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9 wonderful remedies to get a job immediately with guaranteed results

9 wonderful remedies to get a job immediately with guaranteed results

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Getting a job can be stressful. What’s even more stressful is getting a dream job. But, astrology has many solutions that can help you in many different ways. Want to know what are the easy astrological remedies to get a job immediately? Well, that’s what this guide is all about.

Let’s have a look at those fantastic remedies to get a dream job.

  1. Please the Lord Saturn

Saturn, also known as Shani, is the planet of wrath and rage. But, if pleased, he’s also the Lord of mercy and kindness. Pleasing him in the following ways is one of the best astrological remedies to get a job immediately.

  1. Saturday will bring good luck – Saturday (shanivaar) is the day of Lord Saturn. Feeding boiled rice to crows will awaken lord Saturn to bestow you with good luck.
  2. Offering oil as a token of respect – visit a Shani temple every Saturday and offer oil to the Shani statue.

2. Show Your Gratitude to Goddess Lakshmi

One of the kindest deities, goddess Lakshmi is the ruler of wealth and fortune. So, pleasing her and showing her respect in the following ways will help you get a dream job immediately.

Here’s what you can do.

  • Look at your palms when you wake up: It is said that the lines of palms are where destiny is. Watching both the palms in the morning pleases Goddess Lakshmi and she will bless you with good luck, guidance, and fortune.
  •  Keep your house tidy: Clean your house because it is believed that Mata Lakshmi never enters a house that’s not looked after.
  • Offer prayers to Tulsi every morning: Tulsi puja every morning by watering the planet at sunrise every morning pleases goddess Lakshmi.


  1. Please Surya Deva

Sun (Surya deva) sustains life on earth. What your destiny would greatly depend upon whether or not he’s pleased with your devotion and dedication. So, showing him some respect will help you get a job quickly.

Wondering how to do that? If yes, then just have a look down below.

  • Surya namaskar is worth his praise
  • Yoga will bring you closer to the Lord Sun.
  • Offer him Ganga Jal every morning
  • Keep ganga jal in a copper vessel every evening. Face east at sunrise each morning and offer the Ganga jal that you kept in the vessel.
  • Chant mantras to please the Sun
  • Recite the mantra, Om Hreem Suryaaye Namha, every morning within an hour of sunrise. Chant it 11 times.
  1. Perform Vidhis to get a blessing from Lord Ganesha

Ganesha is the Lord who can bless you with Ridhi and sidhi (wealth and fame). Showing him your dedication is, thus, another wonderful remedy to get a job immediately.Here’s what you can do.

  • Chant gayatri mantra 31 Times : Do it daily. It is also believed that chanting the maha mrityunjaya jaap alongside gayatri mantra speeds up the process of getting a dream job.
  • Chant the beej mantra
  • Recite the beej mantra, Om Gam Ganpataye Namah, will please Lord Ganesha and he will remove every obstacle from your life.
  1. Show your gratitude to pavan putra, hanuman

The bearer of strength and loyalty, lord hanuman is the one who can present many job opportunities to help you get a job immediately. Here’s what you can do.

  • Reciting mantras to wake up his blessings
  • Reciting the mantra, Om Shree Hanumante Namaha‘, 21 times a day is one of the best remedies to get a job immediately.
  • Chant the mantra with proper vidhi
  • When you’re reciting the mantra, make sure that you have lime with 4 cloves pieced in it in your right hand. After you’ve recited the mantra 21 times, place the lemon in your pocket for the rest of the day.
  • Visit Hanuman temple every Tuesday

Here’s how lord hanuman can be pleased.

  1. Offer oil and Bundi to the poor and needy after visiting the hanuman mandir on a Tuesday.
  2. Mangalwaar in astrology is the day when every auspicious event begins.


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Alternative remedies to get a job immediately

Yes, you pleased all the lords and you performed all the vidhis. Nevertheless, showing extra devotion is never bad or unnecessary. Hence, here’s what can additionally help you in getting a job immediately.

  1. Mantras that will help the most

Did you know that goddess Saraswati is the Devi of knowledge?  When you chant mantras to seek her blessings, you’re blessed with wisdom and knowledge that helps in securing a dream job.

Here are the 2 mantras that work the best.

  • Karage Vasate Lakshmi Kara Madhye Saraswati.
  • Karamooletu Govinda Prabhate Kara Darshnam.
  1. Havan vidhis to remove obstacles

It could be the presence of Rahu and Ketu in the 10th House in your horoscope that could be delaying you in getting a job. Here’s what you should do.

  • Perform Navgraha Havana to calm down the agitated planets.
  • Perform navajava pooja at home once in every three months.
  1. Do charity

It is believed that being kind to the poor and needy pleases every God, every planet, and every star.

So here are some other remedies to get a job immediately.

  • Donate almonds to poor people every Sunday.
  • Donate blankets in dark colours during winters to keep the poor and needy warm.
  1. Check the Vastu of your house

Last, but not least, make sure that your house doesn’t have Vastu dosha.

Here are some Vastu tips to excel in your career.

North and northeast directions represent luck in your career. So, make your study room facing north. You can also make a small library facing north and keep your work desk and chair in the same directions.

To sum up, astrology that has solutions to most of the problems that humans face have wonderful remedies to get a job immediately. All that you have to do is be dedicated to whatever you do and you will definitely excel.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to get a job immediately?

Pleasing Planet Saturn (Shani Deva) helps in getting a job immediately. Feed boiled rice to crows on Saturdays and offer oil in a Shani temple.

2. How to get a good job immediately?

There are many ways. Please Shani Dev, Look at your palms when you wake up in the morning, offer prayers to Tulsi, and please the Sun (Surya Dev).

3. What are the Mantras to get a job immediately?

Chant the Gayatri Mantra 31 times every day. Surya Mantra and Beej Mantra help too.

4. How to get a government job immediately?

Correct the vastu of the house. Perform Navgraha pooja and pray to Goddess Lakshmi. All these ways help in getting a government job quickly.

5. Which planet is responsible for getting a job?

It is the Planet Saturn (the Planet of Karma) that’s responsible for getting a job.