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Number 13 In Astrology: Does It Bring Good Luck?

Number 13 In Astrology: Does It Bring Good Luck?

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Every number in Astrology has a meaning of its own. It has its own language, its own frequency, and its own character. No matter how weird it might sound, but the numbers in Astrology can bring good luck as well as bad luck since each of these numbers have a star sign of their own and even a ruling planet of their own. One such number that’s most sought after is the number 13 in astrology

Some people consider that number 13 unlucky and some others consider 13 to be a sacred number and also the bearer of good omen.

If you too have been intrigued with the entire mystery that surrounds the number 13 in Astrology and its meaning, then you’ll particularly enjoy reading this guide – it will take you through the different ways in which this number is interpreted by astrologers. So, let’s begin without any further preamble.

What is the History behind Number 13 in Astrology?

In order to understand its significance, it’s important to learn a bit about its history. One of the most popular stories behind the beginning of the number 13 is related to guru Nanak Dev.

It is believed that guru Nanak ji was once disturbing food to the needy and poor. He donated the food to the first 12 people, but when the 13th person came forward, guru Nanak dev ji stopped.

According to the auld folks, Nanak ji started chanting ‘terah’ instead of offering food to the 13th person. And that’s how the number 13 started – it is now called ‘terah’ in the Hindu culture that means, yours. It was considered as a realisation that came upon Nanak Dev that everything belongs to god.

One of the most sacred lines that involve number 13 in Hindu prayers is, ‘terah’ tujkho arpan, kya laage mera (everything is yours. None of it belongs to me, you’ve given it to me and I’m offering it back).

Another popular Vedic story that’s related to number 13 goes like this – the ancient calendars that were made by the monks initially consisted of 12 moons in a year. When the 13th moon appeared, the monks had to make all their calculations again. That started the statement, that number 13 is unlucky.

And these are the two most historic stories that bring us to the most popular question – is number 13 in Astrology unlucky? Is it a bad omen? If you’ve been fascinated with the mystery behind number 13 in astrology too, then the guide below will intrigue you.

Meaning of Number 13 According to Angelic Readings

The angelic readings believe that number 13 is not unlucky. It instead means that stars and angels are watching over you.

  1. It means that the higher beings are insistent that you be blessed with positivity.

  2. It also means that your guardian angels are healing your problems and whatever else is trying to disrupt peace in your life.

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Meaning of Number 13 According to Tarot Card Reading

It is a myth that Number 13 is unlucky according to tarot readings. Yes, it’s true that this number in cards means Death, but it means the ‘Death of Sufferings’. And, in no way, the end of sufferings can mean a bad omen. Some other interesting elements about this number in tarot are as follows.

  1. It signifies new beginnings.

  2. It is associated with the unknown.

  3. It is associated with transformation. It doesn’t matter if it’s the transformation of death into new life.

So, the next time someone says that number 13 is the number of Death, don’t forget to correct them that it means the Death of Pain and Troubles.

Meaning of Number 13 in Astrology According to the Lunar Calendar

This is possibly one of the only stories about the dislike towards the number 13 – only dislike, not misfortune or bad luck. Here’s how everything started.

There are a total of 13 moons in the lunar calendar, like we already mentioned. Ancient people somehow connected it with the menstrual cycle. 13 moons multiplied by 28 days (one menstrual cycle) equals 364 days, that’s the number of days in a year in the lunar calendar.

In a nutshell, these are the few stories that are used to explain the meaning of number 13 in astrology. However, it cannot be ignored that this number is actually associated with many superstitions. It is necessary to give you a glimpse of those superstitions so that you can finally figure out for yourself whether or not number 13 is a sign of good omen.

2 Superstitions Associated with the Number 13

  1. If you see a black cat on a Friday that’s the 13th of the month, then bad luck and misfortune is on its way.

  2. It is believed that it was a Friday 13th when viruses were introduced in computers.

So, as an answer to all mysteries surrounding the number 13 in astrology and whether it’s a good omen or bad, the ultimate answer is that, number 13 is not an unlucky number. As the onset of new beginnings, it’s one of the numbers that’s known to bring good luck and an end to all unfortunate events.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the meaning of number 13 in astrology?

People think that number 13 in astrology brings harm. However, that’s not true. According to Angelic readings, number 13 indicates the end of all problems and worries.

2. Does the number 13 indicate death?

Yes, but there’s a catch. It indicates the death of sufferings and rebirth in a healthy body. It also means death of poverty and bad luck, not necessarily the death of a person.

3. Is number 13 bad omen?

No. Number 13 is considered to be an Angelic number. It’s not an indication of any omen. It’s actually an indication of a positive change.

4. Is number 13 unlucky?

Yes and No. There are many stories. In the Bible number 13 is considered to be unlucky. But, Maya civilization believed that 13 was an auspicious number. Also, 13 is considered to be very lucky in India.

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