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Marriage Line Palm Reading: Find Out What it Means!

Marriage Line Palm Reading: Find Out What it Means!

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Be it love marriage in palm reading or arrange marriage, palmistry shows you the truth. Over the years, people have been believing in the art of palmistry. A happy and smooth married life is expected by all. Wouldn’t you want to come back to a good wife or a husband? The heart craves to be with a kind and gentle human who understands your grief and happiness. Thus, the  marriage line palm reading implies whether the marriage life in female hand and male hand is good to go or not.

Let’s get started! 

Palm Reading Marriage Line: What Does it Reveal? 

The marriage line is one of the major aspects of palm reading. Palm reading marriage line chiefly reflects the condition of your marriage life, all about your love relationship, and also the time of marriage. 

Your attitude towards love is also depicted by the marriage line in your palm. In between the base of the little finger and the heart line lies the marriage line. The longest line is considered for judgment in case there are multiple marriage lines

Everyone has marriage lines of different lengths, shapes, islands, chains, and numbers. They all reveal several meanings for your marriage life. With increasing age, the line is found to change. 

9 Types of Marriage Lines in Palm Reading According to Length and Shape 

Straight Long Marriage Line 

A straight long marriage lie implies that you are going to have a deep and long-lasting love. It indicates a gentle, passionate, and happy family. 

If your palm is having one deep and long line that is about to touch the Sunline, then it denotes that besides leading a happy married life, you will also have a high opportunity of achieving success after marriage. 

Short Marriage Line

A short and single marriage line implies a lack of passion towards the opposite sex. A shallow line implies that you will have a lack of patience towards your partner. It will become hard to have a deep love. In most cases, there is a chance of late marriage.

Curved Marriage Line

An upward curved line implies that your financial status will be stable after marriage. A more risen line of marriage denotes a happier and more enjoyable married life.

Forked Marriage Line

A fork at the start showing a shape ‘Y’ is not a good sign for your married life. The bigger the fork, the bigger the problems will be. Though, this primarily means a reunion even after a breakup or separation. 

The marriage line with split ends indicates crisis and separation. There will be a confusing atmosphere prevailing in the whole of your married life. Moreover, your career will become unstable after the age of 55. 

Broken Marriage Line

A broken marriage line refers to setbacks in love or marriage. Partners are more likely to end up having a divorce. Serious situations are likely to arise, leading to quarrels. If the line has short breaks, then there shall not be many problems and you can patch up easily. 

Islands in Marriage Line

It indicates a psychological incompatibility with your partner and his family. 

  1. Island at the beginning of the line shows a not very smooth love relationship before marriage.
  2. Island in the middle denotes twists and turns in love.
  3. Island at the end of the line indicates obstacles after marriage.

Unfavourable marriage and relationships are denoted by multiple islands in the marriage line. 

X-sign Marriage Line

This sign is inauspicious in palmistry. It is chiefly a sign of trouble and crisis in love life. 

Overlapping of Lines

It indicates a not very ideal relationship or marriage. It also refers to a love triangle that arises because of your partner. Life will become hard, especially after marriage.

Grilles Marriage Line 

This type of marriage line means that you will have an abnormality in your sex life. Moreover, it will be hard for the singles to find a good partner. There will be ups and downs and marriage is likely to break after middle age.

Marriage Line in Female Hand: Which Hand to Read? 

The marriage line in female hand is determined mainly by the right hand. For females, the right hand is considered if the female is under the age of 30 and unmarried. 

Though it is not a hard and fast rule to consider the right hand, yet, palm reading marriage line for girls is done by convention as said in palmistry in the early ages. So, palmists prefer to consider the left hand of females only after they get married or engaged. 

Palm reading for Male: Which Hand to Read? 

Both for bachelors and married men and single men, the left hand is the most convenient one to be considered by the palmists for best results.

Meaning of Many or No Marriage Lines Decoded! 

One of the most frequently asked questions is that what is the meaning of two or three marriage lines in female hand or male hand? According to palmistry, individuals are more likely to have multiple marriage lines. Here we go with the various number of marriage lines and what they imply.

No marriage line

It is not that if you do not have a marriage line, you won’t get married. It means that you usually do not pay much attention to your love life and are more focused on your career.

Only One Marriage Line

It indicates a clear marriage, but one that lacks intense sexual chemistry. The stability of the marriage is ruled by several factors. If your spouse will be egoistic, the marriage will not be very ideal. 

Two marriage lines

If the two lines are parallel and of the same length, then it refers to a tortuous married life. There is a chance of separation though you will reunite.

More Than One Marriage Line

Many people have multiple marriage lines. It is not very accurate and nothing to be worried about. The longest one is considered in this regard.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is marriage line palm reading accurate?

Yes. Palmistry is an age-old branch of astrology. According to Vedic scriptures, the lines of your hand reveal your future. So, when read by an expert palm reader, the predictions are pretty accurate.

2. Which line shows divorce in palmistry?

The divorce palm reading marriage line is denoted by some specific type of lines. Divorce in palmistry is shown by waved or chained lines and broken lines. Moreover, partners are likely to get divorced if there’s a downward curve in the marriage line.

3. What does one marriage line mean in palm reading?

One marriage line means a single marriage though it varies on the intensity and the shape and the length of the line.

4. What line is the marriage line in palm reading?

The line lying between the base of the little finger and the heart line implies the marriage line in palmistry.

5. Where is the marriage line on your hand in palm reading?

In palm reading, the marriage line lies between the heart line and the base of the little finger. For males and females, you need to check the left hand and the right hand respectively. Though, conventionally it is believed that palmists must check the left hand of females after marriage.

6. Which is the marriage line hand in females?

The right hand is considered for the females. After they cross the age of 30, many palmists may check the left hand too.

7. Which hand should be read for marriage lines in males?

For males, it is always preferred by the palmists to check the left hand. This is valid both for married and single males.

8. Which is the love marriage line in palm reading?

The love marriage line lies underneath your pinky finger but a bit outside the hand. This line lies between the base of the pinky finger and the heart line.

9. What is the meaning of three marriage lines in female hand?

Three marriage lines in palmistry refers to the poor conception of life. It also tells that you are going to have a troubled marriage if you are unable to continue your wisdom.