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Does Govt Job Prediction by Date of Birth and time Accurate?  | Get a Detailed Insight

Does Govt Job Prediction by Date of Birth and time Accurate? | Get a Detailed Insight

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Getting a job is one thing and getting a government job is an entirely different thing. And let’s be honest, most of us, at some point in time, have had the dream of securing a good government job. But not everyone actually makes it through. It is quite natural in such a scenario to wonder what others did right and what you did wrong. 

And the answer might actually shock you – hard work isn’t the only thing that can help you in getting a govt job. Planetary alignment matters too. 

This is why Govt job prediction by date of birth and time is so invaluable since it offers insights on whether or not you can get a govt job and if your choice of career is right.

Govt job prediction by date of birth and time can be understood in terms of star and planetary combinations that are necessary for the horoscope to create the Lagna for a govt job.

How to Find Out if You’re the Right Candidate for a Government Job?

Get your horoscope read by an astrologer in order to ascertain the presence of some specific planets, The Sun, the Moon, Jupiter, and Saturn. Remember, a person can never secure a government job without the aid of these 4 planets.

Hence, move ahead with your plan of trying your luck in govt services only if these 4 planets are present in the correct houses. By getting your birth chart read by an astrologer you will actually be able to pick the career that’s right for you. This is important because if a person invests a lot of time in a field that’s not right for them, it eventually leads to frustration, money and time wastage, and depression.

Role of Planets in Getting a Government Job

We have already mentioned the 4 planets that have to be present in the horoscope to make the right combination for getting a government job. That said, each of these planets works differently. Have a look.

  1. The sun, as we know, governs all the other planets. In other words, it is the head of all planets. So, the presence of the sun is mandatory. The chances of getting a good position get maximum if the sun is actually the Amatyakaraka planet in your horoscope. Without a strong Sun, you will not be able to get a government job.
  2. The moon plays the role of a helper to the sun. When it’s present in your horoscope and is particularly very strong, there is a good bit of chance that you’ll be able to secure a government job in Bureaucracy.
  3. Saturn isn’t exactly the planet that necessarily indicates a government job. What it indicates is growth and success in the career. Only if this planet is in the horoscope that you’ll be able to excel in your career.
  4. Jupiter is the Guru Graha. It is the Lord of intelligence. If it’s strong in your birth chart, you’ll be able to secure a government job in academics and education.

What’s the Ideal Government Job for You?

Once an astrologer confirms that you have the Lagna of getting a govt job in your kundali and all necessary planets are present in your horoscope, it is obvious that you’d like to know which government job, according to Govt job prediction astrology, would be the right job for you.

If that’s what’s been keeping you busy too, then, let us tell you that the astrological science behind an accurate field of job prediction is not that simple. Yes, the presence of relevant planets confirm whether or not you can get a government job, but, it is actually the houses in which the planets are present that determines which government job will be best for you.

Want to know the concept about houses and planets that determines the job you’ll be best at? Well, then, you’re in luck because we have the answers and we have listed them below.


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The Houses For IAS and IPS

To begin with, the 10th house needs to be very strong for a person to become an IAS or IPS. In fact, if the Sun in the 10th House is strong, the chances that the aspirant will be able to clear the civil services exams is very high.

Here’s what the kundali of a person who can crack the civil services exam should look like.

  1. Jupiter, Saturn, and the Sun are the strongest planets in the kundali.
  2. The value of Akshat Varga is exceeding 25 for the 6th and the 11th house.
  3. The Sun is either in the Dharma Trikona or the Mokshak Trikona.
  4. The value of the Sun’s Vimsopkal Bal is more than 10.

All in all, according to the Govt job prediction astrology, the D-10 Chart should be very strong for someone to secure a top rank in IAS and IPS.

The Planets for Railways Jobs

The three planets that have to be strong for the person to secure a good job in railways are Saturn, Mars, and the Moon.

The Planets for a Job in Revenue Services

A job in the revenue department is directly associated with finances and wealth. The 3 planets that should be strong in a birth chart to secure a govt job in this department are Jupiter, Mercury, and Venus.

Alternate Planetary Tidbits for Securing a Government Job

  1. Jupiter has to be strong for any kind of government job.
  2. A combination of strong Saturn and Sun help in getting a government job quickly.
  3. If the ruling planets of the 9th and 10th house in a horoscope are connected, it means that the person will be blessed with luck that’ll help in getting promotions.
  4. The 6th house should always be stronger than the 7th house.
  5. When the Sun is prominent in the birth chart and, at the same time, Saturn in the 10th house is very strong, it makes the ideal time to get a government job.
  6. The 3 best yogas in a kundali that guarantee that the person will get a government job are Gajakesari Yoga, Adhi Yoga, and the Panch Mahapurusha Yoga.

Takeaways from the Govt job prediction by date of birth and time ?

  1. Correct planetary alignment is necessary.
  2. Different houses and planets indicate different government jobs.
  3. Strong Saturn is necessary for promotion and career growth.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which planet is responsible for government jobs in astrology?

There are 4. The Sun, the Moon, Saturn, and Jupiter.

2. Which house in astrology is for jobs?

The 2nd, 6th, and 10th Houses are most important for government jobs.

3. What planet combinations are for government jobs?

Strong Saturn and strong Sun means you’ll get a government job quickly. Saturn in the 10th House, while the Sun is very strong, is also a very strong Yog for getting a government job.