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9 Amazing benefits of Gomed Stone that you should know

9 Amazing benefits of Gomed Stone that you should know

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Gomed stone is also known as rahu stone since it’s governed by Rahu. 

Gomed Stone is considered to be particularly beneficial for people who have rahu mahadasha.

The ruling planet of the gomed stone is the Planet Rahu. Also known as Rahu stone, gomed is available in many colors – red, yellow, green, blue, and even orange. Out of the many types, it is the brownish yellow gomed stone that has maximum benefits when it comes to remedying the rahu mahadasha.

Rahu, whilst it’s not recognized as a part of the solar system, is actually given a lot of importance in vedic astrology. And it isn’t without relevant reasons that gomed stone has so many benefits – it can pacify and even please Rahu in a birth chart.

But, why is Rahu feared so much?

Rahu mahadasha is one of the worst zodiac defects that can upturn the domestic life as well as the professional life of a person. It brings such gravity of bad luck that the person suffering from rahu mahadasha can end up losing all wealth.

So, clearly, you have to either do many vidhis to calm down rahu or please the planet by wearing the gomed stone.

That said, you cannot just buy gomed randomly and expect the stone to offer benefits. There is a proper vidhi that has to be followed when buying and wearing this gemstone. Do follow it religiously in order to not aggravate Rahu any further than it already is.

Rules for wearing gomed stone

Astrologers suggest wearing gomed stone if Rahu is present in the 8th House, 6th house, or 12th house of the birth chart. The rules that have to be followed when wearing it are as follows.

  1. Gomed stone should be worn either as a ring or a pendant only.

  2. It should be worn in silver metal only.

  3. Wear the rahu stone in the middle finger of your right hand.

  4. It is necessary to wear gomed at around sunset on Saturday in Krishna paksha.

  5. It has to be purified in honey, pure ghee, tulsi leaves, gangaajal, and cow’s milk before it can be worn.

  6. Place the purifying mixture in a metal bowl and put gomed gemstone in that bowl for, at least, five minutes.

  7. Chant the mantra, Om Bhraam Bhreem Bhroom Sah Rahvey Naham, 108 times before you wear the gomed ring.

Now let’s talk about the many benefits of wearing a gomed ring or a gomed pendant that are too hard to be overlooked.

9 Benefits of gomed stone – Here’s why you should wear it

By now it’s already clear that gomed stone should be worn to please rahu. But, that’s not the only explanation. There are many problems that can be resolved by wearing gomed and the guide below will take you through the 9 best reasons on why you should wear a gomed ring.

It Clears the Mind

Rahu is responsible for clouding the judgement of a person. It creates confusion that makes decision making very difficult. When you wear a gomed ring, rahu reduces its malice in your kundali. As a result, you are able to make better decisions.

It helps with depression

Rahu is also known as Dragon head. If aggravated, it messes with the mind. The result is the generation of a lot of negativity. It makes a person so negative that their entire outlook and approach towards life becomes very dull. The results are anxiety, depression, and even insomnia.

When you wear a brownish yellow gomed ring, all the stress is eased and that makes the bearer mentally stable.

It Increases Concentration

It is for this reason that astrologers suggest that students should wear a gomed ring.

Gomed stone of a good quality helps in improving focus. It reduces distractions and that helps students in performing better in academics.

It creates better opportunities at work

Rahu stone is a wonderful gemstone that will help you in excelling in your career because of the following reasons.

  • You’re able to come up with excellent suggestions.

  • Your work starts getting noticed.

  • Your intellect increases and that makes people believe in what you’re saying.

 It has many health benefits

According to vedic astrology, a gomed ring can cure all the following diseases.

  • Epilepsy

  • Eye infections

  • Palpitations

  • Hemorrhoids

It brings good luck and wealth

The bearer of a gomed stone earns a lot of fortune. When worn at the suggestion of an astrologer, you can expect a lot of money coming your way.

Your stars will align in a way that there’ll be chances of winning a lottery. You can also expect to acquire a paternal property and make multiple investments in real estate.

It brings happiness in married life

Your relationship with your spouse will improve a lot when you wear a gomed ring since the bad effects of rahu in domestic life will reduce drastically.

  • You will also have a much better relationship with your parents and siblings.

  • You will develop a special connection with your children.

Besides, your partner will start listening to you in a much calmer way since you will become much less temperamental.

It reduces anger

One of the worst effects of Rahu is that it makes a person very aggressive. The anger is so much that it’s very hard to argue with someone who has rahu mahadasha. If you’re that someone, then wearing a gomed ring will not just reduce your aggression but it will also reduce your ego.

It makes the bearer very powerful

People with power are those that the crowd follows. You can be one of those in power in politics and other fields like law, finance, and IT by wearing a gomed ring. Some other ways in which you can get the crowd to follow you are listed below.

  • Gomed will make you a better speaker. So, people will actually be convinced with what you will say.

  • Gomed will protect you from all kinds of black magic. Hence, your enemies will not be able to malign your public image.

  • You will have excellent persuasion skills.

  • The atmosphere around you will be so positive that people will automatically get attracted towards you.

It is important to note that gomed is one of those rare karmic stones that can reduce the ill-effects that are the result of your past life sins. 

On a closing note, a gomed stone can bless a person with never-ending good luck.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are gomed stone benefits?

Astrologers believe that gomed stone helps in improving husband-wife relationships and reducing depression and anger. It is also believed that wearing a gomed stone helps in better decision-making.

2. Who can wear gomed stone?

People who are 25 years old or older than that should wear a gomed stone.

3. What are gomed stone benefits in Rahu Mahadasha?

Gomed stone is ruled by Rahu. It is believed that wearing gomed on Saturday during Krishna paksha reduces the malice of Rahu. It reduces mental health problems and negativity.

4. How to wear gomed stone?

You can wear gomed in a ring or pendant. The band/chain should be pure silver. Also, purify the gomed stone by chanting the mantra, Om Bhraam Bhreem Bhroom Sah Rahvey Namah 108 times before wearing it.

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