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5 Best Kids Room Colours as Per Vastu Shastra

5 Best Kids Room Colours as Per Vastu Shastra

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Children spend a lot of time in their rooms doing homework, playing and sleeping. They normally spend the most time in their rooms since they feel safe and comfortable there. As a result, the colour of your child’s room must be chosen in accordance with Vastu shastra to create an environment of positivity for them.

As per Vastu, here is the list of five colours for your child’s room.

Vastu Shastra’s Top 5 Bedroom Colors for Children

Blue colour: If your child is energetic, paint his or her room blue. Certain colours, according to Vastu, have a relaxing impact and can transform the energy of the place. However, if the room has a north-facing window, avoid using blue.

Purple Colour: One of the finest Vastu suggestions you can get is to paint your child’s room with purple colour. It not only produces a tranquil environment but also helps children in relaxing. It has also been demonstrated to help children’s sleeping patterns

Yellow Colour: According to Vastu Shastra, soothing colours like yellow are great for children’s rooms since they balance mood swings and improve their behaviour. If you want something vibrant for your child’s room, go with yellow.

Pink colour: Pink is the colour that springs to mind when we think of happiness and simplicity. Pink is not only a soft colour, but it also conveys a sense of tranquilly and harmony. Pink is a good choice for a pastel colour for your child’s nursery. It is also thought to be beneficial to children’s minds because light colours keep them calm and comfortable.

Green Colour: If the child is having difficulty concentrating on his or her academics, the green colour can be used in the study room. Green is also a naturally relaxing colour because it is prevalent in nature.