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Red coral and its benefits: How to wear it in the right way?

Red coral and its benefits: How to wear it in the right way?

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Gemstones have always been fascinating navratnas that hold a great amount of significance in human life. One of those navratnas that has many benefits to offer is red coral that’s also known as moonga. 

Some interesting reasons that gemstones are considered so valuable in terms of astrology are as follows. 

  1. All 9 gemstones, including red coral, govern the 9 planets as we know them. 
  2. A gemstone specific to the planet it governs can increase the benefits that the planet offers. 
  3. A gemstone can cut off or, at least, reduce the bad luck that is often associated with different doshas in the birth chart. 

Now, red coral is the gemstone that governs the planet Mars that’s also known as mangal. Mangal graha, as explained in astrology, is the planet of wrath and fury. If aggravated, it brings along destruction and negativity and that’s what red coral is for – to save you from the ill effects of mangal. 

That’s just one benefit of red coral, there are many others. Those are the ones, alongside the right way to wear red coral, that we have listed below. Have a look and learn. 

How to wear red coral properly so that it brings good luck?

Just like other valuable gemstones like sapphire and emerald, red coral, too, has to be worn in the right way by following the right vidhi. 

So, here’s what you need to bear in mind when wearing moonga. 

  1. The ideal weightred coral that you’re buying has to be at least 7 carats in order to bless you with good luck. 
  2. The right metal – first, wear red coral in a ring and second, the band of the ring should be either gold or copper. 
  3. The finger matters too – moonga will be beneficial only if it’s worn in the ring finger of the working hand. It’s also necessary that the gemstone touches the skin. 
  4. The day and the time to wear red coral – the day should be Tuesday, the time should be close to sunrise. Also, make sure that the Tuesday you choose should fall in Shukla Paksha. 
  5. The Cleaning Vidhi – you can’t just randomly slide the ring in your finger. It has to go through thorough cleansing first. You can use gangaajal or cow milk or fresh water (or a mixture of all 3) and put the ring in it for 10 minutes. 
  6. Mantra to chant while wearing the ring – face east as soon as the sun starts appearing at the horizon and start sliding the ring in the ring finger while chanting, Om Mangalay Naham, and recite it 108 times. 

Once you’ve worn red coral, or if you’re trying to decide whether or not you should wear it, you should probably know about the benefits that it offers. If interested, then just read through until the very end. 

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10 amazing benefits of wearing red coral 

Red coral is a precious gemstone that offers the following 10 benefits. 

  1. It brings along victory – when you wear this gemstone, it will keep you two steps ahead of your competitors and enemies. You’ll win at everything you do and excel in your career like never before. 
  2. It spreads positivity – first up, a red coral ring will make you active and second, it will wipe off all the negativity from your surroundings. You’ll have a positive outlook towards life. 
  3. It takes away all mental problems – whether it’s depression, anxiety, stress, or confusion, red coral will wipe it all away from your life. Thus, you’ll get a lot of mental peace and experience satisfaction in your life. 
  4. It takes away all the fears – the one reason that you start excelling at everything you do after wearing red coral is that this gemstone will make you fearless. You will not cower away from anything and will take risks that you couldn’t take earlier. 
  5. It improves the social reputation – you will become so positive and so full of ideas that people will start believing in you. They will come to you to get their problems resolved and will take your word as a command. As a result, your social status and power will increase dramatically. 
  6. It has healing powers – wearing red coral not just improves mental health, it is also an amazing gemstone that can help with skin problems. It is also believed that moonga can heal wounds and cuts and offer blood purification. 
  7. It helps in anger management – mangal can make a person extremely violent and aggressive. This is why red coral is the best gemstone for temper issues. It calms down the ill effects of Mars that will make you a much calmer person.
  8. It makes domestic life peaceful – violence is the one reason that causes estrangement in a marriage. Since wearing red coral will reduce your anger, your partner will most likely be able to, finally, emotionally connect with you. 
  9. It makes the bearer more receptive – you’ll experience the sudden positive change that you’ll have a lesser and lesser ego. You’ll get the ability to listen to others just as much as you like yourself being heard. This will certainly make you popular and trustworthy. 
  10. It brings along wealth red coral will open the gates of better opportunities for you at work. Expect promotions and a salary hike that will change your fortune. 

So, to be precise, red coral can single-handedly resolve all the problems in your personal and professional life. However, make sure that it will suit you. Remember, not all gemstones are for everybody. Thus, visit an astrologer and wear red coral only upon their suggestion.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the benefits of red coral stone in astrology?

A red coral in astrology is known to bring victory, power, and health. Many astrologers also believe that wearing red coral reduces anger and negativity.

2. Who should wear red coral?

A red coral is known to be the most beneficial healing stone for people with Aries zodiac sign.

3. Is red coral lucky?

Yes. It is governed by Planet Mars. Not only lucky, a red coral stone is also known to heal wounds and cuts.

4. How to wear red coral gemstone properly?

It should be worn on a Tuesday (the day of Planet Mars). Also, make sure that the red coral you’re wearing is at least 7 carats and it should have a gold or copper band only.

5. How to maximize red coral stone benefits?

Whether you’re wearing red coral in a pendent or a ring, the stone should touch the skin. Also, it’s important that a red coral ring is worn on the ring finger of the working hand. Last, chant Om Mandalay Namah 108 times while wearing the ring.

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