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Interesting Personality of People Born on Monday Decoded! Find out What it Means to be Born on Monday

Interesting Personality of People Born on Monday Decoded! Find out What it Means to be Born on Monday

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Monday is the day that’s dedicated to the planet Moon which is known as Chandra Dev in Hinduism. According to Vedic astrology, the Moon is a sensitive planet that rules the mind. Needless to say, sensitive nature can affect the decision-making capability and people who make decisions under the influence of emotions on an impulse are somewhat unpredictable. So, whether or not people born on Monday are emotionally unpredictable depends upon the condition of the Moon in their birth chart. If it is afflicted or weak, it might play with the minds of the natives. But if it’s strong, there’s nothing and nobody who can defeat these people. 

If you want to know what it means to be born on Monday or you’re planning to date a Monday-Born personality, this guide has all the answers you’re looking for. Dive in! 

5 Facts about the Mysterious Personality of People Born on Monday

Monday is the luckiest day for the weak to be born on. People born on Monday are blessed by immense creativity and good luck. 

Moon is the planet that’s closest to the Earth. Hence, it affects the personality of people on Earth, especially, people born on Monday, the most. These people have fascinating personalities that set them apart from every other person. 

Looks of People Born on Monday: Are Monday Born People Attractive? 

Blessed with the charm of the Moon, people born on Monday are beyond the normal definition of beautiful. 

Men born on Monday are tall and they like to stay well-groomed. They’re not the lousy people who come to a date unshaven. These men are very much concerned about the way they look and dress up. They have a hot-shot CEO kind of personality. 

A girl born on Monday grows up to be a bright and brilliant woman with looks to die for. These ladies are somehow the prettiest women in a room, ALWAYS! They have glowing skin and a fair to rosy-pink complexion that makes them very desirable. They have a lush curvy body and they age like fine wine. 

Nature of People Born on Monday: What are the Traits of Monday Borns?

Moon makes these people sensitive and caring by nature. They’re some of the most non-violent creatures on Earth. 

  1. They Avoid Conflicts – People born on Monday like to keep their peace with the world. You’ll never find them getting involved in an unnecessary fight. 
  2. They are the Most Creative People on Earth These people are very intuitive and their mind is very imaginative. There’s not a single problem that they can’t solve. 
  3. They’re Silent Killers Peaceful? Yes! Fools? No. They won’t damage your ego on your face. But, they’ll badmouth you so much that you’ll be left aghast. This is the mean side of a Monday-Born personality. When they decide to tarnish the image of somebody who offends them, there’s no stopping unless they achieve their target. 
  4. They are Very Romantic People born on Monday are dream lovers. They’re always the peacemakers. They don’t like to fight. Hence, they’re the first ones to apologize. Otherwise egoistic, they’re selfless when in love. 
  5. They’re Jealous Lovers One of the reasons that dating a Monday-born personality can sometimes be overwhelming is that they’re jealous lovers. They can get too clingy at times. So, set some ground rules when you’re dating them to keep their jealousy undercover.
  6. They can Get Delirious When Heartbroken One of the worst things you can do to them is cheating on them. They get in a very disturbed state of mind. When heartbroken, they always take revenge. 
  7. They are Dangerous and very Vengeful if Backstabbed Monday-borns are very vengeful people. They avoid conflicts and some people take this trait as a weakness. Those are the kinds of people that bring out the worst in a Monday-born personality. You don’t want to face an angry Monday person. Period! 
  8. They are Moody This is one of the hardest parts of dating people born on Monday. These people are very moody. They can go completely silent from chattering in the blink of an eye. Since they’re touchy and emotional, you have to be mindful of what you say to them. Or else, you might have to curl your toes all night, coaxing them to speak to you again. The hardest part is, they cry and they cry a lot, especially the ladies!

Relationships of People Born on Monday: What is a Monday-Born Personality in Love Like?

People born on Monday are very mindful of the feelings of their partners. They’re very romantic, especially the men. They will take you out on date nights and long drives. They’ll plan lovely vacations and shower you with gifts. At the same time, they’re very jealous. 

Monday-born men can be too much of everything when they get jealous. That’s the hardest part of dating them. The ladies aren’t far behind either. They are very possessive and might disapprove of your lady friends a lot.

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The Career of People Born on Monday: What are the Best Jobs for Monday-Born People?

People born on Monday like being problem-solvers. They are very imaginative too. Besides, they are very motivating and can hold an entire team together. These traits of Monday-borns make them successful entrepreneurs. These people also flare well as poets, writers, architects, and actors. They have so much compassion that they actually do pretty well in the hospitality sector and the medical field (especially, nursing) too. 

Married Life of People Born on Monday: Is a Monday-Born Personality Individual Loyal? 

The married life of Monday-borns can be quite challenging because they’re moody people. It’s hard to keep up with their mood swings. Having said that, you won’t find a partner as loyal and loving as they are. 

Everything boils down to how well the partners of Monday-borns understand them. If their spouse is understanding, the marriage turns out exemplary. 

Things that Monday-Born People Should Know 

If you’re a Monday-born personality, you need to understand that romance comes with responsibilities. Yes, you manage the finances and fill your relationship with special moments, but you have to get your jealousy under control. If you are really in love and want to marry your partner, you’ll have to make slight amends to control your mood swings. Thankfully, astrology has many solutions that can make you an emotionally balanced person. 

  1. Worship Lord Shiva – Visit a Shiva temple every Monday. Chant the Panchakshari Mantra 108 times every day. It will please Lord Shiva and he’s the only deity who can reduce the restlessness that’s the result of the Moon messing with your emotions. 
  2. Wear a Moonstone Ring – Making your Moon calm is very important. Hence, wearing a moonstone ring will be very helpful for making your marriage successful. 
  3. Wear clothes According to Your Lucky Color – White, moon-silver, and cream are your lucky colors. Hence, wearing clothes of these colors will keep you calm and make you less restless. 

Start Important Things According to Your Lucky Number – 2 is your lucky number. Thus, start every work that you feel is important on the 2nd only.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it good to be born on Monday?

Yes, extremely. People born on Monday are blessed by the creative energy of the moon and they’re very attractive too.

2. What is the lucky color for people born on Monday?

Silver of the moon, white, and cream are the lucky colors for a Monday-born personality.

3. What is the luckiest day of the week to be born on?

Monday. It is believed that people born on Monday are very lucky and they enjoy a very successful career.

4. What are the Negative traits of people born on Monday?

They’re jealous and moody when in love. They are over-emotional and can mess things up when they make decisions on impulse. They silently target their enemies and badmouth the people they don’t like.

5. What are the positive traits of people born on Monday?

They’re very compassionate and loyal. They pamper their loved ones, help their colleagues, and are very peaceful by nature.

6. What happens if a girl is born on Monday?

She grows up to be a very attractive and goal-oriented woman. A girl born on Monday has motherly instincts, is very close to her mother, and is very creative and intuitive.

7. What does it mean to be born on Monday?

It means you’re born to rule the world and you’ll be a fortunate person. It also means you’re very easy to fall in love with.

8. What is the best career for a Monday-born personality?

These people are wonderful architects, poets, writers, and actors. They also flare well in the hospitality sector and nursing.