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Gemini Woman – Know the Gemini Woman Traits and Love Life: Find Out How is a Gemini Woman in Bed

Gemini Woman – Know the Gemini Woman Traits and Love Life: Find Out How is a Gemini Woman in Bed

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Gemini is an Air sign, fueled by the ruthlessness and brilliance of Mercury – the planet of wit and intelligence. These are, hence, the two most prominent Gemini woman traits. Yet, she’s much more than that. She has an enticing wild personality that makes her worth the storm and troubles she might bring with her. A Gemini woman lives in her own head and it takes some very special qualities to get her to love you and date you. Want to know more about a Gemini woman in love and how do you take a Gemini woman to bed? If yes, this guide is the perfect answer to all these questions and much more. Dive in and find out what makes a Gemini woman so special!

6 Secrets You Should Know Before Dating a Gemini Woman 

A Gemini woman is a bubble of joy with a storm brewing underneath. No wonder, her symbol is twins! 

Looks of a Gemini Woman: How is a Gemini Woman Appearance? 

A Gemini woman is beyond gorgeous. She, usually, has a fair to pinkish complexion and a medium-average build. You can take a cue about the kind of beauty we’re talking about by looking at some of the most popular Gemini woman celebrities: Angelina Jolie, Nicole Kidman, Kylie Minogue, Marilyn Monroe, Disha Patani, and Courtney Cox!

A Gemini woman has a lush curvy body and she’s admirably bold. Precisely, you can’t unsee her once you see her! 

Gemini Woman Personality: What are Gemini Woman Traits?

A Gemini woman is a bag of many traits! She can have a dark side, and, at the same time, she can be the most compassionate woman you’ll ever come across. Basically, she’s many personalities wrapped in one! 

Gemini woman Negative Traits 

  1. A Gemini woman is vengeful – Once upset, she makes sure she takes revenge. The worst thing is that she really holds on to her past and that can make dating her a bit tricky. 
  2. A Gemini woman is nosy – A Gemini woman in love can eat up your personal space. She can be a bit clingy and a lot of interfering. 
  3. A Gemini woman is jealous – First off, she rarely falls in love. But, when she does, she becomes very possessive and believes that she owns you. 
  4. A Gemini woman loses interest quickly – If you can’t catch up with the energy and adventure in her, she’ll briskly move away like the wind in the blink of an eye. 
  5. A Gemini woman is impulsive – This is probably one of the most negative traits of a Gemini woman. She makes decisions under the influence of extreme emotions and regrets them later. 

Gemini Woman Positive Traits: Why Date a Gemini Woman?

  1. A Gemini woman is extremely loyal – You can’t find a better mate than her. Once she commits to you, you’ll be her only one. She doesn’t fool around after she gets in a relationship. 
  2. A Gemini woman is funny – She’s full of humor and jokes. Life with a Gemini woman is super-interesting and fun-filled. She has a very refreshing personality. 
  3. A Gemini woman is adjustable – She doesn’t mind changing the habits that annoy you (even her possessiveness), provided you can offer her a sense of security. 
  4. A Gemini woman is forgiving – The only thing she cannot forgive is infidelity. Other than that, she will accept a genuine apology and put your mistakes in the past. 
  5. A Gemini woman isn’t egoistic – A Gemini woman in love will never let ego take the better of her judgment. She values the feelings of her partner and makes all sorts of amends to keep the relationship alive. 
  6. A Gemini woman is unbearably hot in bed – She’ll take your desires to the next level of madness. She loves to experiment, is very responsive to touch, and doesn’t mind if you lead, provided you’re as kinky and passionate as she is. 

The Relationships of a Gemini Woman: How is a Gemini Woman in Love? 

A Gemini woman in love can be an emotional mess and a bit dramatic. She isn’t the sort who can handle divided attention. If you’re her man, she has to be the apple of your eye. 

That being said, she can be the most caring and most adjustable woman for the man she loves. Not only will she keep you entertained in the bedroom, but she’ll also be equally supportive of your career. 

To put the personality of a Gemini Woman in love with simplicity, all that you should know is that she’s not the sort who wants a man with a 7-figure salary. She’s trustworthy and loyal, not a gold-digger at all!

The Sexuality of a Gemini Woman: How is a Gemini Woman in Bed? 

She’s hot, hot, hot! Not the sort who’ll bore you in bed. However, it goes the other way round too. If you don’t show interest in her antics in bed, she won’t care about sticking along for long. She’s a woman with deep and bold carnal desires. It takes a real giving man to satisfy a Gemini woman in bed. 

Gemini Woman Married Life: Are Gemini Women Faithful? 

A Gemini woman secretly flirts with the man she likes. However, the minute she starts dating, she gets fully committed. Now, imagine for yourself how loyal a wife she would be when she’s an exemplary faithful girlfriend

Her husband is her only priority. A Gemini woman holds marriage in the highest regard. She’s a devoted dutiful wife that any man would be lucky to have. If you don’t give her reasons to doubt you after marriage, she simply won’t! 

Gemini Woman Likes and Dislikes: How to Please a Gemini Woman in Bed? 

A Gemini woman is a gust of wild wind and that’s how she prefers to be when dating. She strictly repels men who try to tame her or clip her wings. 

  1. A Gemini woman likes to date adventurous men – Thrill is what keeps her alive. If you’re not adventurous, she won’t stick around no matter what! 
  2. A Gemini woman likes to date confident and outgoing men – If you’re shy, you’re not really her type. She’s a bold independent woman and she admires confident men. If you still don’t make your own decisions and live on your parents’ money, she won’t date you. Period! 
  3. A Gemini woman looks for a faithful partner – She’s not the kind who looks for a Greek God to date. What attracts her instead is loyalty, confidence, and a bit of attitude. 
  4. A Gemini woman likes to date men who can admire her beauty – If you don’t respond to her touch in bed, if you aren’t vocal about your opinions in general, and if you can’t remind her how she drives you crazy, you’re not the right man for her.

Bear in mind, pleasing a Gemini woman in bed requires interaction. She’s very sensitive to touch. Hence, a lot of foreplay will take you a long way. 

Birds Eye View of a Gemini Woman Characteristics

Gemini Woman Compatibility Zodiac Signs 

A Gemini woman is not an ordinary lady. She has her own mind and her own dreams. While she enjoys a bit of attitude and drama, a lot of it will drive her away. If you’re any of the following zodiac signs, the chances that she’ll like you are maximum. 

  1. Gemini woman and Aries man – A Gemini woman finds the confidence and kink of an Aries man irresistible. The passion and sexual chemistry between these two keep their relationship alive forever. 
  2. Gemini woman and Libra man – These two hit it the minute they meet. They’re buddies and soulmates. A Gemini woman finds emotional security and a sense of belonging in a Libra man. 
  3. Gemini woman and cancer man – A cancer man invokes the fire of carnal desires in a Gemini woman. Their sexual energy is palpable. These two are misinterpreted as incompatible since they do go through frequent clashes. However, in reality, these two can’t get enough of each other. They keep getting back together again and again until they find a middle ground to settle with each other. 
  4. Gemini woman and Capricorn man – There’s a lot of tension yet attraction between these two initially. The beginning of their relationship is built solely on sex and physical intimacy. However, once they take off, there’s nothing that can stop them from getting married. 
  5. Gemini woman and Aquarius man – These two are soulmates. A Gemini woman and an Aquarius man enjoy an unbreakable bond. They never lose interest in each other. 

Gemini Woman Career and Work: Are Geminis Successful in Life? 

A Gemini woman believes in building her own empire to secure her future. She doesn’t like to feed on the money of her partner. When she dates, she does it for love. She can be a very successful actor, public speaker, and project manager.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are Gemini Woman negative traits?

She’s an impulsive creature who regrets the decisions she takes when she’s emotional. Besides, a Gemini woman can be nosy, possessive, and jealous in a relationship. Also, she loses interest quickly and can be extremely revengeful.

2. What are Gemini Woman traits in general?

A Gemini woman in general is a very forgiving, adapting, and gentle soul. She’s very loyal, full of fun and humor, and extremely adventurous. Also, she doesn’t have an ego.

3. Are Gemini women beautiful?

Hell, yes! These ladies have beautiful curves and a fair to pinkish complexion. Most importantly, they’re very graceful.

4. How is a Gemini woman in love?

She can be nosy, impulsive, possessive, and jealous. Yet, at the same time, she can be extremely fun to be with. She’s also very adjusting and immensely loyal when she’s in love.

5. How is a Gemini woman in bed?

A Gemini woman in bed is hot, raunchy, and bold. She loves foreplay and rough sex drives her crazy.

6. How to please a Gemini woman in bed?

Don’t lay on the bed like a dead frog. Play along with her games, touch her and be kinky, and, most importantly, don’t be selfish.

7. What is a Gemini Woman weakness?

A Gemini woman makes bad and foolish decisions when she’s over-emotional. That’s her biggest weakness. Also, she holds on to her past for a long time.

8. What are Gemini females attracted to?

Confidence, a little bit of attitude, and lots of courage can attract a Gemini woman. She’s a woman who yearns for an adventurous man.

9. How do you get a Gemini woman in bed?

First off, don’t be coy. Have the courage to approach her directly. Speak your mind, show your interest in her, and make her laugh with logic. If you’re bold, independent, and courageous, you can win her over.

10. Who should a Gemini woman marry?

A Gemini woman connects on the soul level with an Aquarius man. Aries men and Libra men are next in line. All these men invoke sexual desires in a Gemini woman and offer her a sense of security.

11. Who should a Gemini woman date?

The relationship between a Gemini woman and a cancer man and a Gemini woman and Capricorn man takes time to build. Their relationship is mostly sexual in the beginning. However, if they overcome the initial setbacks, they always end up marrying each other.