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Mundan Muhurat in 2023 – Know Auspicious Day for Mundan | मुंडन संस्कार मुहूर्त 2023

Mundan Muhurat in 2023 – Know Auspicious Day for Mundan | मुंडन संस्कार मुहूर्त 2023

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Knowing a Shubh Muhurat for Mundan is a very important exercise because it is one of the most significant rites to do after the birth of a child. However, one might wonder why we have to do a Mundan and go to such lengths to find a Mundan Muhurtat in 2023 (मुंडन संस्कार मुहूर्त 2023). What is the point of it, for example?

This can be illustrated with a simple example that you can try out for yourself. Go on a walk in the woods and try to prune a tree while leaving it alone for a while. When you return to the tree after a few days and check at the pruned spot, you’ll discover that the pruned spot has the most leaves sprouting out of it. Why? You might inquire. That’s because the tree directs all of its energy to the trimmed region as soon as it recognizes it. This is the most effective way of assisting the tree’s growth.

This scientific fact also applies to humans. Pruning a tree in the human form is known as Mundan. The energy in the body flows to the head as you do so. And when it happens, you’ll notice a shift in your mental state. Negative energies that make their way out of our bodies through our heads can also be removed with the Mundan or shaving head.

Importance Of Mundan Muhurat 2023

In Hinduism, sixteen rituals are observed and conducted, all of which date back to the good old Vedic days and have been accepted by the sages. These rites begin with a person’s birth and terminate with his or her death. Tonsure, also known as Mundan Sanskar, is the eighth of sixteen rites that individuals perform with entire dedication and trust. Regardless of how modern one may be, most people do not ignore such rites at any cost, as their faith in such activities always pushes them to see the positive side of things. Also, as parents, participating in the Mundan ceremony and attempting to locate a Mundan Muhurat in 2023 (मुंडन संस्कार मुहूर्त 2023) is the very least one can do for their precious kid.

When a child is conceived, the effect of his or her previous birth’s good and bad deeds may be left on a strand of his or her hair. This is why, when a child’s hair is cut, it is done as needed, in accordance with all customs and arrangements. Completing Mundan Sanskar 2023 rites is popularly considered to boost a child’s physical strength, mental ability, and scholastic development. Because of its significance, people chose the Shubh Mundan Muhurat to execute this rite. Here are the most important elements to remember when calculating the Mundan Muhurat 2023.

Things to Consider When Selecting the Mundan Muhurat 2023

Because of the significance of the Mundan event, people will pay great attention to choosing the best Shubh Muhurat for Mundan in 2023. People consult a priest or an astrologer to determine the correct Mundan ceremony dates, and 2023 is no exception. As a result, the astrologer looks through the child’s Kundli to find the Shubh Muhurat for Mundan.

Many elements play a role in determining this Muhurat. Nakshatra, Vaar, Tithi, planet placement, and so on are some of these elements. Here’s a rundown of the elements that go into determining the Shubh Mundan Muhurat for the year 2023.

  • Auspicious Year – According to astrology, a male child’s Tonsure rituals should be performed in an odd year, such as the 3rd, 5th, or 7th, and a female child’s Tonsure rituals should be performed in an even year, such as the 4th, 6th, or 8th.
  • Auspicious Nakshatra – Jyestha, Mrigashira, Revathi, Chitra, Hasta, Ashwini, Pushya, Swati, Punarvasu, Shravan, Dhanishtha, and Shatabhisha are all good Nakshatras for Mundan.
  • Auspicious Vaar – If you’re looking for a Mundan Muhurat in 2023, make sure it occurs on one of the following days: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday.
  • Auspicious Vaar – The Mundan ceremony is best held on the tithi of Dwitiya, Tritiya, Panchami, Saptami, Dashami, Ekadashi, or Thrayodashi.
  • Auspicious Lagna – Dwitiya, Tritiya, Chaturthi, Shashthi, Navami, and Dwadashi are the most auspicious lagnas for Mundan Muhurat 2023.
  • Auspicious Month – Tonsure should be performed in the long stretch of Aashadh before Ashadhi Ekadashi in 2023, exactly as it is in the lengthy times of Magh and Phalguna.
  • Inauspicious Month – During the months of Chaitra, Vaishakha, and Jyeshtha, no mundane rites should be undertaken.

Here are all of the Shubh Mundan Muhurat in 2023 that you may apply.

Shubh Mundan Muhurats In January 2023

Date Shubh Muhurat Nakshatra
Jan 23, Mon 07:17 AM to 07:17 AM Dhanishta
Jan 27, Fri 06:36 PM to 07.15 AM Ashwini

Shubh Mundan Muhurats In February 2023

Date Shubh Muhurat Nakshatra
Feb 03, Fri 06:18 AM to 06:58 PM Punarvasu
Feb 10, Fri 07.58 AM to 07:06 AM Hasta
Feb 24, Fri 03:44 AM to 12:31 AM Ashwini

Shubh Mundan Muhurats In March 2023

Date Shubh Muhurat Nakshatra
1 Mar 01, Wed 06:50 AM to 09:52 AM Mrigashirsha
Mar 02, Thur 12:43 PM to 07:55 PM Punarvasu
Mar 09, Thur 04:20 AM to 09:21 AM Hasta
Mar 18, Sat 02:46 AM to 06:31 AM Shravan

Shubh Mundan Muhurats In April 2023

Date Shubh Muhurat Nakshatra
Apr 14, Fri 11.13 PM to 6.00 AM Shravana
Apr 24, Mon 08.25 AM to 02:07 AM Mrigashirsha:
Apr 26, Wed 11:28 AM to 01:39 PM Punarvasu

Shubh Mundan Muhurats In May 2023

Date Shubh Muhurat Nakshatra
May 03, Wed 05:43 AM to 11:50 PM Hast
May 08, Mon 05:39 AM to 07:19 AM Jyeshtha
May 11, Thur 10:17 PM to 09:07 AM Shravan
May 17, Wed 07:39 AM to 10:28 PM Ashwini
May 22, Mon 05:31 AM to 10:37 AM Mrigashirsha
May 24, Wed 05:30 AM to, 03:01 AM Punarvasu
30 May 30, Tue 4:29 AM to 05:28 AM Hasta

Shubh Mundan Muhurats In June 2023

Date Shubh Muhurat Nakshatra
June 01, Thur 01:39 PM to 06:53 AM Swati
June 07, Wed 09:51 PM to 06:59 PM Shravana
June 10, Sat 03:09 AM to 05:26 AM Shatabhisha
June 14, Wed 05:26 AM to 08:48 AM Ashwini
June 19, Mon 08:10 PM to, 05:27 AM Punarvasu
June 21, Wed 05:27 AM to 03:10 PM Pushya
June 28, Wed 05:29 AM to, 03:19 AM Chitra

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