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Lines on Forehead: Know its Astrological Meaning of Whether they can Predict the Future?

Lines on Forehead: Know its Astrological Meaning of Whether they can Predict the Future?

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Decoding the nature and personality of a person is probably the second hardest thing next to finding out what the future holds. It’s funny how life’s biggest mysteries can be decoded with the help of astrology. You might believe us or laugh it off, but many great scholars like Gerolamo Cardano have written books about the possible connexion between lines on forehead and astrology. 

The popular Hindu Shastra, Samudra Shastra that was a favorite of many Gods also insists that lines on the forehead can reveal the future and the personality of a person. 

Want to find out what the lines on your forehead mean? If yes, this guide has all the answers. So, dive in!

Meaning of Lines on Forehead 

Lines on forehead are the instruments that astrologers use to predict the career, longevity of life, domestic life, and every other aspect of life. There are a total of 7 lines on the forehead. They are associated with the 7 planets, the Sun, the Moon, Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Venus, and Mercury. 

We will be discussing the impact and meaning of all the 7 lines individually a bit later. First, let’s take you through the 5 astrological interpretations based on the shape of the forehead lines. 

5 Astrological Predictions Based on the Shape and Structure of the Lines on Forehead 

Circular Lines on the Forehead 

Circular lines on the forehead indicate that you’re blessed with excellent communication skills and you will do exceptionally well as a journalist, a scholar, or a public speaker. 

Upward Lines on the Forehead

These are an indication that you’ll have a blissful life. You will be extremely lucky in love, romantic relationships, and marriage. Astrologers also believe that upward lines on the forehead mean that you’ll earn a lot of name, fame, and fortune in your life. 

Crescent-shaped Lines on the Upper Forehead 

If you’re born with them, luck will always favor you. You’re one of those very rare fortunate people who do not have to struggle in life at all. You will enjoy a life full of luxuries and will be blessed with good health. 

Unbroken Lines on the Forehead 

Out of the 7 lines on the forehead, if any 4 are unbroken and clear, it is a proper indication that you will live for at least 90 years. It also means that your life will be meaningful. 

Small and Cracked Lines on the Forehead 

This is one of the worst types of lines according to astrology. If yours are the same, then, unfortunately, it is believed that you will have to face many unfavorable situations in your life. Your life will be a tough one. 

7 Types of Lines on the Forehead According to Astrology 

The Saturn Line

Starting from the top of the forehead, the first line is the Saturn line. Saturn, Shani dev in Hinduism, is one of the most feared planets. If the Shani line on your forehead is long, unscratched, and unbroken, it is believed that Saturn is a benefic planet in your birth chart. A strong Saturn has the following benefits. 

  1. You will gather a lot of fame and recognition in life. 
  2. Your intuitive nature means that you will be particularly good in the field of astrology.

The Jupiter Line

The line exactly below the Saturn line is the line of Jupiter. Known as Guru Graha in Hinduism, Jupiter is the planet of intelligence. The Jupiter line is usually longer than the Saturn line, but if yours touches the corners of the forehead, it means that you are an exceptionally gifted person. 

A long and unbroken Jupiter line on the forehead means that you will earn a lot of success in a government job. 

It also means that you are spiritual, wiser than most, a person of strong principles, and someone who cannot be fooled so easily.

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The Mars Line

It is the third line on the forehead. Also known as Mangal, Mars is the most feared planet because it is associated with a flaring temper. Mars, interestingly, is also known as the planet of war. If your Mars line is unbroken, it holds a lot of significance as explained below. 

  1. You are a brave courageous person.
  2. You are pretty good at issuing orders and people obey you, no matter what. 
  3. You are extremely creative.
  4. Despite you being hot-headed, you’re equally generous and forgiving.

You will excel in the Military, Army, and Air Force. You can also earn a lot of name and respect as a police officer. 

The Mercury Line 

Planet Mercury is known as Buddh Graha in Hinduism. If the Mercury line on your forehead runs from ear to ear and is unbroken, you’re a rare person. People with such a clear Mercury line are very minded and intelligent. 

  1. It is very difficult to prove you wrong not because you’re egoistic, but because 9 out of 10 times you are right. 
  2. You have a sense of honor. Your word is your commitment and you don’t fool others. 
  3. It’s not possible to fool you. 
  4. Mercury makes you intuitive, smart, logical, creative, and a quick learner. 

The Venus Line

Popularly known as Shukra Graha in Hinduism, Venus is the planet of luxury, wealth, love, sex, beauty, and luck. What else do we need to explain? If the Venus line on your forehead is unbroken, you’re lucky in the true sense. 

You are beautiful, wealthy, lucky, successful, driven, intelligent, and career-oriented. On top of that, you will be blessed with a very understanding life partner. 

The Sun Line

The line placed right on top of the right eyebrow is the Sun line. Very few people have a clear unbroken Sun line. If you’re one of those people, you’re wealthy not just in terms of money, you’re also rich in terms of wisdom, spirituality, and knowledge. 

The Moon Line 

The line on top of the left eyebrow is the Moon line. If your moon line is clear and somewhat straight, you’ve been blessed with a rich imagination. The most suitable career fields for you are writing, singing, painting, and acting.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What do the lines on forehead mean?

Lines on the forehead foretell the future, personality, and luck. They have different lengths and different shapes. And each line belongs to a specific planet.

2. What is the number of lines on forehead according to astrology?

7. The Saturn line, the Jupiter line, the Mars line, the Mercury line, the Venus line, the Sun line, and the Moon line.

3. What is the significance of lines on forehead astrology?

It explains the connection between forehead lines and astrology. Astrologers use this concept to make future predictions about career, marriage, wealth, and longevity of life.

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