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Can Numerology Really Change Your Luck? We have the Answer

Can Numerology Really Change Your Luck? We have the Answer

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Numerology can help you in finding out everything about your life partner and what your career would be like. All that you have to know is the hidden meaning behind all the numbers from 1 to 9.

Numerology is a wonderful part of astrology that can help you in finding out a lot of things like your date of marriage, the kind of qualities your life partner will have, whether yours will be a love marriage or an arranged one, and also whether you’ll be rich or not.

Excited to find out what destiny holds for you? Then, just have a look at the wonderful facts that we have compiled exclusively for you.

What is numerology exactly?

Numerology is the Vedic method that uses either the date of birth of a person or the alphabets of the name in order to predict the future in a lot of interesting ways.

Name numerology by alphabets

When an astrologer uses your name to find out your future, they focus on finding three things – your power number, your personality number, and the urge number of your soul. These three numbers are then used to predict what your future would be.


Date of birth numerology

Numerology by date of birth focuses on finding three different things – your birth number, your path number, and your attitude number.

Whichever of the two ways of numerology are used, they have the same focus – predicting the future and offering possible remedies to reduce the effects of doshas in a birth chart.

Now, it’s quite natural to feel the urge to understand which number stands for which personality trait according to vedic astrology. If that’s what you’re trying to figure out too, then we have the answers.


Meaning of numbers (from 1 to 9) in numerology

  • Number 1 – it predicts and signifies independence and individuality.

  • Number 2 – the number 2 is also known as the emotional number. It is associated with relationships.

  • Number 3 – it signifies self-discovery and realizing the path that’s right for you.

  • Number 4 – it’s a pure signification of hard work and dedication.

  • Number 5 – this is the number that’s associated with adventure and freedom.

  • Number 6 – it signifies domestic life.

  • Number 7 – it is the number of spiritual knowledge.

  • Number 8 – it is the number that’s related to wealth, fame, and fortune.

  • Number 9 – signifies the conclusion.

Now that you know which number signifies which trait in a person, it is time that we also take you through the different ways in which numerology can actually make your life better.

Benefits of Numerology Predictions

Most people blame destiny for their failure. The only regret that they have in life is that nobody predicted what would happen in the future.

This is exactly where numerology can actually help. You’ll be able to see the major developments in your life that, according to astrology, would happen in the future. Needless to say, knowing what’s about to come can help people in a lot of ways. And those are the kinds of benefits that we will be discussing below.

  1. It will channelize you on the right path

Numerology can predict which career will be able to offer you the best growth opportunities. In this way, you’ll be able to avoid what’s not a strong point and will instead set you on the path that will lead to success.

  1. It will prepare you for the worse

One of the things about knowing specifics about the future, especially the ones that cannot be changed, is that it gives the person enough time to come to terms to face the worst.

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  1. It will help you in decision making

Sometimes it is very hard to make the right decision in life. And numerology can help you in picking the best one since you would know which path is better for you in terms of money as well as spirituality. 

  1. It will guide you towards a better relationship

You can find out whether the person you love is the right person for you. Based on the numerology predictions, you’ll be able to understand what’s best for you. As a result, you’ll be able to enjoy the following benefits.

  • You will have a better chance of leading a good married life.
  • You will be able to distinguish whether a person is right for you or not.
  • You will already know the kinds of traits that you should avoid in a person.

In other words, you’ll be able to choose a better life partner who will respect your feelings and will be loyal and honest.

  1. It will help you in your business

We have already mentioned that the number 9 in numerology signifies a conclusion. It means that you’ll know when it is time to wrap up a commitment and move onto a new venture. In other words, you would know:

  • The most auspicious time to start any new business.
  • The best businesses you should invest in.
  1. It increases the chances that you’ll succeed

With the predictions of numerology, you’ll be able to plan better and learn better. You’ll be able to manage your time better too. And the result would be guaranteed success in completing tasks that most other people will find difficult. In other words, your work will not just get noticed but also appreciated.

  1. It gives you a better outlook

When you know what you have and what’s better for you, you are able to choose what your heart wants. And since you already know the impact of the choices that you will make, you’ll be at much more peace with the results of the choice. Some of the benefits of this approach are as follows.

  • You’ll be a much more positive person than you currently are.
  • You will be able to look at life in a better way since you’ll understand the true meaning of life and its purpose.

These are the ways in which numerology can change the life of a person. However, bear in mind that though it’s your karma that decides your quality of life, no matter what you do, you cannot change your past. As long as it’s your future that matters to you, there’s nothing better than numerology that can help you be the better version of yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the significance of numerology?

Numerology can predict what career you should choose and the kind of spouse you will get.

2. What is the meaning of name numerology by alphabets?

Finding out your power number, soul number, and personality number to predict your future is what name numerology by alphabets is all about.

3. What is the meaning of date of birth numerology?

Astrologers use your DOB to find out your birth number, path number, and attitude number to predict future.

4. Are numerology predictions accurate?

Many astrologers do believe that numerology predictions are pretty accurate. Every number has a meaning and decoding that meaning gives you insights on how you can make your life better.

5. What are the benefits of numerology predictions?

They make you better prepared for the future. You are able to make better decisions, improve your relationships, and achieve success in your business/career.