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Pluto and Its Significance in Astrology: What is Pluto Symbolism?

Pluto and Its Significance in Astrology: What is Pluto Symbolism?

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Change is one of the things that’s certain in everyone’s lives. Did you know that the planets are also changing at lightning-fast speed? As per NASA reports, Pluto is now larger in size. Did you know that Planet Pluto is quite relevant in astrology as well? 

Pluto is referred to as the ‘planet of destruction.’ Pluto symbolism is rebirth, transformation, and death. Even though it’s the last planet in the solar system, modern and western astrology take it into consideration. 

The planet is farthest from the sun, but it has a significant impact on zodiac signs as well as ascendant signs. 

As we mentioned before, Pluto signifies rebirth, but before that comes destruction. The planet will destroy various things in its journey towards rebirth. 

Here’s an in-depth article on Pluto symbolism. We will shed light on its negative and positive qualities and how it affects different zodiac signs. 

The Characteristics of Pluto – Positive and Negative 

Pluto is far away from all of us. It’s far from the big and bright sun and is also known as the ‘dwarf’ planet. It rules the zodiac sign Scorpio and is the ruler of the 8th house in astrology. 

Pluto has both negative and positive qualities. Although the ancient astrologers did not find it significant in astrology, modern and western astrologers have understood its characteristics and how Pluto symbolism affects different zodiac signs. 

Here is a sneak peek of the positive and negative qualities of this planet. 

The Positive Qualities of Pluto 

Don’t underestimate the power of this dwarf planet. This particular planet ensures that everyone goes beyond their comfort level. 

Pluto brings a major transformation in the native’s life. The planet is subtle since it’s far away from the sun, yet it still has significant effects on different zodiac signs (to be discussed later on in this guide on Pluto symbolism). 

The Negative Qualities of Pluto  

The qualities of Pluto include death, virus, waste, coercion, and obsession. Many people believe that Pluto’s energy is similar to Lord Shiva. He was the lord of destruction and experienced extreme anger. 

But Lord Shiva is also the lord of rebirth, and that’s why he is worshipped by many devotees. 

Planet Pluto can bring extreme dissolution and transformation in the native’s life. 

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Pluto Symbolism and Significance on Zodiac signs 

Pluto has different effects on different zodiac signs. Let’s give you an insight on ‘Pluto in the signs.’ 

  1. Aries Zodiac Sign Pluto in Aries is risk-loving and courageous. It can also be highly driven, focused, bold, and possessive on goals. 
  2. Taurus Zodiac Sign – Pluto in Taurus loves the feeling of being secure. The natives dislike sudden changes. 
  3. Gemini Zodiac Sign – Pluto in Gemini has the ability to get to the point and not wander. 
  4. Cancer Zodiac Sign – Pluto in Cancer will live in uncertainty and fear. People with this combination tend to be pessimistic and they like the idea of supervising other people. 
  5. Leo Zodiac Sign – These people like recognition and validation. They will constantly look for appreciation from everyone around them. Pluto in Leo zodiac sign is also self-centered. 
  6. Virgo Zodiac Sign Pluto in Virgo does not like the idea of being spontaneous. It makes the natives well-organized and methodical in all aspects of life. 
  7. Libra Zodiac Sign Pluto in Libra has a practical and clear mind. These people are extremely focused and their thoughts don’t go haywire. Finding balance would be crucial at some point. 
  8. Scorpio Zodiac Sign These people understand life and the good and bad that comes with it. Pluto in Scorpio lives by the notion of ‘everything or nothing.’ Taking risks is a part of their personality and nobody can stop them from doing so. 
  9. Sagittarius Zodiac Sign These people have a constant need to achieve their goals. Pluto in Sagittarius values independence. Hence, the natives don’t want to be tied down. High goals and expectations – the natives will not stop till they achieve what they want. 
  10. Capricorn Zodiac Sign These people might run away from other people. There is a constant fear that someone may hurt them or will try to take away their freedom. Pluto in Capricorn is all about having high ambitions and leading an independent life. 
  11. Aquarius Zodiac Sign The natives like to live life in an extreme manner. They are cut out from the real world and might need a reality check at times. 
  12. Pisces Zodiac Sign Pluto symbolism in Pisces is all about intuition. The natives follow their hearts and might end up getting hurt in the journey of life. These people are sensitive and very emotional. There are times when they feel too much. 

The Bright and the Dark Side of the Dwarf Planet 

There are some good planets and there are some bad planets. Pluto fits both categories. Even if there are some good planets, they may have certain negative effects. Let’s take the example of Venus – it can hurt you if the power isn’t used constructively. 

Similarly, if you do not use the energy of Pluto constructively, it can harm you and the people around you. 

Pluto has a hunger for power and there is a problem of destructive attitude as well. Even though Pluto is a small planet, it is intense. 

Concluding Thoughts:

Pluto gives you a major lesson of life – if you have the power, channelize it. The planet wants you to unlock the power within you.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does Pluto signify in astrology?

Pluto represents the sphere of life where you will personally be confronted with the powerful forces of creation and destruction in your birth chart. It’s the portal through which volatile compressed pockets of self, spirit, and primal energy are buried, waiting to be liberated by our own efforts or by external stimuli.

2. Is Pluto the planet of power?

The Powerful Planet. Pluto is the most distant planet in our solar system, and it is also the most distant from the Sun. It was only recently discovered, having been discovered (although in a weak light) in 1930.

3. Is Pluto a malefic planet?

Although Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto are not formally allocated, when they are in an unfavourable aspect, they can be deemed malefic (distance between the planets).

4. What is Pluto energy?

Pluto has a very strong and forceful energy. The bb planet denotes the emotional underbelly, the subconscious mind, and what lies beneath the surface.

5. Is Pluto more powerful than Saturn?

Because their powers are difficult to measure, arguing that Pluto has more “power” than Saturn is fundamentally unfair. Sailor Saturn may be unable to stop time, but Sailor Pluto’s destructive abilities pale in comparison. Both have enormous power, but they are incomparable.

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