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Hot Water Bath Vs Cold Water Bath? Ayurveda Has the Answer | [BONUS] Best Way to Take Bath as Per Ayurvedic

Hot Water Bath Vs Cold Water Bath? Ayurveda Has the Answer | [BONUS] Best Way to Take Bath as Per Ayurvedic

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Can’t decide between taking a bath in hot water or cold water? The debate about whether to take a hot water bath or a cold water bath has been going on for a long time. Fortunately, you can find the answer in Ayurveda.

Ayurveda says that you should wash your body with hot water and your head with cold water. Because using hot water for eyes and hair is not considered good for health.

Ayurveda further says that the temperature of water used for bath should be based on the following factors:-

1. Age

For children, it’s best to bathe them in cold water. People who are young or old should take a bath with hot water. But if you’re a student who wants to spend more time studying, taking a bath in cold water will help you.

2. Body Type

If your body type is Pitta, you should bathe in cold water. If your body type is Kapha or Vata, you should bathe in hot water.

3. Diseases

If you have a disease that is caused by Pitta, like indigestion or liver problems, a cold water bath will help your health a lot. And if you have problems that are caused by Kapha or Vata, you should take a hot water bath instead. If you have epilepsy, you shouldn’t take either a hot water bath or a cold water bath. Take a bath with warm water instead.

4. Habits

If you work out often, you should take a hot water bath.

5. Bathing Time

If you take a shower in the morning, you should use cold water. But if you are taking a bath at night, a hot water bath will help you relax. Since Vata rules the evening, taking a bath with hot water will be good.

[BONUS] Best Way to Take Bathe as Per Ayurvedic

As per Ayurveda, you should never bathe quickly as it doesn’t get all the benefits and isn’t cleaned well. Instead, you should go through the bathing steps slowly so that water can reach every part of your body.

Here’s how to take a shower as per Ayurveda:-

1. Wash your hands and feet before you do anything else.

2. When bathing in cold water, you should start at the top and work your way down.

3. If you’re taking a hot bath, start with your toes and work your way up to your head.

4. When it comes to soap, stay away from the ones that have a lot of chemicals in them, since the skin absorbs all of the chemicals from soap.

5. It is said that giving your body a good oil massage with mustard oil or sesame oil before taking a bath is good for it. It revitalizes the muscles and makes the skin feel better.

6. You shouldn’t rush when you take a bath, but you also shouldn’t take too long. Also, bathing twice a day is enough to keep clean.

7. Put a few neem leaves in water and let them sit for a while. Then, use this water to take a bath. It will make your skin healthier.