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Pisces woman: Know Her Fascinating Personality and what Makes Her so Desirable?

Pisces woman: Know Her Fascinating Personality and what Makes Her so Desirable?

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Complex in her own ways and living inside her own head! Welcome to the world of a Pisces woman. Whether she’s your wife, girlfriend, sibling, friend, or daughter, we’re sure that understanding her is not a cakewalk. Your urge to guard her against the world is not unreasonable. It’s important to guard and protect this old soul since she’s so pure that people might leave her emotionally exhausted.

We have swum deep inside the waters of her mysterious and complicated personality to help you understand her better. If you have a Pisces woman in your life and you don’t want to lose someone who has a heart of gold, then just indulge in this interesting read about Pisces woman traits that’ll leave you hypnotized.

A Pisces Woman at a Glance

A Pisces woman, ruled by Neptune, is not yours to understand if you get irritated easily. She’s not easy to contain and her energy can leave you baffled. Bubbling up with excitement one moment and feeling sad and lonely the very next moment is the true nature of these ladies.

The next time you see her flickering mood, just know that she can’t help it. She’s born to be unpredictable. What’s more?

  1. She’s emotional. Not OK emotional but over-the-board emotional.
  2. She’s extremely fascinated by her own imagination. Getting her to see the real world is a herculean task.
  3. She’s intuitive and you can’t take that away.

7 Pisces Woman Characteristics that Define Her Personality

A Pisces Woman Physical Features

She’s blessed with such femininity that you can’t help but admire her. Her long hair, big eyes, and slender body make her a magnet that attracts the opposite sex in no time. Anybody can fall for her. She’s a rare beauty, unlike any other woman.

A Pisces Woman is Emphatic

She doesn’t know how to say no. That’s the reason that she needs protection. She won’t be able to hold back from helping someone even if it means that she’ll bring harm to herself.

  1. The Precious One You won’t find someone as emphatic as a Pisces woman. She has this uncanny urge to protect people who can’t protect themselves.
  2. The Possessive One Not exactly territorial, but she can’t share love. She has an extreme urge to feel otherworldly love.
  3. The Helping One She often associates with animal care, especially, abused animals. Humans are no different either. Whether or not she can protect herself, but she’ll definitely defend you if you’re vulnerable.

A Pisces Woman is Complicated

She can be as difficult as entwined hair strands – pull too hard, she breaks. Pull too gently, she remains a mess. That’s the reason you should have insane patience if you’re trying to understand a Pisces woman.

Sometimes you’ll feel that she’s not the girl you signed up for. You saw a vulnerable and docile creature that was naive and submissive, but what you got is entirely different – adamant, unpredictable, and living in her own dreams.

Don’t let her outward facade fool you. She might be feeling threatened and trying to guard her feelings before pouring out her love. Just hang on with her for a while! The minute she trusts you, you’ll see realms that you never knew existed.

A Pisces Woman is an Emotional Mess

She is born to be sorted out. With every emotion under her wing, she’s a woman that can turn from happy to gloomy in a blink of an eye. She’ll leave you puzzled and sometimes, she can sound extremely naive, even stupid. When she’s sad, she doesn’t make sense. Her demands might not make sense to you, but they make sense to her.

She’s so pure that she’s actually nothing but a pile of emotions. Not at all practical and overly dreamy, she can be very hard to reason with.

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A Pisces Woman is a Born Romantic

A Pisces woman is not someone who’ll have many flings. She’s an old soul. Her love is nothing like the usual love. She’s so dreamy and so romantic that it feels like her life is a movie. She’s vulnerable when in love. Why? She’s someone who knows no bounds. She doesn’t know who’s the right fit for her and who’s not.

  1. Her personality often attracts tragic love.
  2. It’s either one-sided or something dangerous.
  3. She, more often than most, falls in love with dangerous men, men with anger issues, or men who require emotional repairing.

A Pisces Woman Often Lands in Trouble

One of the problematic Pisces woman traits is that problems find them. Really, that’s just as true as the sun rising from the East.

  1. She often finds herself in the middle of a heated argument since she’s a peacemaker.
  2. She ends up taking sides with the underdogs. That upsets powerful people around her.
  3. She falls in love with damaged souls. In the quest to fix them, she ends up damaging herself.

A Pisces Woman is Misunderstood as Lazy

Don’t think because you haven’t heard from me for a while that I went to sleep. I’m still here, like a spirit roaming the night. Thirsty, hungry, seldom stopping to rest – One of the best pieces woman quotes that sums up her personality.

People usually misunderstand that she’s lazy since she lives in her own dreams. But make no mistake, even when she’s lounging, something is going on in her head. She’s actually observing you when she’s quiet.

  1. A Pisces woman is very creative and artistic.
  2. She’s spiritual, not a fool.
  3. She isn’t materialistic, but she likes being financially secured.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the personality of a Pisces woman?

Pisces woman characteristics that define her personality are imaginative, artistic, intuitive, and creative.

2. What zodiac sign is a Pisces woman attracted to the most?

A Pisces woman is attracted to Taurus men and Cancer men. These men share intimacy with a Pisces woman that makes her sexually comfortable.

3. Is a Pisces woman physically attractive?

Yes, a lot. She’s extremely feminine with a slender frame and a sexy body. You can’t escape from her sparkling eyes that make her overly attractive.

4. How is a Pisces woman in bed?

If she’s comfortable, she’s very feisty and wild. She’ll take you places you never knew. Just don’t try to subdue or overpower her and let her be playful.