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What is Low Mangal Dosha (Manglik Dosha) and know the ways for Manglik Dosha Cancellation

What is Low Mangal Dosha (Manglik Dosha) and know the ways for Manglik Dosha Cancellation

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Mangal dosha (Manglik Dosha), also known as Kuja doshas, varies in severity. The intensity depends upon the houses where the Planet Mars (mangal graha) is sitting in the birth chart. When mangal dosha is caused due to the anger of the moon, it’s considered to be very strong. Also, while Mars and Venus are not exactly enemies, if Mars sits in the house of Venus, the strong personalities of both these planets clash. This is why mangal dosha due to Venus is the strongest kind of Mangal dosha (Manglik Dosha)

The low mangal dosha (Manglik Dosha) occurs when Mars occupies position in the 1st house or the 2nd house or the 4th house or the 12th house.

Despite the severity of the malice due to low mangal dosha (Manglik Dosha) is much less on comparison to the one that’s caused by mangal in the 7th house or the 8th House in a kundali, it is still very important to remedy the low mangal dosha too when you’re thinking about getting married.

Wondering what’s the connection between mangal dosha (Manglik Dosha) and marriage and the best remedies for Manglik Dosha Cancellation. Then you must read through the section we have listed below.

Mangal and its Effects on the Domestic Life

Astrologers layout very strict norms when it comes to the marriage of Manglik. The reason that mangal can cause devastating effects in a marriage is that the 7th house in a birth chart is the house of marriage, and the ruling planet of this house is Venus. Like we have already explained, Mangal and Venus both are dominating planets in their respective houses. If Mars tries to dictate the planet Venus, it results in a chaotic married life. Here’s how a Manglik usually suffers.

  1. A Manglik must not marry before the age of 28 if the mangal dosha is very high.

  2. The spouse of a Manglik can die if the dosha is not remedied before marriage.

  3. Whilst low mangal dosha (Manglik Dosha) might not kill your spouse, but your relationship with your partner will still be bitter.

These are the few reasons why mangal dosha is considered to be so inauspicious when it comes to marriages.

Some considerations when it’s about
mangal dosha (Manglik Dosha) and you should know them if you’re a Manglik.

  1. A Manglik boy can marry a Manglik girl at any age. The effects of mangal get cancelled in such cases.

  2. In astrology, it is usually considered that mangal dosha in girls is of a more severe nature than mangal dosha in boys.

  3. The negative effects of mangal Graha start reducing after 28. This is why astrologers believe that getting married after 28 years of age is better for Manglik.

  4. It is easier to remedy low mangal dosha in comparison with high mangal dosha.

Yes, all these factors do indicate that marriages are particularly expected to be tough for Manglik, but that’s not the entire truth. The entire truth is that though marriages can really be tough for mangliks, there are many remedies that can reduce the wrath of Mars and bring harmony in the married life.

4 Remedies for Mangal Dosha (Manglik Dosha) Cancellation for a Better Married Life

Chanting Mantras to Please Lord Ganesha

According to astrology, there are many Lord planets and gods that can reduce the severity of high mangal dosha and altogether wipe out the effects of low mangal Dosha. It is these planets and gods that a manglik should, thus, please.

First in the list of gods that can reduce the malice of mangal is Lord Ganesha. Chanting the mantra, ‘Om Gam Ganapataye Namah‘ every morning 108 times will please Lord Ganesha. You should also offer lord Ganesha Jaggery and a garland of red flowers every morning to please him. With his blessings, mangal dosha will become less and less severe in your kundali.

Pleasing Lord Hanuman Helps in Calming Down the Fury of Mangal Graha

Lord Hanuman – the son of pawan Deva, God of the wind – can pacify Mangal graha. Here’s what you can do.

  1. Fast on every Tuesday because Tuesday is the day of worshiping Lord Hanuman.

  2. Visit Hanuman temple and feed monkeys and birds.

  3. Donating blood on Tuesdays is also considered to be a habit that can please Lord Hanuman.

Last, do recite hanuman chalisa everyday. However, the one precaution that must be followed is that girls should not recite Hanuman Chalisa even if they have low mangal dosha.

Pleasing Planet Mangal is the Best Remedy

Who better to please than the planet that’s gotten furious in your birth chart? If planet Mangal gets pleased with your efforts and devotion towards him, he will naturally reduce his wrath and offer relief. Here’s how you can actually pacify the wrath of Mangal Graha for low mangal dosha as well as high mangal dosha.

  1. Chant the Mangal Chandrika Shloka to show your respect to Ma Durga every single day.
  2. Buy a mangal yantra and worship in front of the yantra with full dedication to please Mangal Dev.

Practice Astrological Precautions When Getting Married

Astrology has many solutions that can make the married life of mangliks peaceful. Manglik girls can first marry the Vishnu idol before marrying their husband. That’s because in this case Lord Vishnu will be considered as the husband of the girl and he will protect and bless the girl. Performing a kumbh vivah or a peepal vivah are two other remedies for low mangal dosha and high mangal dosha, both.

In a nutshell, if you can please Planets and Gods that are friends of Mangal Graha, you’ll be blessed with peace and prosperity that mangliks otherwise cannot experience in their marriage before 28 years of age

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What causes Low Mangal Dosh?

Planet Mars sitting in the 1st, 2nd, 5th, or 12th house causes low mangal dosh.

2. What does low mangal dosha mean?

It means that the malice of mangal is less severe than it is when Mars is in the 7th or 8th house.

3. Is low mangal dosha good?

Not at all. Any kind of dosha that’s a result of the malice of planets and stars in a kundli is bad. The only relief is that the evil eyes of mangal will be less intense when mangal dosha will be low.

4. What are low mangal dosha remedies?

Chanting mantras to please Lord Ganesha reduces the ill-effects of mangal graha. You can also pray to Lord Hanuman.

5. When mangal dosha is cancelled?

When you marry after 28 years of age, mangal dosha is automatically canceled. If the bride is manglik, she should first marry the Idol of lord Vishnu. Also, if a manglik marries a manglik, the dosha is canceled.