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Cancer Man: Complete Personality Traits Decoded! Find Out How Does a Cancer Man Test You

Cancer Man: Complete Personality Traits Decoded! Find Out How Does a Cancer Man Test You

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Cancer zodiac sign is ruled by the Moon – the cool planet, or so people think! Yes, the moon is a cool planet, but it brews a lot of lunar storms too. A cancer man is no different from the planet he’s ruled by. He’s cool, easy-going, incredibly gorgeous, and very interesting on the surface. But, deep inside him is a pit of insecurities. If you’ve already fallen for his incredible sense of humor, you should have a good bit of idea about the kind of storm you’re planning to chase. Dive in and find out what this master-of-charm really is and isn’t! 

6 Cancer Man Secrets You Should Know Before Dating Him

Looks and Nature of a Cancer Man: What are Cancer Man Traits?

He’s a man of mixed traits. You can’t understand all of him in a couple of months. He’s been hurt before! So, he makes a thick shell around his vulnerable heart. If he decides to open up to you, you indeed must be very special to him.

  1. He’s not what he projects – We don’t mean he’s a fraud. What we mean is, he’s secretive and very well guarded. He won’t drop his guard until he’s sure you’re a nice person.
  2. He’s always the most attractive man in a room – Look around and you’ll realize that we are not exaggerating. He is neither too tall nor short. He’s always in shape, has broad and strong shoulders, and keen curious eyes. If we have to describe his body in a few words, we would say he has the heat of a gladiator. Rest, you can imagine yourself!
  3. He’s the Least Forgiving Man – This is the main problem with a cancer man. He just cannot let go of the past so easily. His past experiences affect his present. He keeps on judging the woman in his present with the woman of his past. 
  4. He’s a Mama’s Boy – We mean it! The only way to make a residence in his heart is to be polite to his family and friends. Be disrespectful towards his parents and watch him as he goes! 
  5. He has a Heart of Gold – You’ve got to have the patience to see the true side of him. He’s not the kind of man who’s just into looks. He’s looking for more. 
  6. He’s very protective – A cancer man is all about his people. He’s a raging lion when it comes to protecting the love of his life. 

The Love Life of a Cancer Man: How is a Cancer Man in Love?

A cancer man in love is an emotional mess and a hopeless romantic. There’s a hidden poet inside him that takes over when he’s in love. 

He’ll greet you with long messages when you wake up, send you many texts during the day, and look forward to meeting you in the evening. Now, if you’re thinking that he could be clingy, then you’re not entirely wrong. He can get into your space a little more than it’s comfortable. So, always set some boundaries with this man. 

He is always respectful towards the needs of his lady. All that you have to do is talk to him without hurting his ego and he’ll be happy to give you as much space as you want. 

The Sexuality of a Cancer Man: How is a Cancer Man in Bed?

He’s very intense and burns with desire towards the beginning of a relationship. But, strangely, as he starts developing emotional bonding with his woman, sex takes a backseat in his mind. Intimacy for him could be holding hands in public and stealing a kiss or two when you’re least expecting. 

He can and will gaze at you for hours when you’re sleeping without you noticing. If he’s doing all this, you’re one lucky lucky girl. If you miss the steamy sex you two had during the first 7-8 months when you started dating, be bold and let him know. He’ll serve you endlessly and drive you crazy once again. 

Cancer Man Likes and Dislikes: What Cancer Man Likes in a Woman?

He’s the man who has an uncanny urge to be the dominant one, yet, at the same time, he longs for a woman who can argue with him, lock horns with him, and not be the suffer-in-silence type of a girl. To put it simply, if he loves you, he’ll have you in any which way he can. 

  1. He loves women with a bit of sass and a tickle of shyness. 
  2. He seeks patience and honesty the most. 
  3. He wants a loyal companion who’s single-mindedly attracted to him. 
  4. He doesn’t like it when a woman is flirty with other men. 
  5. He doesn’t prefer self-obsessed women either.

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Cancer Man Married Life: Is Cancer man a Loyal Husband?

He’s a very complicated man. He yearns for a loyal companion. But insecurities can drive him nuts. He can actually end up cheating on a woman who doesn’t communicate with him despite loving her more than his life. As we said, he repels women who suffer in silence. Be vocal and argue with him as much as you like. He’ll be yours forever. Just don’t ghost out on him or cut him out. He doesn’t want to cheat on his wife but will if he’s pushed to the limits of being ignored. 

Cancer Man Weakness: How Do You Know If a Cancer Man Really Likes You? 

He can be an impatient child who requires schooling again and again. If you seek a silent quiet life, he’s not the one you can handle, EVER! 

A cancer man doesn’t forget and clings to his past. That’s his biggest weakness. If he can be dragged out of his shell, which some special zodiac sign women can do, no man on Earth can be as romantic as a Cancer man. If you want to know if he really likes you, just look for the signs we’ve listed below. 

  1. He’ll get jittery in your presence.
  2. He’ll turn sarcastic.
  3. He’ll insist on dropping you home if you don’t allow him to pick you up. 
  4. He’ll drop subtle compliments but will never cross the line. 

Bonus Section on Understanding a Cancer Man – How Does Cancer Man Test You?

He’ll drop all the hints in the world that he likes you, but it won’t stop him from testing you. 

  1. He’ll act distant at times – When he’s trying to take the relationship forward, he would want to know if he means a lot to you. So, he’ll start ignoring you just to know if you’ll try your best to not let him go. As we said, he’s insecure and dramatic! 
  2. He’ll act all Moody – If you like his perfections, you should adore his imperfection, that’s what he thinks. He’ll start acting moody and would stretch it for weeks just to see if you’ll school him or just go into a silent mode. The silent mode would freak him out and he’ll walk away. 
  3. He will try to make you jealous – He just wants to gauge your reaction. If he pays more attention to some other girl when you’re by his side, he’s trying to put you to the test. 

For some women, it could be too much. But, the ones who pass his weird test earn a gem for the lifetime. He’ll give you his heart and soul and serve you gladly like your servant. He’s a hopeless romantic. There’s no ending to the efforts he can make to keep his woman happy. 

Birds Eye View of a Cancer Man 

Cancer Man Compatibility Zodiac Signs

Some men say that they can die to protect your honor, but a cancer man will. Whether or not he says it, you have the protection of his body as long as you’re his woman. If you’re any of the following, you’re the woman he’ll protect against all odds. 

  1. Cancer man and Scorpio woman compatibility – She’s the ice for the fire he’s burning with. This pair enjoys the kind of sexual intimacy that nobody else can. 
  2. Cancer man and Virgo woman compatibility – This is the most compatible pair. When they come together, they fill the missing pieces in each other’s flawed life. 
  3. Cancer man and Capricorn woman compatibility – She balances the insecurities in him, he balances the emotions in her. Their marriage is extremely successful. They get what they seek for in each other. 

Cancer Man Career and Work 

Since he’s such an intense pile of crude emotions, people tend to make mistakes that he might not be career-oriented. The truth is quite the opposite. A cancer man works twice harder than others just to keep his emotions under control. The result is that he actually ends up earning a lot of power and wealth.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How is a cancer man in love?

He’s insecure and sensitive, but, at the same time, he’s a hopeless romantic who would send long texts just to make you happy.

2. How is a cancer man in bed?

He’s hot and burns with desire when the relationship is new. Later on, when he sees his future in you, he looks for more than just sex.

3. How does a cancer man test you when he likes you?

He’ll intentionally act detached and moody to find out if you’ll stick by him or leave.

4. How to make a cancer man happy?

Just talk to him and don’t cease communication no matter if you had the worst fight with him. Also, respect his family as much as he respects yours.

5. Is a cancer man a loyal husband?

Sadly, it’s complicated. A cancer man doesn’t want to cheat. But, if he’s hurt beyond repair and you leave him alone to sulk and assume, he will intentionally cheat on you.

6. Who should a cancer man marry?

Scorpion women, Virgo women, and Capricorn women are most compatible with a Cancer man.

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