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Know these 6 Most Craziest (Pagal) Zodiac Signs

Know these 6 Most Craziest (Pagal) Zodiac Signs

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Some zodiac signs love to be crazy, fun, quirky, or irrational. These people are scarcely frightened to act. These people have very unusual patterns of thinking and are generally open to exploring crazy ideas.

For these people, craziness is a part of life, and they don’t even repent of their eccentric behaviour a bit.

As per astrology, there are some zodiac signs, that have the propensity to be insane, here is the list of those 6 zodiac signs, that could be the craziest on their day.


Aries is a fiery and volatile zodiac sign. They hate monotony and are constantly on the search for new and interesting things. Not only that, but aries have a tendency to do crazy and ridiculous activities.

They have little self-control when angry and will wreck the first thing they see, making them one of the craziest zodiac signs. Act first, think afterwards is their motto.


Aquarians, as one of the strongest zodiac signs, have an unquenchable drive to stand apart from their contemporaries.

The Aquarius zodiac sign is ruled by Saturn. As a result, individuation, differentiation, creativity, and rebellion against the status quo are their core desires.

Their uniqueness and charm are always out of the usual. Their strong brains, along with their need to stand out, may drive them to be exceedingly crazy.


From a Cancerian, one anticipates a slew of niceties that, once learned, never truly stick. Cancer will drive you insane, and not only because they are fickle and reckless; it will gut you because they are expert deceivers. No other sign has the power to stab a friend in the back like the Cancers.


Leos are known for being the life of the party. Leo appreciates being the centre of attention. Not only that, but they are loud and do daring, humorous things to stand out in a crowd. Their incessant competition for attention causes Leo’s craziness. They want to be praised for every move they take, no matter how minor.


Libra deceives. They do it to save face because saving face is the story of their entire lives.

They don’t own up to anything, and they don’t accept responsibility for any harm they cause to anyone in this life. They get away with that “pleasant” persona, but others constantly notice that beneath that mask is a liar who doesn’t want to be found out.


 Scorpio certainly looks to be cool, calm and collected. But, behind the surface, they are filled with fears and are preoccupied with other people’s opinions, even if they won’t admit it to themselves. If you provoke a Scorpio, proceed with caution! They are always ready to snap and destroy anyone who emotionally affects them. Scorpios are notorious for their wild-eyed rage and craziness.