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Face Reading:  A Detailed Insight into its Working

Face Reading: A Detailed Insight into its Working

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A small compliment can really make someone’s day. Maybe it is about your dress or a new haircut, a compliment is never going to be unnoticed and bring a smile to your face. We as humans have a benign nature of listening to others, rather than rely on one’s confidence and what we experience is what we believe. A big smile can make all the difference when starting your day, attuning you in sync with the positive energies of nature. 

It is believed that your face does reflect a lot about you and just like palm reading, face reading allows a strong revelation into one’s personality and future.

Definition of Face Reading

Considered to be a very ancient practice that can be traced back to the Yellow Emperor in Imperial China. Back in history, face reading in China was used as a tool to diagnose various illnesses in the human body. Masters of physiognomy or face reading can help with several instances like job hunts, socialising or even your love life allowing you to make the right decision. Mastery over this specific skill requires a lot of recognising and analysing micro and macro facial expressions allowing to connect with the personality. We have compiled a basic list of attributes that can help you to also identify someone’s traits through the science of face reading.

Face Reading : Eyes 

Eyes are almost always the first thing we look at while we communicate. Eyes can signify various attributes related to wealth and rank. Different colours signify different traits of personality.

  • Black: People with black eyes are often introverts and are generally attributed to mystery, romance and lust.
  • Brown: Such people are quite energetic and sporadic. They are courageous, creative and represent fertility. These are spiritual learners and never worry about any loss or profit.
  • Blue: These people are quite keen and always have a unique take on things. Blue eyes are a sign of nature, health and freshness.


Face Reading : Forehead

The forehead is a good representation of one’s luck during his youth. Signs of a good forehead should exclude messy lines, scars and moles. Some of the distinct types of forehead include

  • Straight and square: A straight, high and neat hairline can be the distinct look of a tall and intelligent person. Such people have a raised part between their headline and the eyebrow tail.
  • High and Broad: People with a high and broad forehead often show signs of diligence. Even if other factors can’t be determined, such people will often have wealth and rank always at their side.
  • Deep Wrinkles: People with wrinkles in their forehead often will show signs of great concentration and they often indulge their time in research or deep contemplation.
  • Low and Narrow: These people tend to be greatly imaginative and quite intuitive. Physiognomy experts believe that such people are often mentally deficient or have good prospects in their lives.


Face Reading: Eye Brows

They are the signs of longevity, health and prosperity. Here are how eyebrow shapes can point towards various traits.

  • Straight: These people always have a very straight approach in life and tend to rely more on facts and evidence rather than emotions cloud their judgement.
  • Curved: They are very social beings and have a deep ability to connect with the world around them and understanding the actions and behaviours of people.
  • Angled: These are the ones with leadership qualities and can get out of tricky situations using their wits and presence of mind. They, however, lack the technical approach which is sometimes crucial.

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Face Reading : Lips

Lips are a reflection of luck and wealth. People with thicker lips tend to be happier and those with split chins are often very lazy and unproductive. 

  • Heart-shaped: They tend to be independent and confident. They have a need for kindness and love are often very romantic and sensual.
  • Pursed: People with pursed lips are often very brave and clever, though people with small lips often hide a cold and cruel nature.
  • Pale: People with pale lips where their upper lip is covering part of the lower lip tend to be good while those with a more squared jaw tend to be cruel and selfish.


Face Reading : Nose

The length of a good nose is one that is equal to the width of one’s forehead with the end being roughly equal to the length of the eye.

  • Straight and well-formed: Such people are often patient, kind and well balanced in their life.
  • Aquiline: People with aquiline noses have great leadership qualities and command great power.
  • Snub: Such people tend to be dominating and lack decent behaviour and social skills in life.
  • Curved: These people often have to deal with anger management issues and lack social skills. Though they tend to be quite sharp and curious.


Face Reading : Ears

Sound can be quite a stimulus when the need arises of observing one’s behaviour. Reactions and behaviour can be detrimental in understanding the nature of a person.

  • Big: Such people are often rude and materialistic. However vertical ears represent power, courage and energy.
  • Small: People with small ears are very affectionate and honourable. On the other hand, people with too small ears are very shy and reserve.

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