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Most Romantic Zodiac Sign (in Females)! Find Out if You’re One

Most Romantic Zodiac Sign (in Females)! Find Out if You’re One

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It is very difficult to define love in a fixed set of words. Women, being the most complex and mysterious creatures in the world, have a very different opinion when it comes to love and romance. Surprisingly, zodiac signs play a big role in deciding how a woman loves. Yours may or may not be the most romantic zodiac sign, but if you’re curious to find out whether you’re on our list of which zodiac sign is the best lover, you’ll just love this guide.

5 Hopelessly Romantic Female Zodiac Signs

It is not necessary that everybody’s idea of romance is the same. Some female zodiac signs are passionate lovers, some are silent lovers, some are old-school lovers, some are practical lovers, and the list goes on and on and on. We have ranked the 5 most romantic zodiac signs that are different in a lot of ways, yet they’re hardcore romantics at heart.

Top 5 romantic females zodiac



Cancer zodiac is the most romantic zodiac sign because women born with this zodiac sign wear their hearts on their sleeves. We do not mean that they offer their love to every second man they meet, what we mean is that when a cancer woman is in love, she becomes selfless.

  1. A cancer woman in love is a nerdy romantic.
  2. She believes in classic novels kind of love.
  3. She won’t give up on her partner so easily.
  4. She makes special efforts to make her partner feel pampered.
  5. She’s a great listener and will hold onto every word you’re saying.

A Cancer Woman in Bed

Intimacy is an integral part of the cancer zodiac sign. If you’ve been wondering which zodiac sign is the best lover in bed, now you have the answer.

  1. A cancer woman takes time to charge you up.
  2. She needs a lot of touching.
  3. She’s bold and feisty.
  4. She’s a gentle lover who takes time to assure maximum pleasure for both of you.


Surprised that a woman as headstrong as Taurus could be second on the list of most romantic zodiac signs? Well, don’t be. If you know a Taurus woman, you also know that she’s a mystery.

A Taurus woman in love is too much of everything – she’s too expressive, she’s too accepting, she’s too selfless. If she’s in love with you, you’re a very lucky man.

  1. She won’t think twice to spend money on you.
  2. She’ll buy the most expensive and exquisite gifts for you.
  3. She doesn’t wait for a special occasion to show love.
  4. You’ll be her entire universe.

A Taurus Woman in Bed

A Taurus woman is an imaginative lover. She’s sensual and the ultimate key to pleasing her is foreplay. She’s not the one who believes in a quickie. When she’s wild, she’s too much to handle.

  1. She’ll be willing to experiment.
  2. She’s a tease. Don’t expect plain boring sex when she’s in her element.
  3. She’s a quick learner too.


We wouldn’t dare to leave a Pisces woman out of our list of the most romantic zodiac signs ever. A Pisces woman is a hardcore old-school romantic. She enjoys even the silent patches in a relationship.

  1. She can spend hours admiring you without saying a word.
  2. Her eyes light up the minute she sees her lover.

A Pisces woman in love doesn’t need a diamond. A love letter or kiss on the forehead is enough to keep her happy.

She’s an old soul and believes in medieval-type romance. When she lovers you, you’re her one and only.


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A Pisces Woman in Bed

Now, we’re talking, but she’s not! She has a tornado of sexual energy that’ll leave you exhausted but happily exhausted.

  1. She’s very wild in bed.
  2. She likes it when her man takes charge of things in bed.


Venus is her ruling planet, what else do you expect from her if not passionate love? When in love, she stops thinking about herself and thinks only about the desires of her partner.

If you have a Libra woman in your life, you’ll be a fool to let her go. Remember, a Libra woman never cheats.

A Libra Woman in Bed

Venus is the planet of passion, romance, and sexual energy. Naturally, a Libra woman has a very big sexual appetite. 

  1. She’s crazy and might shock the life out of you in bed.
  2. Put on some romantic music and that’ll get her in her element.
  3. She likes to take charge once in a while. Just let her play with your body and she’ll be happy to let you play with hers.


She’s a woman of few words. Her actions speak more than her words. You might not see her writing poems in your praise or buying ridiculously expensive gifts. But the small gestures that she does will steal your heart.

  1. She will happily cook for you.
  2. She’ll keep your house clean.
  3. If she ever overhears that you were craving to eat something, the next day you’ll find that something in your refrigerator.

A Virgo woman is a hopeless romantic but a woman who cannot be mushy all the time. She’s going to be your best friend and your biggest critic.

A Virgo Woman in Bed

A Virgo woman is a woman of few words in the true sense in bed too. She speaks less, her eyes speak more, and her actions speak the most.

  1. She knows what you like the most in bed and she won’t refrain from using it to lure you.

She’s feisty and a volcano bubbling with sexual energy.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Zodiac sign females are hopeless romantics?

Cancer zodiac sign is the most hopeless romantic at the core. It’s closely followed by Taurus, Pisces, Libra, and Virgo. All these ladies are so much in love that their partner is their only priority.


2. Which zodiac sign is the best lover?

Cancer and Libra are the most passionate lovers in bed. They take their time to get in the mood and when they do, they’re unstoppable, wild, bold, and willing to experiment.


3. Which is the best female zodiac sign to marry?

We’d say, Virgo. Virgo women are very homely and they know how to manage the little annoying habits of yours. Life after marriage with a Virgo woman is less of an adjustment since she knows you practically too.

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