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14 Neelam stone benefits and the right vidhi to wear it for good luck

14 Neelam stone benefits and the right vidhi to wear it for good luck

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Neelam is a precious gemstone that is associated with good luck and health. If you want to enjoy the lucky benefits of Neelam stone, then here’s the ultimate guidebook on how to wear it and when to wear it.

How to wear Neelam Gemstone for good luck and fortune?

Also known as Blue Sapphire and one of the best gemstones of all the 9 Navratnas, the Neelam stone is governed by the mighty Lord Saturn. If pleased, he will bestow fortune but if angered, he’s the destroyer of all good luck.

Neelam stone benefits can be reaped only when it’s worn in the right way. 

The correct vidhi to wear the Neelam Gemstone

Lord Saturn is one of the planets that’s known for its discipline. So, whatever you do, wear blue sapphire in the right manner.

  1. Finding out if Neelam is the right navratna for your zodiac – Consult an astrologer first to find out if neelam gemstone is right for you based on the current dashas in your kundali (birth-chart).
  2. Carats and weight matter – Once it’s established that neelam can indeed be your lucky stone, choosing the purest one, 4 to 5 carats, is what will bring goodluck.
  3. Metals that yield best neelam stone benefits – Make sure that you wear the blue sapphire ring in platinum, panchdhatu, gold, or silver bands only.
  4. The finger for neelam stone – Neelam gemstone is supposed to be worn in the middle finger of the right hand only.
  5. The right day to wear blue Sapphire – Saturday, that’s the day of Lord Saturn, is the ideal day to wear the neelam gemstone ring.
  6. Time of the day matters too – astrologers suggest that you should wear neelam gemstone before the sun sets in the evening. You can also wear neelam during Shukla Paksha in the morning on Saturday.
  7. Clarity of this navratna is the Key – if you really want to enjoy neelam stone benefits, ensure that you wear the purest stone available.
  8. Mantras to call upon Lord Saturn – surround the stone with 5 incense sticks. Burn them and start wearing the ring in the middle finger of the right hand while chanting the mantra, Om Shan Shanishcharay Namah, 5 times.
  9. Do charity – neelam stone benefits find people who donate oil, salt, and mustard seeds to the needy and poor.


More Ways to Please Lord Saturn

Offer milk and water and pour them on a shivalinga. Also, do not wear the Neelam gemstone for more than 4 years without checking it with your astrologer.


14 Neelam stone benefits that’ll make your life easy

Neelam gemstone can fulfil all your wishes and desires when and if it suits you. The 15 amazing neelam stone benefits that its bearer should know about are as follows.

It will protect you from the negative effects of sade sati

With the mercy of Lord Saturn, you’ll be spared from most of the troubles that are otherwise known to accompany Sade Sati.

 It will bestow wisdom and knowledge

Your thought process will clarify and you’ll develop a better understanding in life. It will boost intelligence and clear all the confusion from your life.

 It will improve concentration

One of the strongest navratna, neelam stone is known to improve focus by reducing distraction. As a result, it helps students excel at studies.


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It will restore mental peace

Curing depression is one of the best neelam stone benefits that starts showing its effects from the very day it’s worn. It’s believed that neelam instantly surges positive energy that can reduce anxiety and stress in no time.

 It will improve many health conditions

Blue sapphire is believed to be a rare stone that offers relief to people who suffer from acute as well as chronic stomach disorders.

 It will increase your wealth

Money and fame will find your address and you will excel in your career like never before. You will earn a lot of respect in the society and will enjoy a very good social reputation.

 It brings along power

Lord Saturn is the God of power and dominance. If he’s the one who is looking after you, you will enjoy the similar status that he commands in between other cosmic powers. People will start looking up to you and following your words like a command.

 It will bring peace to your domestic life

You will enjoy blissful family life. Your relationship with your spouse and parents will be extremely smooth.

 It will make you wiser

Wealth and fame are one thing, but what really matters the most in life is spiritual knowledge. And Neelam stone will make you much more intellectual and receptive. Not only will it make you calmer and better, but it will also make you wiser.

 It will give wings to your creativity

This is one of the best Neelam stone benefits that are no less than a blessing for creatives in the field of art, writing, and theatre. You’ll be able to imagine things that were earlier way beyond your mind.

 It will cure neurological disorders

Neuro disorders are some of the worst inhibiting disorders that one can suffer from. Whether it’s amnesia, insomnia, or a nervous breakdown, Neelam stone can cure them all.

 It will increase your popularity

Everyone will be amazed with the new energy that you’ll radiate. Your aura will, thus, make people want to be around you. You will never feel lonely or ignored ever again.

 It will protect you from mishaps

One of the biggest neelam stone benefits is that it will work as your shield and protect you from accidents, illness and diseases, storms, fires, floods, and much much more.

 It will make you fearless

Neelam stone will take away all your terrors and you’ll be able to get rid of all phobias you ever had.

Henceforth, if neelam stone is your lucky stone and Lord Saturn has a kind eye on you, your entire life will be a worthy one.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are Neelam Stone Benefits?

Neelam stone is known to improve health and increase power and wealth. It also brings peace in married life and offers protection from accidents.

2. Does Neelam stone really work?

According to astrology, if neelam stone is suitable for you, it does work. It will make you powerful and wealthy and will bless you with good luck.

3. Why wear Neelam in Sade Sati?

It is believed that if someone is going through Sade sati (Shani Mahadasha), the ill-effects of Sade Sati are reduced by wearing a Neelam ring. It should be worn on a Saturday only.

4. What is the correct procedure to wear a Neelam ring?

It should be worn on a Saturday. The band should be Gold, Silver, Panchdhatu, or Platinum. Also, you should chant Shani Mantra 5 times while wearing a Neelam stone ring.

5. In which finger should Neelam stone be worn?

It is best to wear a Neelam ring on the middle finger of the right hand. Also, the ring should be more than 4 carats.

6. Who should not wear Neelam Stone?

Pisces horoscope should never wear a neelam stone. Shani dev is known to bear animosity with Neelam.

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