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A Guide on Property Dispute Astrology |  Remedies and Mantras for Property Dispute!

A Guide on Property Dispute Astrology | Remedies and Mantras for Property Dispute!

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Property disputes aren’t something new. Even mythology makes mention of land disputes. The famous war of Kurukshetra in Mahabharata was fought due to land disputes between two brother clans. The Pandavas wanted just 5 villages to rule but the Kauravas brothers banished them from having what was theirs by right. Now, Lord Krishna cannot guide everyone to victory, but astrology can. Property dispute astrology offers mantras for property disputes and many other solutions. 

We have decoded many effective astrological remedies for property disputes and listed them below. If you’re in the middle of land chaos, then you must explore this guide. 

Let’s get started! 

Planets and Houses Responsible for Property Dispute 

It is the greed and jealousy of people that results in a land dispute. However, the personality, life course, and events that happen in one’s life occur due to the presence of planets in the houses in a birth chart. 

There are a total of 9 planets and 12 houses in a birth chart. 

  1. The 4th House is the house for property and wealth. 
  2. Saturn and Mars are the planets that can lead to property disputes. 

When Saturn or Mars are sitting in the 4th house in a Kundli and they’re weak or have a malefic eye, it causes land disputes. And the branch of astrology that studies, predicts, and offers remedies for land/real-estate disputes is known as property dispute astrology. 

How do Astrologers Foretell Property Disputes? 

Astrologers read the D4 chart to find out which planets are sitting in the 4th House. They then find out whether the planets are malefic or benefic. If Mars and Saturn are malefic, there’s property dispute dosh in the Kundli. Having said that, even if your birth chart has a property dispute yog, you don’t have to worry a lot because property dispute astrology offers many remedies. 

4 Astrological Remedies for Property Dispute 

Recite Mantras for Property Dispute 

Reciting mantras is considered to be a very effective remedy for all troubles in astrology. Mantras for property disputes are no different. It is believed that the positive energy that’s released by reciting a powerful mantra for property dispute can reduce the malice of planets in a birth chart. 

  1. Hanuman Mantra – Recite, Jay Hanuman Namah 108 times using a Rudraksha mala. 
  2. Durga Mantra – Chant, Om Hreem Dum Durgayei Namah 108 times. It is best when chanted for 9 consecutive nights during Navratri. 

Remember, each mantra for property dispute has to be performed in complete silence so that you can fully surrender yourself to God. 

Perform the Graha Shanti Hawan

If an astrologer confirms that you have the malefic eyes of Saturn or Mars in the 4th House, you must perform a Navgraha Shanti pooja. It reduces the malice and evil eye of planets. 

You can also offer prayers to Shani dev (Planet Saturn) in a Shani Temple on Saturday. Offering oil and til is known to please Shani dev. 

Do Charity and Help Poor People 

According to property dispute astrology, doing charity is one of the best remedies to seek blessings of Gods and planets who can remove or reduce the malice of Mars and Saturn in the 4th House. 

  1. Take time to feed hungry and poor people on Fridays to please Planet Venus (Shukra dev). 
  2. Donate clothes and sweets in the name of Shani dev (Saturn) and Mangal dev (Mars) to reduce their anger. 
  3. Feed Jaggery to cows every Monday to please the Sun (Surya Deva). Sun is the King of all planets. If this planet is in your favor, you will be blessed with wealth, land, and fortune.

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Please Goddess Lakshmi 

Lakshmi Mata is the deity of money and wealth according to Hindu beliefs. If you can please her with your devotion, she will bless you with unlimited wealth and success. Some amazing tips to please Goddess Lakshmi are as follows. 

  1. Keep your house clean. 
  2. Chant, Shree 108 times using a Tulsi mala. 
  3. Respect the women of the house. 
  4. Offer white sweets to unmarried girls on Fridays. 
  5. Offer kheer, Lotus, and red roses to Goddess Lakshmi.

4 Lal Kitab Remedies for Property Dispute 

Lal Kitab is a scared book that has solutions for every problem that humans face. Explore some such Lal Kitab remedies that can help you win a court case below! 

Perform a Baglamukhi pooja at home

It is believed that Goddess Baglamukhi can bless a person with land, wealth, and fortune. When you are under the protection of this deity, she makes sure that you do not lose any battle.

Perform Mahakali Sadhna

When the opponents are very strong and powerful builders and real estate firms, Goddess Mahakali helps you achieve a win. 

Perform Kalbhairav Puja

Also known as Dandpati (someone who punishes the people who do wrong things), Kalbhairav is known to offer justice. If someone has committed fraud and has snatched your property by cheating you, Kalbhairav puja will help you win your property back. Follow the proper Vidhi to awaken Kalbhairav so that he can bless you. 

  1. Wake up two hours before sunrise.
  2. Take a bath and clean the mandir with gangajal.
  3. Always keep the idol of goddess Durga next to the idol of kalbhairav. 
  4. Fast on the day of the pooja and consume only fruits when breaking the fast.
  5. It is best if you can keep a Jagran at night after performing the puja.

Always remember, it is best to perform the Kalbhairav pooja during Krishna paksha.

Yantras to Wear

You should wear a Narsingh Awash or a Vashikaran Awash since it is believed that these yantras persuade the authorities to give the verdict in your favor.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which house is for property in the birth chart and why?

The 4th house is the house for property. Moon is the ruling planet of the 4th house. And Moon can bless a person with fortune and home.

2. Which planets are responsible for property disputes in astrology?

Saturn and Mars are the planets that are responsible for property disputes. Weak or agitated Saturn in the 4th House creates the yog of property and land disputes in a birth chart.

3. Which is the best mantra for property dispute?

The Durga mantra, Om Hreem Dum Durgayei Namah is considered to be the most powerful mantra for a property dispute. Another mantra is the Hanuman mantra. It can help you in winning a land dispute court case.

4. What remedies do property dispute astrology offers?

You can please goddess Durga, donate food and clothes to the poor and needy, and perform a Graha Shanti puja.

5. What are the best Lal Kitab remedies for property disputes?

There are 4. Perform kalbhairav puja, please Goddess Lakshmi, arrange for Baglamukhi Puja, and perform Mahakali Sadhna.

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