyal partners. Family is their priority. But, at the same time, they also value their career. 

A Capricorn ascendant in love would be happy to make sacrifices. But these people are not very good at listening to others. Expect some rift between you and your Capricorn ascendant partner as these people get extremely insecure at times. 

Relationships and love are not exactly the strength of Capricorn ascendants. But once they get emotionally invested, they put their best foot forward to make things work. 

Capricorn Rising Compatibility & Marriage: Are Capricorn Risings Loyal? 

Capricorn risings are very loyal to their partner. Once they fall in love and are emotionally connected to their partners, there is no turning back. 

Marriage is about mutual respect and partnership. Capricorn ascendants demand respect and equality from their partners. So, never try to boss around since Capricorn ascendants do not tolerate disrespect. 

The most compatible capricorn ascendant sign(s) includes Cancer ascendants. A Cancer ascendant is emotional, sensitive, and caring. Since Capricorn ascendants lack sensitive qualities in their personality, a Cancer partner would fill that empty spot. 

A Capricorn ascendant gives a lot of importance to practicalities of life such as money, possessions, and power. They are not hopeless romantics so it may be difficult to get their undivided attention. 

When given love and care, a Capricorn ascendant will be loyal and deeply in love. 

Capricorn Ascendant Health: What Health Problems do Capricorn Rising have? 

Saturn is the ruling planet of the Capricorn ascendant sign. And Saturn is responsible for different parts of the body such as fingers, feet, hands, and joints. 

Capricorn ascendants with weak Saturn might go through knee issues. Besides that, there are psychological issues too. These people have a lot of internal anxiety which leads to many diseases. 

Health conditions such as digestive disorders, gastritis, and ulcers bother Capricorn ascendants the most. 

Bird’s Eye View of Capricorn Ascendants 

Planets and Their Relationship With Capricorn Ascendants 

Capricorn is ruled by the planet, Saturn. There are some favorable and unfavorable planets for Capricorn ascendants. 

  1. Friendly planets: Venus is the lord of the 10th and 5th houses. It becomes the Rajyoga karaka for Capricorn ascendants (Makar Lagna). Mercury rules the 9th and 6th houses. It has its mooltrikona in the 9th house. Mercury is, thus, the most auspicious planet for Capricorn ascendants. 
  2. Enemy planets: Mars is the lord of the 11th and 4th houses. It does not give good results. It has its mooltrikona in the 4th house which is favorable. But, the 11th house is not good. In fact, Saturn and Mars are enemies. Jupiter is also an enemy as it is the lord of the 12th and 3rd houses. Moon can also become a problem for Capricorn ascendants. 

Capricorn Rising jobs – Are Capricorn Ascendants successful? 

Capricorn ascendant career is always fruitful in the right fields. These people are highly ambitious and they chase their dreams and career goals with full force. The best Capricorn rising jobs would be roles that give these people power. They can become teachers, financial planners, professional organizers, and accountants. Any administrative job in the government will also be fruitful for Capricorn ascendants.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are Capricorn risings attractive?

Yes. Capricorn risings have stunning looks. They have a serious and strong gaze. They tend to be medium or average in height. That said, looks do not matter much to a Capricorn ascendant. These people are busy making money and chasing their dreams.

2. How does a Capricorn ascendant man look?

A Capricorn ascendant man has sharp and serious eyes. These men usually have medium to average height. They have a lot of chest hair and bushy eyebrows too.

3. Which is the most favorable planet for Capricorn ascendant?

Mercury and Venus are the most favorable planets for Capricorn ascendants.

4. Which is the most compatible sign for Capricorn ascendants?

A Cancer ascendant sign is the best choice for Capricorn ascendants.

5. Are Cancer ascendants and Capricorn ascendants soulmates?

Yes. Cancer ascendants are caring, loving, giving, and sensitive. All of these qualities are non-existent in a Capricorn ascendant. When these two meet, they fit perfectly.

6. What are the best jobs for a Capricorn ascendant?

Capricorn ascendants will have a flourishing career in any administrative job. These people can also become financial planners, accountants, teachers, and event organizers.

7. Are Capricorn ascendant women attractive?

Yes. Capricorn ascendant women are usually short and have slim figures. They have beautiful focused eyes.

8. How is a Capricorn ascendant in love?

Capricorn ascendants in love are loyal and loving. They make sacrifices for the happiness of their partners. However, they’re insecure too.

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